Do Indian Men really like White Girls?

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  1. Null Bit says:

    bloody %$***^&*^&
    Talking about us without involving us!
    But we know better not to meddle when two women are talking 😉

  2. Vaish says:

    woooooo MAN

  3. Saket says:

    Hey Sujay! Do I know you? Whats your last name?

  4. Undecided Name says:

    Ok, I, an Indian Male, have my take on why Indian men like white girls. First of all, I love white women, and of course, women in general, however: 1)Indian girls have way too much baggage. Too many issues, and frankly, we Indian men are sick of them. Not all of us are controlling by the way. I personally like a strong woman, I have never met one that wasn’t. 2)Indian girls have hairy bums, hairy faces, and too much hair on their body. Call me whatever, but not even waxing and laser can cure this. When’s the last time ur Indian woman wore shorts or skirts or was confident to go on the beach? Rare isn’t it? Blame it on genetics, but I’ve had enough. Call me Shallow Hal, I don’t care. I like my women smooth and silky, confident and strong minded. But before I go, if I could meet an Indian woman with the above “white woman qualities”, then I’d be in heaven wouldn’t I? Well, take my comments for what they’re worth. I’m sure there’ll be some good debate.

    • Unknown says:


      • Priti says:

        You generalizing all Indian women shows that you are very limited as to what you know and what you have seen which is not much. I am an independent, highly educated, beautiful indian woman. I am a single mom who is seriously chased by a lot of men: Indian and non-indian, Older and much younger. And NO IT IS NOT ONLY FOR SEX 🙂 I reject them because I am very picky- not picky about the looks only, but other things. So before you generalize anyone, go around a bit more, so your small mind can open up a bit.

      • Derek says:

        Listen, bitch, I’m talking to you Priti. I don’t know what men are chasing you so often because to be honest you sound like an uppity supercilious skank. Not to mention you probably have a dirty hairy butthole, like my wife… who is a dirty dirty tramp. Good day.

      • Minerva says:

        How dare you Derek? Who are you to say this to Priti? Even if she is an uppity skank (which judging by her comments she most likely is) you have no right to say that! I mean to talk about someone’s “dirty butthole” is just so immature and disgusting. You all disgust me. And shame on you Priti for letting this continue.

    • IndianIntellect says:

      I couldn’t agree more you also left out the part where they allow themselves to be sold like horses,without even a fight.Indian women also think marriage is a business deal one,why is dowry still popular in India?I’m not saying any of this is entirely their fault but they play their part and in a globalized world ,where Indian men have access to other kinds of women (White,Japanese,black etc..)why would Indian men be compelled to marry an Indian women with all the above mentioned attributes unless hes desperate ?Then again a lot of Indian men are desperate but a lot aren’t also we like to spread our genes around.There is a much deeper problem the above mentioned post by Indian roalty is circulating around the web quite a bit a lot of
      Indian websites post this as if its some kind of a knock down argument against white women,this goes to show that we Indians havent really learnt to discuss issues honestly
      and when we feel our emotions are threatened react by posting something that seem to be putting down white women,by the way fellas the post have quite a number of logical fallacies
      I intend to dissect and show them when I get the time 🙂

      • Priti says:

        Fool, please read the comment above your comment. Since you guys don’t find a strong, independent, beautiful, and classy Indian woman where you are, I am just curious to know what VILLAGE you guys are from.
        As an intelligent, educated, beautiful Indian woman, I date both Classy Indian men and Classy white men. And I will choose based on my personal experience. Since I said “CLASSY”, I am sure it is not any asshole like you guys.

      • White Women in L.A. are not Docile says:

        Indian men think white women are more docile? How funny is that. And why would a White woman even go to India, where there are not enough toilets, people take craps outdoors, Indian men pee on walls, and according to Indian youtube videos made by Indian men, Indian men still retain these habits of pissing on walls when they come to other countries, like the US, Canada, UK, etc. White women are not docile, esp. ones from Metropolitan cities where they are raised to be really tough people. That Indian Royalty dude does not seem educated at all. And Indian men mistreat Indian women, just watch the Youtube news videos.

    • sassy says:

      very nice ! 😉

    • Maybe you should look closer to home – try changing yourself instead of trying to change all Indian women. I guess all the Indian women of the world are wrong and obviously you numb nuts are right????? Get a life. I am a beautiful, well educated and STRONG Indian women who is disgusted at the blanket comments that Indian men make about their own women.I am engaged to a White man – wanna guess why???? because of assholes like YOU. You give Indians a bad name. Most of our Indian men are wonderful people, caring fathers and loving husbands. If we chose to be with someone of another race, it should be a personal choice that is made from personal experience. This should not be a generalisation of all Indian women. We are a proud nation with a rich culture that goes back for thousands of years…. BE PROUD TO BE INDIAN.
      As for the response by INDIAN ROYALTY – Thank you. You make EVERY INDIAN WOMAN PROUD.

      • IndianIntellect says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if nonjudgmentalindian was Indian Royalty.Actually Indian Royalty offended Indian women more than any of the comments posted above. and hes obviously a racist and a damn fool giving Indian men a bad rap .Its people like Royalty that make me ashamed to be Indian sometimes.And not all criticisms of Indian women are just flat out wrong, there are many valid criticisms of Indian women .But on the whole I would say us Indian men need to be criticized more than the Indian women.Criticism is a good thing there are many Indians out there with a gigantic ego that is based on pure fantasy (cultural superiority,moral superiority etc …)I intend to inflate such fantasies and bring them down to earth .So we can rectify our problems and become better.

    • Mike says:

      There are Indian men who really love white women because a lot of WW are not as judgemental as IW.But the reasons you have listed are pathetic. This is self hatred. When ur saying such things abt ur own race ur indirectly abusing ur mom and sis. No WW will have you with ur cheap indian mentality. WW hate Indian men who worship them for their skin and outward appearence because that is not something exclusive to the individual but to her entire race and ur chance of leaving her for another WW are high.Love women for who they are inside. Having said that IW have the following problems-1.IW who are even nearly as hot as white women are extremely stuck up, and consider themselves queens and are very arrogant. 2.IW have a habit of teasing men but not giving them anything in a relationship. 3. Its very hard to get a gorgeous IW who is nice at the same time. 4.Too much cultural boundaries and conditions (religion, ethnicity) 5.IW although are naturally very hot they still need to work their bodies to perfection and they are too arrogant to hit the gym.6.Indian women do need to wax their private parts but none can blame them as in our culture women are supposed to remain virgins till marriage, women will only take care of their parts which get attention. Its funny you complain about Indian women so much but WW have blamed Indian men for being too hairy and smelly. I would like to sum
      up by saying too each his own. Love women for their individual qualties rather than racial stereotypes. BWT, THE ARTICLE IN THIS FORUM IS FAKE!!!! HERE IS THE ORIGINAL ONE

      I cant believe the person simply copied the entire article from a black man and replaced black men with Indian men and black women with Indian women. THE GUY WHO POSTED THE ARTICLE IS A FUCKING FAKE FAGGOT!!!!

    • Jamester says:

      Beggers cant be choosers. U can only demand for something if you offer something in return of the same magnitude. Bottom line, if you want Angelina Jolie, you gotta look like Brad Pitt yourself.

      • IndianIntellect says:

        You have your ass backwards(no pun intended)? There are many super hot women who date from our point of view ugly men.That’s because we guys think women think the way we do, hotter is better.Women often choose men who we think are undeserving, take tiger woods for example, there are way better looking indian guys.But you gotta admit if there was ever a super hot white chick its Elin Nordegrin, why din’t brad pitt get her?Also, I think Angelina jolie’s ugly.Also take a look at the likes of Heidi Klum with the ugliest black guy I’ve ever seen.Mick Jagger……need I go on?Btw I’d do Elin Nordegrin any day over Jolie. This doesn’t mean you can’t find women who are just interested in the man’s look, sure but that’s not the general rule.

  5. Larry says:

    I think India Indian grrls are AWESOME I wish more american girls wouldn’t “shave” their arms and wax their faces and body-Indian girls are a SUPER turn on WONDERFUL!!!!!!

    • IndianIntellect says:

      Maybe you should move back to the caves ,if you still like hairy women may I suggest a different species?

      • IndianFriend says:

        WOW! Is hair, such a big deal??
        Well, let’s see. How often do you shave or wax your entire body IndianIntellect?? Did it even occur to you that there are women who like men with no body hair too?? And trust me Indian men are not that godly and miraculous species that are born with no body hair! You probably have more body hair than the women you point your finger at(if you’re a guy that is!!)
        Look, I don’t a give a shit to whether you shave your entire body or not; for all I care;you’re a dickhead!
        P.S: For everyone out there (white or indian, or any other race). Jackasses like IndianIntellect and Undecided are the kind of people you’d probably want to avoid. If you are looking for a true relationship, that is!)

      • IndianIntellect says:

        Hello IndianFriend,

        I apologize if I came across as snobby.If you look at the comments before mine you will notice that I was merely responding to those comments.I am not talking about discriminating against people with body hair just stating my preference and I personally cant imagine banging chewbaca, perhaps that is your sort of thing I respect that but I am entitled to my own opinions.I am by the way a pussy cat compared to the comments posted by other Indians such as Indian Royalty and the other assholes on here.

      • Unknown says:

        Why don’t you just shut up? You’re racist and that’s a fact!

      • IndianIntellect says:

        Its funny to see how liberal white guys are quick to call colored people racists.It shows that their moral compass is spinning like a top.Heads up fella’s I’m Indian and no I won’t shut up and keep exposing people like you.

      • Josh says:

        Omg Larry, i couldnt agree with you more!!! Indian women have that primal sexyness about them that when im around them I cannot control myself. IndianIntellect is crazy if he isnt turned on by those sexy monkey like indian women…Theyre sassy and get my juices flowing. Hair on a woman is natural and i say the more hair the better who wudnt want a chimp bouncin on your dick. IndianIntellect…once you get past the clear dirty buttholes that personall turn me on youll understand what me and Larry are talking about.

      • Soona says:

        I didn’t want to comment, but on behalf of Indian women I felt the need. How fucking dare you Larry? To us Indian women “a chimp bouncing on your dick” is beyond offensive. You people are disgustingly immature and just offensive. You too IndianIntellect. I find it ironic that your name is IndianIntellect when you have said nothing intellectual and also attacked your own culture with your filthy remarks. Like what the fuck is wrong with you people, seriously? I just don’t fucking get it! This is OFFENSIVE! YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SO FUCKING ANGRY I CANT TAKE IT! YOU ARE ALL SO RACIST! MY BUTTHOLE IS NOT DIRTY AND I AM NOT SOME HAIRY MONKEY WHO WILL BOUNCE ON YOUR DICK!!!! YOU PEOPLE ARE JUST LIKE MY HUSBAND. WELL FINE YOU WANNA CALL ME A MONKEY ILL ACT LIKE A MONKEY. COME ON KIDS LOOK AT THE MONKEY THROW A BANANA AT THE MONKEY!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH IM JUST A FUCKING MONKEY, HUH?

  6. XCalibur says:

    My question is, what is the real deal with indian women? The vast majority I’ve seen would date the fattest ugliest white boy ever but when they refuse to even look in the direction of an indian man in shape. And at another time if they see that same good looking indian man with a white woman, they will give dirty looks. You want your cake and eat it too?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love ALL women. I dated a few indian girls and it was always the same ending. The last indian girl I dated, I already knew it would be the last time I’d see her and she did mention she was interested in another guy so I thought I’d just let it out and ask her what is the deal with indian girls and white guys? She couldn’t come up with even half a decent answer without stuttering.

    I happened to see her 2 months later, she was with a white guy as I expected guy but this was unbelievable. The guy she was with was fat, had breasts that bigger than HERS. He was balding, sweated a lot, was hairy. Even if I was gay I would not go within 100 miles of this. He would have scared me straight. Pun Intended.

    If she didn’t want to be together, that’s cool but I mean, Shrek looked better compared to The Thing she was dating and I made her know that. I offered to give her my glasses because she needed them more than I did.

    I do have a white girlfriend, when we are out I get nasty looks from other indian girls. When I was single you wouldn’t even look in my direction or sit near me if your life depended on it. But now that I have a girlfriend, I have become the object of your scornful attention? I cannot help but be touched.

    • Priti says:

      Don’t you get it. She thought you were worst than the guy you described…DORK.

      • stop it man says:

        well i am an indian guy and i think race has to do nothing with this , and beautiful women are beautiful be it in any color , mine first gf was a bit dusky , tanned and she was hot and she was indian . now the points made about indian women being hairy and blah blah ..just go to delhi once in posh areas like vasant kunj ..where i lived , whosoever said that indian women are ugly n shit , they will never say that again , if they even do after that then i may die then , i am that confident , there are hottie’s all around u … and indian women are cool too , , and now i am in tenesse i am dating an american girl but i did date a brasilian girl before that…so race has nothing to do in love.. its all about how well u and ur partner gets along ! and the talks about indian women are intended to totally vilify them fr no reason , dirty people are in all races and so are beautiful ones, bossy women are also present in all races , and so are the gentler ones and obese girls are also present in all races and so the slimmer ones ! and to tell u i was most comfortable with an indian girl which i dated for 2 years , she was soo cool and pretty and non hairy ..she had a beach body … doesn;t mean she did walk around the streets naked ..anyways … she was worth of dating and any guy would date her , so stop for heaven’s sake denigrating the name of indian women , ur no brad pit or a hot fitness model or even if ur ..stop generalizing people …

  7. Sensible Indian guy says:

    It is sadly true that too many Indian men are sexually fascinated with white women. They stop them on beaches and ask to take photos with them. They brazenly grope and proposition them. Probably because of Bollywood, Hollywood, or the blonde-dominated porn industry. Whatever the reason, it is pathetic and embarassing.

    Now, this counter-tirade against white people in general is uncalled for. Just because they’re white doesn’t mean you can get away with spewing lies about them. This well-worn myth that Europeans were “living in caves”, “eating raw meat” and such demonstrates utter ignorance about European Neolithic/Bronze Age culture. Europe by this time not only had cooking fire and built houses, but was acquainted with astronomy, organized society, ceramics, spirituality and arts. One may point out plenty of non-white peoples, on the other hand, who live in cultures barely more advanced than those of the Stone Age, even in modern times.

  8. satyr says:

    All the women are goddess.

  9. rush says:

    I’m an Indian guy who grew-up in the states. I like all women but I have only gone out with one Indian woman. Mainly I date women from other cultures. Not because I don’t find Indian women attractive but because they tend to play silly games. So what IS up with Indian women? Why so much attitude and head-games? They will eyeball from across the room at a club but when you approach you get shot down in flames, but as soon as they see you talking or dancing with a non-indian woman they give you dirty looks. I’d like an Indian woman to try and explain this to the rest of the class.

  10. Alex says:

    I’m a bisexual Canadian born Chinese and my Husband is also a bisexual but born in Pakistan pakistani. That was a mouthful. We are pro choice, pro emigration, pro gay marriage, anti fur, anti weapons and pro freedom of religion.
    Alright now that I’ve established where were coming from I feel I can now safely give my personal opinion without being dismissed off hand by the fair-minded.
    I personally do not find your average indian girl very attractive and most likely to be fair they probably feel the same way about me. (lol) I don’t like hairy women because,and for my fellow bisexual or lesbians out there you might be able to relate, it causes…..well lets just say difficulties. I also think its strange that most of the Bollywood actresses seem to look drastically different from your average Indian girl. Not sure what the difference is but I might figure it out one day.
    Modern Pakistani men are great, responsible, hard working, some are good looking, good height, lower divorce rate, and a great sexy tan. Bye! (smile)

  11. French Girl says:

    Dear Indian Royaly,…
    Life started in Europe, fashion started in Europe, culture started in Europe, different religions started in Europe, everything started in Europe. Science, started in Europe. Eurpians are schick, good looking, educated, strongwilled, in a little continent like Europe, there is many languages spoken, many religions practiced, and so on , so on…
    You, from Atlanta, if India is so beutiful, and great why are you living there? Who was a beuty from India exepct that green-eyed girl, Ashwayy or whatever???Yeah she is beutiful and you guys are sooo proud of her, but do you know that most of the models come from Europe???Europe is full of beuties like your Indan Miss of World that you so proud of….White girls are Goddes, White grils are most beutiful women in a world, and you, Indian Royalty, don`t “show off” your degree, nobody is interested in your education!!!Why is it that all Indian people are all about Education???Nobody cares here Indian Royalty, your degree is your bussines, but read some literature on history and todays life in Europe, and you won`t embaress yourself in future….
    Indian girls are ugliest things I have ever seen, These girls on TV screens are pretty, but that is maybe 0,1 % of Indian decent looking women, so…indian women look like gypsis, hairy, stupid, oldfashioned, controlling, psycho`s…etc/./
    So Indian Royalty go to India and let your parents arrange you a marriage, that is the only thing you capable of. You are not meant to be with anybody else, nor you are able to choose somebody on your own…Good luck to you…

    french Girl

    • lol says:

      keep ur thoughts to yourself please that would be better , this air of self importance that you have shown well totally out of context

  12. marissa says:

    i am a white woman engaged to an indian born man. i have to say that i don’t think we have experienced negative vibes from our people. in fact the only bad feelings we got was this one time from people that were neither asian nor white. when it comes to interracial couples and their experiences, it really depends on the people that comprise the couple and their environment.

  13. sandeep says:

    Dear French girl
    Life didnt start in Europe, nor did any religion. Infact your stupid ancestors
    destroyed a lot of culture and civilization by calling them pagan. Who told you science started there? recently it is discovered that most of the european and arabic inventions are actually from indus valley civilization and things like pythagoras theorem existed in vedic books centuries before you. And your beloved Christ is a carbon copy of Krishna? do u know that girl. proof below , mind you all were christian investigators and gave up christianity on finding the truth, you cant convert to hinduism, you are a hindu like it or not. No prrof of Christ or mention in historical documents. Proof of krishna is abundant, the temples , places,documents corroborating the same…
    Proof that christ is a myth and copied from hindu God Krishna

    Proof that vedic civilization is the oldest and most advanced, until the british purposely made wrong translation and humiliated Indians, they destroyed many scriptures and made a false theory of aryan invasion cause they couldnt swallow the fact that something more advanced than them exists.
    Infact alexander lost in India and was almost killed. You know why he has spared. Cause the Kings sister took mercy on him and tied him a rakhi accepting him as a brother. The king thus had to accept him as his own brother and spare him. The british divided and made quarrels bettween kingdoms so that they could take over. Be patient and look at the first video, its really interesting later on.

    Yep there are offcourse many languages, but a single country india has many more. And you know what , have you heard about sanskrit , the language from which your languages are derived? german being the closest. Italy from sanskrit etaly meaning at the bottom , italy is at the bottom of EU continent.
    scandanavia from sanskrit skanda+naviya meaning naval expedition, indded greek books mention that people came there from the east through a naval expedition
    Arba(arabia) from arva meaning land of horses and camels
    mecca from Makka meaning place of worship , the one worshipped is makkeshwar, amazingly the stone in mecca is the same one used to worship makkeshar(spiritual lord) in india.
    Russia from Rusi …
    Australia from Astralaya
    Deutch from Dait
    France from Prance
    Ire from arya
    Christ from greek kristo which is from sanskrit Krista(GOD)

    Where do you think civilization started now? so many words , is it a coincidence that their meanings are also same?

    Europe is full of beauties and goddeses of what? immorals, lesbianism, paedophilia, beastiality, divorce…u mean you are just happy of What God has given you physically , rest of your character doesnt matter. Do you have nothing else except beauty and whiteness french girl? you’ll be old and ugly one day too. then what , are you free from old age and death and fear of unknown, wheres the freedom that western countries talk about now. You talk about freedom and want a bigger butt,
    breasts, see how attached you are to looks , you are not free, you are mental peace..Be greatful to God you have a good life, have compassion for the less priviledged ones. youll have a better next life and so forth, and finally after many many lives when you are purified and devoid of physical attraction and repulsion , when you are unaffected by happiness and sorrow, when you are content with anything you have you’ll merge with the superconciousness(GOD) and be one with
    him , he is not in heaven , that is another topic i have kicked many religious fanatics butt in, i dont want to expand on it here. And yea , the amount of interracial mixing thats going on, there will be only mongrel christians in your country ok. Then what? you are so beautiful yet your people like the ugly ones ha?why is that.

    Degree means nothing? you talk about civilization which is based on intellect and degree is of no use? westerners are becoming lazy, dont want to study science, and need skilled people from India/china.I think it hurts you that you are not as educated or into scientific subjects so u belittle others. No civilization stays powerful for ever. Its like a rotating wheel, the amount of criminals entering west is staggering, and with white population declining(unfortunately) you have real problems. Again you are calling names to people and calling them ugly :indian girls are ugliest…Is that what your Pope told you? they have made you a slave of a nonexistent person(JESUS) quote from a pope X
    “The Christ myth has served as well” wake up you zombie french girl look at site below

    Indians are happy with arranged marriage, they look up the horoscope of both and see if their personality and thoughts match , and have orgasm too. If the girl doesnt have orgasm they dont marry its a fault in his/her horoscope , they’ll search for someone else lol(satisfaction guaranteed) , again from advanced vedic astrology which your ancestors once followed, destroyed by power hungry popes and converting you into christian. Westerners are proud of not having arranged marriage, yea its great they love and break up in no time , , divorce rate is 60 % in US, most girls are divorced and single mothers after 25 , why cause they are goddesses. Where is love or what is love? love doesnt mean physical gratification or obtaining something. It is sacrifice for the better of other person. Do you know many beautiful girls in europe were burnt cause they were thought of as witches? thats why russia still has the most beautiful girls, cause they were never killed, pretty darn proud of your civilazion now?

    I think of europeans and middle-easterners as my own people even though you may hate us, demean us, call us idol worshippers(which we are not,there is only one GOD we have and we use idol like you use cross for devotion, if GOD is omnipotent and merciful, he’ll take any shape if you have faith in him, we are demeaned cause obviously some people dont want you to know the truth and be free from the slavery). I think French girls are hot too, i like hot girls from all races. I think russians are the best tho, good wifes , best looking, Look at what has happened to their economy and sufferin. Bald assholes from your great white race come to russia , take advantage of the bad conditions and marry goddesses there .. are they an object girl? 50 year olds marrying 20-25 year old. What the fuck!!!thats your great civilization…i accept there are bad points in every culture, just that you are not willing to look at yourself and point fingers at others. Well i (25) study and work in US, have done work on a NASA project…but i dont like it here, i am coming to europe in sometime , and yea i love scandanavia, france , germany, some things in your culture are awesome..If anyone wants to talk more, just mail me at dreamer.guy at hotmail dot com dont want my message to get deleted if they are detecting email and doing so. How old are you french girl lol

    • white_mom says:

      LOL – you are one smart dude.

    • Indian gal & proud of it says:


    • Jorn says:

      U know that Scandinavia isnt the first name for that piece of land right ??.. the people that lived there didnt call the land they lived on Scandinavia.. as far as i know.. a roman soldie named Gaius Plinius Secundus maior, named it ‘Scadinauia’ meaning: Skadin (damage) and auia (land) as far as my sources go :3

    • IndianIntellect says:

      “Life didnt start in Europe, nor did any religion. Infact your stupid ancestors
      destroyed a lot of culture and civilization by calling them pagan.”

      True Life din’t start in Europe ,but many religions have their origins in Europe Asatru for instance I wont bother to list all the others do your research Sandeep:

      “recently it is discovered that most of the european and arabic inventions are actually from indus valley civilization and things like pythagoras theorem existed in vedic books centuries before you.”

      Wheres the evidence for this claim ?People today interpret scripture anyway they want Muslims will tell you that the Quran contains calculus and the science behind nuclear fission
      looking back you can make the books say whatever you want,as for pythagoras theorem existing in vedic books I’d like to see the evidence.

      “And your beloved Christ is a carbon copy of Krishna? do u know that girl. proof below , mind you all were christian investigators and gave up christianity on finding the truth, you cant convert to hinduism, you are a hindu like it or not. No prrof of Christ or mention in historical documents”

      Its possible but debatable the evidence for this claim isn’t beyond reasonable doubt,as far as Hinduism goes its the same bullshit as Christianity except its more aparant
      by the way you din’t present any credible evidence beyond a few videos .Hinduism probably had origins with norse paganism as the Aryans who came to India were cousins of those Europeans

      “Proof that vedic civilization is the oldest and most advanced, until the british purposely made wrong translation and humiliated Indians, they destroyed many scriptures and made a false theory of aryan invasion cause they couldnt swallow the fact that something more advanced than them exists.”

      Thats debatable again you are asserting this as if historians are certain about this

      “Europe is full of beauties and goddeses of what? immorals, lesbianism, paedophilia, beastiality, divorce…u mean you are just happy of What God has given you physically , rest of your character doesnt matter”

      Which is more immoral two adults who choose to be in a consenting relationship or child marriage which used to be very popular in India?Why did you group homosexuality
      with pedophilia this is a logical fallacy of category .First you must demonstrate that God exists before you can asset that he gave us character ,there is no evidence for God’s existance
      this is a philosophy that was quite traditional in India we have a rich history of Athiesm in India before anywhere else in the world.We are African apes that evolved on the savanna of
      Africa and then moved to the rest of the world to become the dominant species ,this is supported by thousands of pieces of evidence and not made by some fucking celestial North Korean

      “You talk about freedom and want a bigger butt,
      breasts, see how attached you are to looks , you are not free, you are mental peace..Be greatful to God you have a good life, have compassion for the less priviledged ones. youll have a better next life and so forth, and finally after many many lives when you are purified and devoid of physical attraction and repulsion ”

      Big judgement comming from someone who doesn’t even know this french girl.Doing charitable deeds for pleasures in the after life is the lowest you can get ,it degrades charity and compassion.How about being compassionate and charitable for its own reasons and not for some eternal sadomasochist.

      “Degree means nothing? you talk about civilization which is based on intellect and degree is of no use? westerners are becoming lazy, dont want to study science, and need skilled people from India/china.I think it hurts you that you are not as educated or into scientific subjects so u belittle others. No civilization stays powerful for ever. ”

      Interesting ,all of the modern day invensions spring from the west and how many come out of China or India ?oh thats right not enough to mention,true western public interest in science in dwindling so what ?it’ll go back up again soon.As for India degrees its not worth much unless its from the IIT’s and even the IIT majors go to the west to do their best work ,I think our educational system has let us down big time.Ok this is called projecting ,which is projecting your feelings onto others,westerners arent hurt because there isnt much interest in Science
      this is the context of the Shame culture in India where unless you get a degree in engineering or medicine you arent worth much .

      “Is that what your Pope told you? they have made you a slave of a nonexistent person(JESUS) quote from a pope X”

      A blatant assumption that everyone in the west is a Christian ,did you pull this out of your ass?

      “Indians are happy with arranged marriage, they look up the horoscope of both and see if their personality and thoughts match , and have orgasm too. ”

      Speak for yourself dude ,Im not happy with arranged marriage and neither are a lot of Indian men and there are enough of us who dont believe the bullshit of horoscope .Why do you speak
      as if you speak for majority of Indians ?

      “Westerners are proud of not having arranged marriage, yea its great they love and break up in no time , , divorce rate is 60 % in US, most girls are divorced and single mothers after 25 , why cause they are goddesses. Where is love or what is love? love doesnt mean physical gratification or obtaining something.”

      Oh yeah love is a business arrangement ,so what if divorce is high in us why is that bad ?you’re assuming too much about the west ,its better to marry and divorce than to
      live like a puppet to traditions again speak for yourself.

      “I think of europeans and middle-easterners as my own people even though you may hate us, demean us, call us idol worshippers(which we are not,there is only one GOD we have and we use idol like you use cross for devotion”

      This is the one sensible thing you’ve written so far

      So, at the end after demeaning the french girl you want to know how old she is ?Folks this is why white girls don’t date Indian men on average ,most Indian men can’t get a white girl if he
      wanted to ,some do though .

      No this isn’t an intelligent response at all all he did is mix a bunch of words together and because its big and links a lot of video people think this dude knows what hes talking about
      hes just an idiot he couldn’t for work infosys let alone nasa.

      • says:

        🙂 You just made my sad day a little bit better..

      • IndianIntellect says:

        Glad to hear that 🙂 .Just remember assholes aren’t unique to the US we Indians have our own “assholes” too (yea big time)

    • IndianFriend says:

      Okay, first life started off in several places, including Europe. But, that has nothing to do with our ancestors.

      Wait, how did Pythagoras theorem be called “Pythagoras” theorem in the Vedic books? A little off aren’t we??

      Christ, a carbon copy of Krishna?? Get your facts straight. Christ lived and professed all over Asia. This is history. Now, Krishna is the myth. It may be true but your book on Krishna and the other Gods came from ancient text like those of the Sumerians and Mayans. Want real proof?? I recommend you read Erich Von Daniken’s Chariot’s of the Gods And Return to the stars. You abundant proofs of Krishna is like the women carved out in the caves of Ajanta and Ellora.
      We have statues of gargoyls everywhere. But, that does not prove that those kind of things existed. Stop being foolish.
      Also, Krishna was a warrior. The guy killed people and went in for wars!
      Jesus on the other hand was a philosopher, he studied in India under a Maharishi for about more than 10 years. However, he was driven out of place due to his disagreement about cast system in the Hindu society. From then on he preached to the people. The dude is probably the only person who ever walked on Earth that could even come close to the definition of God. Christ was not miraculously conceived, the Church made all that up later on. Nor is his birthday on 25th December. He was just a mere man with extraordinary ethics, that even his time could not digest. For heaven’s sake; he married Mary Magdalene and took her as his wife, even when he knew she was once a prostitute. How many men would do that even in the 21st century? And if he said ” I am the son of God”; he also said “We are all the children of God.” His name was probably not Jesus Christ then, but such a person existed and the proof remains in European and Indian history.

      So don’t even bother calling Christ a carbon copy of Krishna. Read the history, p-lease or cut some slack and watch National Geographic instead!!! So whenever you find instances where in Christ becomes a carbon copy of Krishna, keep in mind the Bible has been tampered with(by the ancient Church of course). The guy Jesus Christ IS FOR REAL!! Don’t question it.

      The Christ’s education is the only part you can probably take away as Indian. But, not entirely. You can call it Indian influence though.

      And about the civilization. It started in Africa! Hello?? Egypt, anyone??? Egypt was the centre of civilization long before Indus Valley and all of that! Your books on Krishna and stories on Kunti and etc… All have their origin in Egypt! What happened to our civilization and our ancestry; we can find out from Egypt.

      Let me introduce to you another shocking fact. Our ancestors are among the stars!
      Know what; I’m done talking! Just go read Erich Von Daniken’s books and watch a bit of National Geographic. You’ll do yourself a hell lot a favour!
      At least, either of you would not end up foolishly thinking that you’re race and ancestry is soo prominent and important.

      And to us Indians, we think we are the best. But, let’s face it. We have drawbacks! Our culture is great, but so is every other culture. We think we are ancient, there are cultures that age even more! We don’t exactly know about it, because it’s fading away in the light of science. No religion or culture is truly in harmony with science.

      You also stated:
      “Arba(arabia) from arva meaning land of horses and camels” Yeah Arba is also 4 in Arabic.
      A lot of languages overlap each other, just like cultures.
      For example, if ever you visited the Ajanta-Ellora caves; did you notice that the women carved out were pretty much naked from waist upward?? Well, that’s right. Upper clothing was not a necessity or a tradition back then. The tradition of completely clothed Hindu women came in after the Mughal Invasion. It’s a Muslim custom, we’ve taken to be Hindu. Women in ancient India were regarded with high respect and were also protected very well(refer to your sacred texts). However, in today’s India, women are merely seen as objects. Where does that again come from? When were women seen unequal as men? Once again; after the Persians began their rule in India.

      So, our today’s Hindu culture is not all that pure. We’ve had to undergo influence from other cultures as well.

      Indians are happy with arranged marriages? Hmm.. I wouldn’t completely agree to that. In fact, I have proof all around me that would deny this. Some are, while other’s aren’t.

      About horoscopes, I’m not even going there! Gosh; it is time that nonsense was kicked out of India. Please read “Begone Godmen”. It helps!
      I respect your Hindu traditions, but it makes no sense.

      You stated: “Do you know many beautiful girls in Europe were burnt cause they were thought of as witches?”
      Well, then. Do you know many young girls were forced to jump into the pyres of their husbands once in India? (while the converse was not practised?)
      Do you know how many women were forced to marry a deity or temple and were later on became victims of sexual exploitations? (all of these; in the name of God!)
      Do you know how many mothers were deemed as cursed when they could not bear a child? (when in reality it is the father’s fault that he’s probably firing blank shots?)
      Do you know how many women were brutally humiliated when they pursued a relationship outside their cast or class?
      Do you know how many women were again humiliated when they were knocked up before marriage? (probably by their own relatives, how do we know?)

      You also stated: “50 year olds marrying 20-25 year old. What the fuck!!!thats your great civilization…”
      Ahem.. You realize that was prominent in India before Ram Mohan Roy and Vidyasagar and Phule began fighting for women and their rights? If your statement was in regard to civilization, then sorry to burst your bubble. That was once ours too!

      I’m not sure about Westerners being lazy and stuff.. But we’ve had the best of philosophers and scientists from the West. Euclid, Pythagoras, Newton, Einstein, Bohr, Curie, Feynman, Eddington, Aristotle, Archimedes, Copernicus, Galileo, Hipparcus, Ptolemy, Boyle, Darwin, Planck, and the list goes on..
      The number of European scientist are way greater than ours. And further, it is the British who realized and brought the works or Chandrasekhar and Ramanujan to light. So why the excess hatred towards British people.

      You did a NASA project, so what?? What is the point in being so smart, but yet foolish enough to not backup your analysis with some reliable and credible sources??
      And further, your height of education does not help the fact that you are so close-minded and is some regular stuck-up Indian guy!

      Grow Up!!

  14. anonymous says:

    “White girls are Goddess, White girls are most beautiful women in a world”…you are so right miss french! but probably you you forgot to complete your sentence… I guess wht you wanted to say was more like ” White ‘french’ girls are Goddess, White ‘french’ girls are most beautiful women in a world amongst all the bitches standing road side and looking to get laid by anyone and everyone.

    The french population across the world is 61 million as against 1.1 billion indians. ooopppsss, i just forgot how bad you french girls are with numbers… So, forget it miss i-am-so-frnech. Atleast you know about Aishwarya rai, all we know about french is FRENCHIE… and dn;t be surprised, thts a undergarment brand in India.

    So, kindly f*** off miss french royalty… oopsss again, wht do the french have to do with royalty??

    • IndianFriend says:

      “all we know about french is FRENCHIE”???

      I see you’re trying to make a point.
      But, I’m sorry, that’s just indisputable ignorance right there!

  15. sandeep says:

    Mr anonymous you dont really make sense. Just cause one french girl is saying things , doesnt mean you slander all french people. Dont generalize. Why are you using such disrespectful words against French girls? French girl is right in somethings, Indians tend to poke their nose a lot into others business and generalize. I argued against her, but never mentioned a single bad word against her or personal attack, still got my message across. Learn to respect dignity of others. There are good and bad people everywhere. Think about it, there is more differentiation based on skin color in India than in west. Have to agree with french girl, they look better but Goddess nah, goddesses dont have human qualities, they are like the sun whose rays fall on everyone and love everyone the same way…

  16. sandeep says:

    Oh , by the way , i really doubt its a french girl. I think its some Indian guy who is pissed off with Indian girls and perhaps self hates..

    • Aussie girl - Married to Indian guy...and lives in India. says:


      The thing I love about MY Indian man is that he is caring and passionate and he loves me just as I love him. I understand the culture and I embrace it, just as he did mine. You are all too busy trying to see who is better to realise everyone has their differences and everyone has their accomplishments. Look at Australia, I am absolutely disgusted by our past, what we thought…what the British thought they were doing right for the Aboriginal people, it was vile and unforgivable. But we learn from our mistakes, however big. My husbands family weren’t sure of what to think of him bringing home a white girl, but they trusted him, he is smart and driven, they knew he would bring someone home that would best suit him, and his family, I struggled at first, being used to easy going Australia, and I strove to make his parents see I could provide him with just as much as an Indian woman could, I did not have a religion before I met him, I do not believe in Jesus, but I do feel as if the Sikh religion is more understandable, and I believe in it, I was also a virgin before I married my husband, so he thought of me as, quite pure :p he was very cute about it all. But we didn’t marry for anything other than love. His family have grown to see that I am a good mother to our children and I am more than capable of taking care of his parents and working myself (before I had kids). SO….it’s not about where you come from, it’s about what you learn from where you come from, and what you are willing to bring to the table! EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT!! BUT WE ARE ALL HUMAN!!!! You should all be grateful that there is such diversity in our world, it is what makes it both horrible and beautiful, but you have to open your eyes! I am currently 24 with 2 beautiful children, 3rd on the way, I live in India with my husband and his family, I left my family for him, and I am happier than I could ever have dreamt to be. I love India and everything it offers. I had to learn 2 other languages, Pun Jabi, and Hindi, I had to learn how they bought their groceries, how their home are set up, and so different! But I did it because I LOVE HIM. And everybody we know, all the people who know us, know that we will be together for life!

  17. Anon says:

    seems like a search n replace of blacks with indians..since when are wesley snipes and denzel washington indians?? LOL..

  18. appalled says:

    Dear All,

    I AM AN INDIAN WOMAN. I ran accross this site by chance, I never put too much thought into how people in this world stereotype me. Now I have.

  19. sandeep says:

    Indian Woman, its just one girl who is stereotyping. No need to make a big issue out of it and grab attention

  20. indian lover says:

    l’ve recently dated an indian male i am an white english woman i find him so bloody
    challenging and really hard work at times
    yet still find him so attractive and sexual
    we argue alot when we’re not together like over the phone or text but when we see each other sparks fly and we find each other so attracted to one another so i’m asking all you gorgeous indian males out there who date white women what makes you attracted to us and how do we get to have you for keeps

    • IndianIntellect says:

      The thing about Indians is that they’re Indian.Unlike in the west children are brought up very differently for example child abuse is common in Indian houses but I dont want to generalise(not all Indians are like that) but on average Indian children are physically beaten and brought up in a culture where respecting authority is engrained into them.But abuse is so common that most children accept that as something normal ,infact this not only happens in households but also in schools teachers use corporal punishment,humiliation and fear to gain respect and keep the children in control.One thing I miss about growing up is my childhood,a lot of Indians won’t admit this is abuse if you ask them you will find them defending the very notion thats how bad it is.Anyway that is just an example of one thing among many others that shape the Indian psyche,a lot of Indian males
      that do date white gals (they don’t get that many dates compared to men from other races)want to have a sexual relationship with them and when they go back home to India get married to the first woman their parents fetch them,this has led to a bad reputation among non-Indian women regarding Indian males and the more modern Indian men
      are victims of their tirades.So, in your particular case I’m assuming your goal is ultimately marriage ,talk to him about this ,most of the time the fear that we are engrained with
      is greater than any other emotion (love,passion for what we love to do)and generally tend to cave in to parental demands.If he says he loves you and wants to get married someday,talk about meeting his parents ,Indians are family oriented perhaps too much ,learn about Indian culture ,yes some of the stuff is ridiculous but there are good
      things just as any other culture .To recap to keep the Indian guy make certain that you are involved with his family so much so that they accept you ,this is important in
      most situations,if they dont accept you chances are your boy friend will capitulate and marry the girl his mom wants.Indian families on average don’t believe you
      have the right to marry anyone you want ,you can marry someone as long as they are approved by the parents.There aren’t many Indian boy friends who would stand up
      for the girl he loves chances are he has already been through this before with the carrer he wants and had to sacrifice that for parental dreams.You’re actually lucky
      as a white gal you have it easy compared to Indian guys who want to marry black women ,boy are you going to be disowned by the family.This has happeend several times
      to friends of mine ,yes Indian families are racist just like a lot of cultures in the world.

      • Unknown says:

        Shut up! Indians are not abusive–you’re just speaking to slander the Indians! Not all Indians are like that; have you seen those in the West? It’s completely different, dumbass! White people wrinkle up really easily due to the lack of melanin in their skin, and they also don’t take relationships very seriously 🙂 So stop talking as if they are gods and stop generating the image that Indian girls are lower than dirt! It just shows how prejudiced and rude and broad minded you are!

      • IndianIntellect says:

        I don’t know about you but I find being broad minded is a good thing generally 🙂

        “Shut up! Indians are not abusive–you’re just speaking to slander the Indians! Not all Indians are like that; have you seen those in the West? ”

        This is really funny , I hope you’re not a prankster you say Indians are not abusive right after asking me to shut up.Yes, the one’s in the west are different because they live in a different environment than in India .Last time I checked there are 1.1 billion Indians who live in India.How many do you think lives in the west ? say 25 million to be modest(I’ve exaggerated this figure to make a point) what percentage of the 1.1 billion is 25 million ? 2.27 approximately.Is that the average ?Ofcourse not you can’t talk about Indians without talking about Indians.Lets say if all the Indians who live in the west are broad minded (which is not true)thats only 2.27% of the total Indian population which is so small we can ignore it.

        “It’s completely different, dumbass! White people wrinkle up really easily due to the lack of melanin in their skin, and they also don’t take relationships very seriously ”

        You do seem incapable of discussing matters politely going to prove my point in the previous comment.So, what if white people easily wrinkle up after 50 that’s what our species does , are you claiming Indians don’t?I don’t always defend white people because I don’t look at them that way, there are many Indians who are white ,would you include them in the category of white people?
        How did you come to the conclusion that they don’t take relationships seriously ? They take love seriously you don’t get married until you’re in love and you don’t stay in a miserable marriage,whats wrong with that ?People should try to find happiness in life and whats wrong with that ?The idea of arranged marriage is not taking relationship seriously its assuming your wife is your property like cattle, if anything is an insult to love arranged marriages are,it makes relationships a business transaction between the betrothed and his newly acquired asset.Its precisely the opposite of serious.

        “So stop talking as if they are gods and stop generating the image that Indian girls are lower than dirt! It just shows how prejudiced and rude and broad minded you are!”

        I never said salmaan rushdie or sonya ghandi or karishma kapoor just like other white skinned people are gods.People with white skin have all the problems you and I have but the western culture is superior to ours in certain way and this is one of those ways,treating a woman like a human being and not like some asset that can be brought at the local store is inferior to treating a woman as a person with free will.I’m not saying the western culture is superior in everyway and neither am I saying Indian culture is inferior in everyway.Our culture has had racism institutionalized for 1000s of years its not new .Ask a Sudra how they were treated by the general public(mostly dark colored natives the aryans by the way brothers of these white skinned people you speak of reduced to destitution)see how dark colored africans are treated in India.Its true there has been instances of white racism but its mellowed out completely today.I think there is more racism in India than up here.Indian girls are fine I have many in my family I’m not denigrating them just bad ideas in the guise of culture and tradition that cause sufferings to millions of women

  21. sandeep says:

    Loyalty and patience. There is a culture difference so both have to compromise a little. The best relations are those in which one is giving everything to the other and compromising not the ones where you expect everything from the other.

  22. sandeep says:

    You cant explain attraction. Not all are attracted by White girls. some are. I am attracted by Indians/Whites equally but stay away from whites cause i am not sure of their commitment like in case of Indians. Everyone has advantages and shortcomings, it depends on the person i guess. You may find some qualities attractive and it may happen some one from another race has them. Whites have facial structure very similar to us except whiteness which maybe attractive to some…

  23. indian lover says:

    thanks for your reply sandeep that probably
    explains why he’s being such a shit as he’s
    got it in his head that i;ve slept with
    someone else which i have’nt and would’nt
    i feel too much for him to hurt him and myself but i suppose everyone would like monogomy from thier partner if that’s what they require which we both do.
    i just find it hard to play it cool with him as he can be so abbusive and commanding
    with words yet the opposite when we’re together,why does he feel the need to control me is that an indian thing too?
    he was married to an asian girl had kids but now divorced

  24. indian lover says:

    do you think this has anything to do with it i really need help to learn how to handle this man i need help about your culture sandeep would you please help me as i’m so interested and intrigued

  25. indian lover says:

    on feb 16th we will both be celebrating our birthdays how bizarre how bizzare!!!!!!!
    but unfortunately not together as we have
    had another argument by text of course,i really don’t know what’s left for me to do do i back off and play it cool or bombard him with affectionate texts ?????????????

    • Mathew Menonkariyil says:

      Here is a thought maybe you should break it up with him,you said he was abusive this is a sign ,no woman should put up with men that are abusive,seriously chica there are a lot of Indian men out there .You could do better 🙂 .

  26. sandeep says:

    Indian lover, he probably likes you so cant do anything when with you. When you are away i think he gets negative thoughts and starts an argument. We’ll if he is divorced then you’ve got to know more or find out more about him. I have an important work, i’ll reply very soon. How old is he and you?

  27. always your indian woman says:

    Well what will we do if we lose our men, anyway we dont want whitemen, so to all those men who are indian at heart keep loving us for what we are, kyonki phir bhi dil hai hindustani.

    • IndianFriend says:

      Let me remind you something, “always your indian woman”:
      The men in India definitely outnumber the women by population size. So, even if we lose some, there will be several more left behind.
      And further, to your advantage; they will all definitely be Indian at “heart” or by character.
      After all India is a patriarchal society (to the core)!!
      P.S.: Get some standard lady!

    • IndianIntellect says:

      Haven’t you seen any whitemen in India? Besides the Arayans were brothers with these whitemen, infact norse mythology and hinduism are similar in many respects both probably came from a common religion.The attitude of “us” vs “them” has no place in human society any more enough misery has been visited upon us.We are all primates, African Apes to be precise,Africa is where we all come from and its not that long ago.

  28. indian lover says:

    hi sandeep thank you so much for your reply i am 36 and he is 35 i don’t know anything about his ex wife apart from it never worked out and he really hates her and he has custody of thier children and thats all he has said nothing more as he is very tight lipped about it all and does’nt want to speak about it so i’ve never imposed. can i ask what you meant when you said he can’t do anything when he’s with me as i don’t quite understand.and also to let you know that we have’nt communicated for a week as he’s so stubborn and will not back down i feel i know he wants to but i’m not sure how to approach it or wheather to just leave it what do you think please help.

  29. neutralman says:

    some ppl are so stuck up with their own views that they don’t see there’s both good and bad in both worlds.

    soo stfu and go live a life instead of arguing over stupid crap like this

  30. Indian Lover and Sandeep…

    I too am a white gal (Australia) who has fallen for an Indian man.

    He recently broke up with me after 8 months due to the fact his mother believe in arranged marriages and he will not go against his mothers wishes for him to marry an Indian girl. We both knew these condition from the beginning but as the same as you Indian Lover our attraction for each other was unresistable!

    So he broke up with me on the grounds we love each other and are becoming too attached. It will hurt too much if it goes on any longer. My head understands and agrees where he is coming from but my heart is still hooked on him. I know he would have to jeopardise alot to be with me but i would too and I am willing to… it is his unwillingness that we are not still together.

    Altho he has ended our relationship on terms that we will need time apart before attempting a friendship he has been making contact with me every couple of days which is making it difficult for me as each time I hear from him I know its because he has me on his mind… how or why else would he contact me.

    Ok i have forgotten my point i just want peoples opinions on the situtation and any advice… would be much appreciated from an Indian Girl (Sandeep)

    Oh and French girl… you have some good points but a naive view on some things. All girls are beautiful… Indian girls do have an undeniable strength in them which I envy but white (wish there was a better term for it) girls also have our apppeals.

    Indian Royalty… i resent your generalisations. Not all ‘white’ girls fit that stereotype!!!

    If anyone (Especially Indian Lover or Sandeep) would like to instant chat please contact me princessoraya at yahoo dot com

  31. indian lover says:

    neutralman what ever that means!!!! go get a heart and some feelings rather than a swinging brick and telling people who are hurting to stfu is down right rude and so un called for maybe this site is,nt for you maybe you should get a charissma bypass and visit!!!!! and by the way you should look into changing your name because you don’t seem very neutral to me,you seem more dismal.

  32. indian lover says:

    dear heartbroken by an indian i feel for you i really do you and me both in a distressing confusing situation you more than me i think,but again it,s the culture thing that goes against us white girls i think we,re prepared to bend and accept more of a change than any indian man who believe,s or has to live by his religion,sometimes i feel it,s just not meant to be as there are way too many hurdles to jump all the time,so is that why we want them more because they are so inaccessable,how come we have to jump through hoops and why do we feel the need to change our lifestyles to addapt to their,s,yet it can never be vice versa,we need your help sandeep come back.

  33. sandeep says:

    Neutral man if you dont want to argue , you can leave,. No one invited you. If you think its stupid why did you reply? according to you, if you see two dogs barking over something stupid , you’ll start barking eventho you know its stupid? i dont mean to say we are arguing or barking over stupid things here lol (its you according to your own logic).

    Aussie girl i am a boy not girl. Its sad to hear your story. But you shouldnt give up. I understand that Indians are very strong when it comes to preservation of culture.. this is in some ways due to the destruction and plundering by both british and arabs.. hinduism never encourages conversion like other religions … so they tend to think of other people as someone who wants to harm their culture. I think the real turn on for indian guys is when a white girl knows a bit of indian culture. Altho i am pursuing my masters i am very good in vedic philosophy which forms the core of hinduism, and guess what caste or intermarriage is not an issue at all. Some people just made it an issue and the culture developed like it, but i think india is getting more liberal these days. So maybe i’ll tell you somethings about it. you should somehow start the topic of spirituality with him and without hurting him try to get your point across that marriage is between two persons who like each other , nothing else matters. You should do this by pointing to the scriptures of hinduism itself. I dont know how strong you are in christian beliefs , but if you want to be with him , you will have to start knowing more about hinduism. I’ll give a little idea of vedic principles. Trust me vedic philosophy is the only philosophy which gives satisfactory answers to most questions. It is not a religion at all…
    There is only one conciousness and that is God. But one conciousness has infinite minds and you are one of them. If there is only one thing there is no question of creation cause nothing other than him exists and he couldnt have been created. How can something be not created? .. let me explain.. stop thinking only in terms of this world where everything is born and dies. If you have an eternal life it means you are not the body , for everything that is born will die. If you have an eternal life and wont die , clearly you were never born.You have always existed and have been reincarnating since eternity..the aim of human being is to break free from this cycle and unite with the inner self. All that is bound by time and space will change/die. but if something is beyond time and space it cannot die. In the material world you have animals , plants , man.. then you have matter , liquid gas. What if something has no dimensions at all? it is unlimited becase a solid has 3 dimensions , plane has two dimenions and a pint is just one dimension. That which is not bound by space is unlimited because it is not limited by dimensions. It is smaller than the smallest yet it is larger than the largest. It is thinner than air and immeasurable , yet it transcends the entire universe. God is your higher self and you were never created, you are only one of his manifestation. The master slave relationship in abrahamic religions is pure BS. If God is merciful why would he send you to hell? revenge is not a quality of God, he is humble beyond imagination. He is both form and formless because he is omnipotent. Heaven and hell do not exist. If you are on earth can you have created earth? no cause it is external to you. If God is in heaven he never created it…cause heaven is external to him.. He can create heaven or hell on earth itself.
    Are you a tiny insignificant creature in remote corner of the universe or are you the centre of the universe? Compare it to a dream. Are you in dream or is the dream within you.. fact is dream exists because you exist because your mind is taking you places. You are in dream, yet the dream is withing you. Same way you are in this universe and yet the universe is within you/your higher self(superconciousness or God). God is in everyone yet everything is withing him. The world is the way it is because your mind makes you see it that way. When you realise that you are not the body or the vital force or the mind or intelligence the universe will not be the same. At that time you will see only yourself in everything, you will have merged with the universal conciousness.. you will be full of bliss, beyong joy and sorrow, beyond birth and death…Eg : If i hit you aussie girl and indian lover(british girl) , you will feel the same pain right? or is it that the brit girl will feel british pain and you will experience aussie pain..Someone withing you is experiencing bothe the feelings and he is one , he is the conciousness. Another example. A saint was once waling with his disciples and they say 2 people fighting. One man hit the other and amazingly the disciples saw on the saint fingermarks and got puzzled. The saint said i can feel the universe :). Indian culture is very difficult to understand. But remember our culture oops sorry there is nothing which is ours or yours. Vedic culture is eternal and infallible. Many britishers tried to eliminate it.. i am sorry to say karma is a bitch and it will get them. British once ruled.. but soon..i dont want to talk about prophecies here. Vedas have lot of parts. Medicine:ayurved, exercise:yoga, Astrology: jyotish…spirituality, maths, science…..maths more advanced than what exists today. On December 26 there was a tsunami. On that day saturn had a bad influence on moon ( the influences are determined by the angles which the planets make to each other) and since moon is known to influence water / tides on earth, there was certain to be a disaster related to water. There are innumerable events like these and vedas have predicted them with frightening accuracy…. If i look at your palm and see that its yellowish i can say you suffer from acidity why? because excess acids/pigments from your stomach are being deposited on your palm. If i see that there is no white moon on your palms it means you may suffer from osteoporosis since it shows lack of calcium. If i tell someone he will have a heart attack i may be called stupid, but yea blue nerves on the palm mean bad blood circulation/sign of cholestrol and hear attack…. Planets affect magnetism on earth and brain is a magnetic device…your destiny depends on your decisions and decisions depend on the state of mind which depends on planetary influences… i can go on and on.. I’ll tell you a few videos if you are interested.

    I think you should really talk to your guys and maybe their mothers and beat them at their own game if you really try your best and want them badly. I am very busy , but maybe i can give more insights on our philosophy on weekends or you can watch videos.. Trust me if you can convince them of what i said , or that you know our culture , they’ll melt and literally be in your possesion. We dont have female Goddesses for no reason…haha. It just means man and women are equal, and that both masculine and feminine are aspects of God. And one more thing.

  34. sandeep says:

    Hey one more thing i added you at yahoo messenger aussie girl. Is the guy from north or south of India? northerners are a bit more liberal.

  35. sandeep says:

    Indian lover i think the previous girl was real mean and he is doubtful of all women. It can also mean that there is something wrong with him or he is talking things to seriously. Take it slowly , dont bombard affectionate text, it may mean you are trying to show off. Try to say you care in the least of words, also show that you are hurt and care. Sometimes indians think whites dont have emotional attachment and they forget very soon. He can think you are like that. Try to show that you are emotional… I’ll write more soon , sorry. Do you have a messenger?

  36. Wow thank you SOOOOO much for that… And i would love to learn more about the Indian culture… with or without Jag in my life!!!

    So i will def talk to you on messenger and would love to know the names of those movies!!!

    P.s sorry for getting your gender wrong… your level headedness made me think of you as a female 😉

    Talk to you soon hopefully!!!

  37. sandeep says:

    Indian lover, most indian guys maybe possesive at times, because they have been brought up like that. I think its the same in russia. But remember indian guys are also close to their mothers so they usually dont disrespect women. You should be submissive for a while and then let him cool down. Just show him the sign that you are willing to listen and dont answer back. When he cools down , get your point across in a right way, i mean dont show its your opinion or you are forcing him. Rather something like a question mark , instead of saying you should do it this way, just tell can it be done this way so that(statement is made a question) …so he’ll think … as you grow closer to him, he will slowly come under your control , then he’ll come to you like a naughty kid who rebels against his mother yet comes back to her cause he has no where to go. dont try to ask too many questions about his past/or things he is tight lipped..I think you dont have the same problem as aussie girl. I personally think Indians can get along very well with whites , with chinese/other asians theres sometimes a barrier in communication (not that we are perfect in english)…

  38. sandeep says:

    Lol i forget to tell its my birthday! 26. So both of you are aquarians who feed on unprdictability. I think you two can get along well, if somehow you overcome the arguments. One thing is sure, in cases where both are aquariuns adventure is guaranteed, sexual and mental attraction will always be there. But both of you are forceful…I used to read lot of stuff about astrology/numerology but have stopped cause i am concentrating on my masters, plan to start reading when i am done.. From your birth number 16(1+6=7) it seems you may have problems with back,joints, mouth, throat./stomach, since it your body type is fluid….

  39. indian lover says:

    sandeep, three words, YOU AMAZE ME!!!!.

  40. indian lover says:

    ….and of course to wish you a fantastic belated birthday i hope you had a wonderful day,thankyou so much for all of your educating and fullfilling advice you really are something special.
    ….but alas my indian man has never contacted me,and i’ve been so very ill and he does’nt want to know so i’ve stopped contacting him as i think it would annoy him but i miss him so desperately and still do not know what to do for the very best as all his beliefs about me are so untrue i really am at a loss,if he never contacts me again i will have no need to visit this site again but i will always see how you and heartbroken by an indian are doing and if you are both well i liked to take this oppotunity to thank you so very much for all of your time,effort and understanding that you have given me,i wish you so much happiness in your life,take good care of yourself bye for now indian lover.

  41. sandeep says:

    Indian lover,thank you for the wishes. I understand you are trying to change yourself for the guy. But it cannot be one sided, he has to try too. I hope you find someone special. I have observed many times that good guys get the bad girls and good girls get the bad ones. In the end the good ones end up heartbroken. I think its best not to get emotionally involved unless the person concerned is sound (mentally). I hope you recover and get well soon. I think there is something wrong in him so he is trying to find negatives in you. He is insecure and cant take the fact that someone can be good, for he himself is full of fault and cant digest others….Kind of like a guy who cheats on his gf and yet is possessive of her and suspects her of cheating. I am sorry to say : the culture in some parts is not good and that makes me really defensive about getting involved with western girls, but i understand there are some really good ones too. Well you can talk to me by email. talk to you soon. bye

  42. indian lover says:

    hi sandeep
    i’ll contact you by e mail and thank you
    once again.

  43. hmmm says:

    Hello everyone !!
    It seems like we have all come across this site for the same reason !! and thanks to Sandeep, he can enlighten us.
    I too have fallen under the spell of an Indian man !!!
    I have known him for quite awhile from work. Everyone loves him, if you asked anyone what kind of guy he is, they’ tell you, his is a wonderful guy !!! We started cooresponding by IM on a personal level for several months. He told me how romantic he was and filled me with lot’s of wonderful things to look foward to with him.
    He is quite busy with his family, divorced over a year ago and it was painful. Things went real fast with us and then crashed. I let it roll the way he wanted it to go. We are now friends and we haven’t seen each other in a few months, but we still speak to each other.
    I do have some questions for Sandeep that seem to be cultural related (at least he told me they were cultural !!)
    What’s the deal with kissing ?!?!? why is that taboo ?!?!
    and holding hands also ?!?!? He told me once that he liked me so much that he couldn’t tell me. For a romantic, it just doesn’t seem to fit !!!
    Can you shed some light Sandeep ?!?!?

  44. Isidora Sasser says:

    Well if Indian woman are so great… Go back to India!!! Probably your quality life will be better. Why are you here?

  45. sandeep says:

    hmmm i will reply soon, i am a bit busy. Isidora who told indian woman are so great? There are great women in other places too. Go back to India!!! seems like you hate Indians and want them to go back lol looser you cant do anything about it so shut up and mind your business. Besides indian wives can be brought to america and elsewhere, no need to go back. You have no mind , dont make an ass of yourself. You are probably a russian girl. Russian girls are hot! and French too.

  46. hmmm says:

    Thanks Sandeep….I will probably have more questions for you when you get back !!!

  47. indian lover says:

    hi all,well i can’t believe what small amount has been written about this subject in a huge amount of time,but Sandeep i think your getting yourself a bit of a fan club going lol your becoming our regular agony uncle! maybe you should get your own column in a mag,lots a love x.

  48. amused says:

    You know what guys? I think these postings are childish and immature. At the end of the day everyone has their prejudices, so that can’t be changed. Everyone considers themselves to be the superior race, so instead of trying to figure out who’s better let’s agree to disagree and accept that each to its own.

    • IndianFriend says:

      childish and immature?
      But, what keeps this discussion interesting is that there are several opinions based on different background and experiences – springing from all different directions!!

      And the best part..- there is no right answer!
      As far as I see it’s a very healthy conversation except for certain exceptions! There’s always something you can take away from any discussion, however pointless it may seem.
      It simply gets you thinking!!
      This is merely my humble opinion.

  49. sandeep says:

    Amused, No one is trying to prove his race is superior. Infact it isnt about race at all. Its just about having relationship with some particular people (indians) who tend to be culturally different. Why do you say these postings are childish? Maybe some indians are childish and its not a childish question if someone asks why they are so…

    Indian lover, i have just made a google blog. Login with your gmail account. I hope you will help my fan club to grow ..haha

    Hmmm , Kissing is a big deal, because many believe that you should only kiss the person you are about to marry. He must be a good guy and likes you so much that he just trembles when with you., holding hands maybe too much. Maybe some people think they have to marry if they hold hands lol.. Some indians are extreme, for ex: Some girl had not taken her clothes out from the washer. I waited a long time (an hour) and went every 15 minutes to check it. Then i took out the clothes and put them aside. I didnt knew she was indian girl ( i only know her) . when i came to dry my clothes ,she was there.. she was like ” how dare you touch my clothes”( even tho i know her) . Some indians think it is bad if others even touch their clothes, they are too dedicated/stuck up and will never even have an impure thought, always loyal to their patner… but too much is too bad.
    Hmm before you get emotionally attached with any Indian guy, know where it will lead to , cause many families dont like interracial relations. Their arguments goes like this: Race mixing will create mongrels, who have no identity and culture, which will destroy social fabric of society. Although i should say they are a bit ok with any of the caucassian / caucassoid race because indians, arabs, persians , and europeans have similar facial structure. However they are totally against muslims, cause of…There is very very little chance of them accepting a chinese/japenese (mongoloid) or africans. They will probably disown their child with no regrets trust me they have lot of pride in their heritage. Like i said previously, europeans are thought of as someone related to(their own) indo-slavic civilization.. so they may sometimes be ok with them..
    Bye for now

  50. spicy says:

    Hi guys,
    Just thought i would add few words as it has started a debate of Indian women in general. I am a 28 year old Indian woman myself living in UK for a while now and who have seen both sides of the spectrum. I guess I am one of those lucky women who got accepted by men from both the cultures for various different reasons. I have lived in India for 21 years in a male dominated society (in a male dominated house) so i can tell you enough how an indian man thinks. Generally to judge a man is not that difficult, men in general (white/non white)are fairly simple creatures, simple needs, simple wants, easy to please, displease, they mean what they say, there is nothing complicated about them. Anyway going back to my views…there is so much to say about the differences and why indian men like english women and vice versa, that i’ll try to stick to the point. I’ll divide my views into two: Indian men/ English men.

    Indian men: Typical Indian men who are born and bred in Indian are usually quite dominating men. They think themselves as “the kings of the world”, and i mean this literally, they do think themselves as the main providers for the family where they go out and hunt for the food and money, whereas the women stay in the house, look after their family, cook, shop etc. This is where Indian women strengths comes in picture, their family values, committments towards their kids, responsibilities etc. The thought of another man/ extra marital at this point is almost a sin. The daughters are considered too precious and cannot be seen with boys out in general (not that they don’t but i would say the majority of the girls don’t because of family pressure, not that they would not like to test the waters themselves). Kissing, one night stands are out of question let alone sleeping with someone. Hence, men/boys are left unrelieved, they fancy Indian girls from a distance but can’t touch them. Although, with western influnces things are changing drastically (this is another debate). As much as i know, in india we don’t have a thing like indian porn, where men can see naked indian women and may be relieve themselves. Hence, it is dangerous for women living in India, lots of rape cases and women learn to protect themselves from an early age from some of the real perves. I remember myself growing up and some of the men would give dirty looks, grabbing where they can, really bad sexual comments from very tender age.

    Prostitution exists in in india, but there are not very many sources for men in general from respectable families to please their eyes in general, this is where western porn (white skin) comes in. I never thought i’ll mention this but it is true Indian men see the real beauties on Magazines, TV and now may be on internet for quick and easy relief. Men or women in general have always considered white skin as superior, a form of royalty from the days of British Raj, it is sad but it is true. Indian men, whatever age would love to shag these beauties that happen to be white skin, blonde hair that they consider would give them immense pleasure but when it comes to getting married they want to only and i mean only get married to an Indian woman that they can take home to their mummies…..sounds hypocritical…i know but its true. By this i don’t mean that the all white colour women are porn stars or they don’t have any family values. There are lots of things that i have learnt from my co-friends who a lot of them happen to be English. These women in particular are very sensible in all angles, professionals, married, kids …yes they have had few partners but they are all settled now with one man.

    Indian men born and brought up in England: They are generally a bit confused(another debate), they do mix with women with all cultures. It is actually very hard for them as they go out and see all sorts of women but when they come back home to their mums and dads who only want them to bring an Indian women in the house.

    Talking about English men: as much as i have noticed here( i may be wrong) are actually quite a gentlemen. Mind you the men i have come across so far have been really nice to me. They have treated me with respect with always a smile on their face, they do like me as they find me pleasant or i tick them personality wise. Just the way Indian men get attracted to English women. English men also get attracted to Indian women(they are like forbidden fruit), they are inquisitive about them as they rarely get to touch one of them. E.g. in my case some of them have also mentioned “your man is a lucky man to have someone like you” or ” you are every man’s dream”. I have also noticed English men checking me out from head to toe and approaching me even though they know i am already taken. One of our mutual friend admires me purely on the facts that i am a woman with strong willpower, radiant , helping others and also as i always dress decently but still attractive (mind you saree has always been a hit). English men can’t take eyes from a woman who is wearing a saree and look elegant and graceful …it is just too irresistible to them . So clearly, there is attraction for each other from both worlds. It’s not just the looks …..its the whole package i would say that matters when it comes to attraction.

  51. Dear Disgusted White Woman,

    First off I am a proud indian woman…proud of my hertiage and proud of the richness of my culture. Our customs have taught us to be loyal, nuturing and devoted to our families…respecting our parents. We carry ourselves with pride, ellegence and class. We are independant and don’t expect a man to show us his effection through material wealth..why because we have in us to reach our goals with our own intelligence. I’ve never spent time in a tanning salon trying to change the colour of my skin. Our eyes are beautifully shaped not requiring an access amount of make up to them look appealing. Oh and piercing your noses..white women dont have the right shape and it’s looks quite weird. It seems like white women are trying to more like indian women. Putting mac and cheese and the microwave is not considered cooking. Guys like Indian Royalty….well I wish there were more indian guys like him who supported indian women. Some lucky lady is going to have the honor of being his wife. Most white women have had their virginity taken in their teens…indian women are very strong about not giving it up that easily..especially after the first date and a couple of beers. Once I get married its for life…being a 100% faithful…can you promise that? If my husbands working late…I wouldn’t eat dinner without him…we would eat together….would you do that? My husband wont be doing any housework…even with my busy career and the children…I would manage that. You’re too lazy to handle that. Classy indian women dont go from relationship to relationship. Once we make a commitment, we stick to it. Indian guys that end up marrying white girls….good luck hope you like microwave cooked meals and cleaning up after coming home from work. Forget about explaining what any our music means it will take her a lifetime to learn the words and how to prounce them. Our parents are like god for us, we dont dessert them by putting them in old age homes. It is our duty to take care of our husbands parents and our honor. The indian culture is the most beautiful culture and I want to share it with my indian prince and have 100% indian kids…not a mixed breed.

    An Indian Woman’s prespective

    Proud Indian Woman

    • whitedoctor says:

      wow im in my mid 20s and have never gone to a tanning salon. also if you are really going to go ahead and attack white women and their tanning habits, then i shall give you a taste of your own medicine. the skin lightning industry is a 400 million dollar industry. their main target: brown women trying to obtain lighter skin. i find it ridiculous watching indian women walking around california with umbrellas when its in the 80s outside. and i know its not to protect the skin from cancer. one of my good friends is indian and shes obsessed with keeping her skin light. if i ever have any questions about what sunscreen lotion is good i know where to go.

      other than that all i have to say is that your husband is an ass hole for letting you go hungry till he comes home. i married an indian man and im very happy. im a doctor and therefore often i dont have time to make dinner for him, or pick up his mess. and he doesnt expect me to. his job is less demanding so its practical for him to cook more or clean more. remember dear, being a wife isnt about how much you cook and clean. oh and we loved doing it even before we got married.

      also his best indian buddy has seen our life and is currently obsessed with finding a white woman like me. im setting him up with a friend of mine.

      last comment. im so tired of you brown girls and your drama. every single indian girl ive met (and trust me i know a lot) has been so dramatic and cannot stop gossiping. yes even white women do that but not to the extreme extend indian women do. except his mom. shes amazing, she is fascinated by me and we get along so well. and she actually used to want her son in an arranged marriage.

  52. sandeep says:

    Proud Indian woman
    You are generalizing. Not all Indians are good and not all westerners are the same. The same proud heritage you are talking about is filled with hate. superstition. On one side are the scientific and spiritual Vedas, on the other side there is dowry, child marriage, wife abusing. Not all girls in India are like you said. Many are virago’s. you said indian girls dont need affection through material wealth demean white girls, I know about a guy in canada married to a canadian girl. The girl takes care of him financially, he is unable to defend his masters..and the mother keeps blaming the girl. How much can she tolerate? she takes care of him and in return gets hate because she is not of same caste/nationality. You dont need makeup blah blah. Many indian girls have moustaches and are hairy , no denying that. They go and bleach themselves to look whiter.. Lol indian girls eyes are beautifully shaped.. caucassians have facial structure very similar to us, their eyes may look a little different because they are fair.. besides only they have eyes of colr.. blue , green, hazel. They go to salon because they have skin problems, tanning or going to salon makes it healthier. and not to mention all the hate they get for being white. I think racism in america is more against whites… white women dont have right shape? they have the best shape , they look good in jeans,, indian girls are classy to wear saris..i think its just to cover up their tummies, jeans never fit on them cause they dont take care of their bodies. . somethings depend on the way you are brought up, you cant expect everything to be good. You say you will wait for husbadn till he comes. A husband who is really good will not make his wife wait. He’ll ask her to eat not be hungry for him. About virginity you are right.. many loose it.. but not all. i dont think it happens in a couple of dates and beer. husband wont be doing any housework? i think marriage is a patnership not a deal where you will do everything and keep him happy, its just bondage. Honor of being indian royalties wife? lol in what sense? you said material wealth doesnt matter, so offcourse thats out of the question. You know whatever he said is copy pasted from another forum. I dont remember the link. But it was a black guy who posted against white girls. So indian royalty is just a cheater who plagiarized and hoped his wife is like him too. A lot of people from asia plagiariaze white movies serials and so on. Whats more they have such a pathetic attitude..they will lie to get ahead of competition ,,not hard to guess why, being born in highly populated areas, where you have to do anything to get ahead of competition. I can better than most indian girls , i would love to teach her how to cook. I dont like indian music at all. most of it is plagiarised and the older songs are boring and tragic, make me cry 😦 . I listen to sanskrit songs and devotional ones , altho i dont know a word of what it means , i still enjoy it. How many actually know sanskrit? but they keep chanting. why is that? How much of our culture do you know? do you know vedas? if you know the essence of them you wouldnt attack others like you did.. Taking care of parents is our duty, have to agree on that but some parents dont mind leading a life of renunciation where they give up desires and meditate. I think that is very much essential. If you dont really want money, you wont need a indian prince, an indian man will do lol j/k. I think mixed kids are when whites or indians/persians marry chinese, african or native people. Cause there are technically 4 races caucassian, mongoloid, afroid and aborigines. Dont try to show negatives or generalize people. Everyone has good and bad. I only responded to french girl but didnt attack everyone or generalize. Some indin girls have such a stuck up attitude. they think they are the best. I was talking to an indian girl (chat) and i had to offcourse talk with others too..she was like : you dont appreciate me..why are you talking with others , no concern for other friends. I have to only be under her control..nobody else is important . It S*cx . I’ll write more bye

  53. baba says:

    wooahhh!!! man so many responses

  54. ana says:

    wats with the stereotype that indian women are hairy?
    russell peters might have joked about this as a comedian, but this rumour is as general as brits have bad teeth!

    and another stereotype that exists about how indian women only look beautiful in movies and mags, and the rest are all ugly. since when did any average caucasian woman start looking like all the hollywood movie stars who are female and caucasian?
    and the word ‘indian’ itself is a generalization…ther r regions in kashmir, india wher women look white, a region in ladakh, india wher they look chinese. and in the south like blacks
    the rest is all a mixture i guess
    its like the word ‘american’ u see- dont stereotype it to mean white.

  55. I believe says:

    I have been reading the comments with interest. Too me, there are evil people in every culture. What attracts one person to another is very individual. I have been with an Indian male for over 5 years. He is sweet, intelligent, loving, a great friend and a wonderful lover. He is married and so am I, both in our own ethnicity. If we had met in a different time things may have been different. I am not sure how all the different culturual issues would ever work out, but I find the differences fasinating. I am christian, he is Hindu. I just think there is a connection at a human/spiritual level and that the other stuff can be handled. I know from his perspective his wife is strong willed, demanding and wants to always be right. I doubt all Indian women are like that, but it does seem to be a common complaint that I hear from him and his friends. I think he does find my patience and happy go lucky attitude refreshing. He is very relaxed with me and I know when she calls when we are together she screams at him. I do think that Indian men are very sexy. Not all, but alot I have seen are. My guy can cook and all I know is I look forward to spending time with him. We both will never leave our lives with our spouses, but the time spent together is treasured and I do believe a relationship between two different cultures can work. I think it would hard and there would be alot of give and take from both sides, but if you found the right person it could happen.

  56. sweetraine says:

    I have read everything…All good points. My personal opinion
    I love Indian food, culture, dress, family values ect. I am french come from a french background. My great-grand parents were born in canada. Most of my friends if not 90 % are Indian/Pakistani. What I feel is that there are many differnt types of Indian men. Some are good, some bad, but so are all men/women .Indian men are curious men. Comming from a sexually repressed society can have bad and good ..mostly bad effects on a person. My immigrant friends have only seen white women in one way..PORN. They don’t understand that all white girls are not like that. So the fantacy with that stays in the back of a persons mind from the first time they ever saw something sexual. Even when married they want once to try with a white girl so indian girls when your husband goes out with his friends blah blah blah . I am not saying it is right..but what do you think happens when you stop the natural cycle of interacting with females..women on one side men on the other.
    Indian women are perceived as conservative in sex and to be honest 80 % of women are, PORN is not sex..It is a movie(fake) So you wonder why indian girls are looking at you funny I can explain.. you are different and it is not you they are looking at it is our portrayalof women. They are seeing and thinking of you in the way that you don’t want to see. A tramp, a slut, the same way women are displayed on movies, magazines and the inernet. So ya, if i saw an orgy of indian women getting it on and my culture was sexually repressed then mabie I would be the one staring.

  57. baba says:

    finally some mature people are anwering….hats off!!!

  58. gypsy girl says:

    Oh my heart goes out to woman who feel they have to abuse their sisters of different cultures.Ladies please be strong smart sensitive women.What difference does it make one gal says she has a man from India there is enough penis for all.The truth we could all learn valuable things from each other.Fussing over men from any country shows stupidity and weakness. No one is superior over the other.That to this date has not been proved and then who would be judging if so.The world is in turmoil and you are the very women who need to stand for peace not a reflection in the mirror.Every female breast can give milk and I do not believe fashion is going to fix the rain forest or stop the wars.If it were up to a bottle of hair remover to make our planet healthy I would pour it on my head and slather it on my body.I would hope you have a grand women who would sit with you and tell you what love really is.I rather invite you all to hug a child of a different culture than your own.Better yet forgo the next tube of mascara and feed a hungry child.
    Be kind to your earth sister she is the one who really understands you on your bad day.
    A beautiful women on the planet

  59. Rp says:

    Hi all,

    Well, Sandeep your analysis is quite appreciable.
    Some of he ladies here have liked Indian Man and would like to be accepted by him.
    One woman has given her analysis on Men(Indian, White and British born Indian Men), fair enough.

    At last one woman said about the need for women to come forward for a good cause the world needs today.

    I personally feel, in todays world love should spread across boundries of countries, culture, religion.
    I know its easy to say then make it happen.
    But there are people like you who can bring the change and surely it will happen one day.

    Regarding Indian men or women they are moving with the world.
    Lets not generalize anyone from any region as Sandeep said.

    Every country has its own circumstances at times and which in turn effect every family of that country.
    Indian man is full of love and respect for any woman, yes you will find people who do other deeds as well.
    That kind of Man you can find even in Antartica as

    Bottom line is all Men and women are beautiful.I mean at the COB(Close of Business) we all know that what good or bad
    we did today.

    So spread love.

    Also, its women like you all who can do this.

    • IndianFriend says:

      But, I’m not quite sure if “LOVE” is the answer to all our problems!!

      “LOVE” is a like coin, from my perspective. In that case, it should have an other side. So, where ever “LOVE” exits there should also exist ‘the flip side of it’!!

      Shouldn’t something more like “empathy” be the answer??
      Once you empathize someone, you are more likely to understand their circumstances, which in turn makes you aware of the facts that govern their society or culture.
      Such a realization, as far as I can see; is the one that can help you respect other cultures and their traditions.
      This is how you can move across boundaries at an emotional level!!

  60. female says:

    I am so sick of hearing people who argue over who’s better then which culture. Why is it anyones business who anyone dates. Does it matter who they are, and what ethinicity they are, because if you love someone than it shouldnt matter who they are, and what life-style they came from. Second of all stop classifying people like everyone knows every “white”, indian, french, or any other person in the world. Stop basing one culture off of a person with a bad attitude. Its not fair to anyone, no matter who they are. Try treating all people with respect.

  61. just curious? says:

    Did any one stop to think and check to see if “Disgusted White Girl, Somewhere in VA” got what she was looking for? She started all this email traffic…

  62. Rebecca says:

    this is absolutely ridiculous. there are plenty of indian men who think that indian women are absolutely beautiful. and, there are plenty of indian men who think the same about white women. in my opinion, a great deal of the issue is due to the fact that relationships between indian men and white women are generally discouraged by the more traditional indian culture in the united states. of course, this is just speaking in generalities, as there are many indian families with sons who are dating white women and are perfectly content. one of my friends is in such a situation. however, “indian royalty,” don’t feel the need to attack white women because you were probably hurt by one. sorry to copy and paste, but here goes.

    It is not the fact that they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and shades that I love them. Their inner beauty is what I find most appealing about Indian women.
    —So, i suppose that white women never have inner beauty?

    Their strong spirit, loving and nurturing souls, their integrity, their ability to overcome great obstacles, their willingness to stand for what they believe in, and their determination to succeed and reach their highest potential while enduring great pain and suffering is why I have fallen in love with Indian women.
    —And white women do not overcome great obstacles, such as overcoming the stereotypes which your pompous self has only exacerbated??

    I honestly believe that your anger is geared more toward jealousy and envy than snotty looks. If this were not so, then why do you continuously go to tanning salons to darken your skin. If you are so proud to be white, then why don’t you just be happy with your pale skin? Why do you continue to inject your lips, hips, and breasts with unnatural and dangerous substances so you can look fuller and more
    voluptuous? I think that your anger is really a result of you wanting to have what the Non-White woman has.
    —Just as you are being stereotypical, I will be as well. IN INDIA, it is the general consensus that the more pale the woman, the more beautiful. For example, in a bharatnatyam performace, the woman is usually powdered to be much lighter than she normally would be. There are plenty of women who are happy with their pale skin. I am one of them. And I am not jealous of Indian women because they are tan. And if you are so “proud to be Indian” why isn’t the general consensus in your country that being darker is beautiful? Because being dark is just as beautiful as being light. And are you claiming that Indian women never undergo plastic surgery? Check those facts!

    “indian royalty”, you sound more like an indian asshole to me. Get over yourself.

  63. Rebecca says:

    and this is for “spicy”
    Once I get married its for life…being a 100% faithful…can you promise that?
    —Yes. There are plenty of white women who are faithful.
    If my husbands working late…I wouldn’t eat dinner without him…we would eat together….would you do that?
    —Yes, there are plenty of white women who respect their husbands.
    My husband wont be doing any housework…even with my busy career and the children…I would manage that. You’re too lazy to handle that.
    —There are plenty of white women who do the housework. AND IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU LAZY TO SHARE RESPONSIBLITIES.
    Classy indian women dont go from relationship to relationship. Once we make a commitment, we stick to it.
    —And also, there are plenty of CLASSY WHITE WOMEN.
    Indian guys that end up marrying white girls….good luck hope you like microwave cooked meals and cleaning up after coming home from work.
    —There is actually nothing to say to this. You really need to sit back and look at yourself, and wonder why there are so many people out there who think that Indian women are bitches. You give your culture, which you are so fiercely proud of, a bad reputation. Indian women, if they are all like you, are pompous and self-righteous. However, unlike you, as you are incredibly moronic and thrive on the perpetuation of stereotypes, I realize that this is not true. You are just a poor excuse for a person.

    The indian culture is the most beautiful culture and I want to share it with my indian prince and have 100% indian kids…not a mixed breed.

    “Spicy,” take a look what you wrote. Think for a second as to how you are simply perpetuating the stereotype.

  64. Disgusted with Indian wome says:

    I’m a 24-yr old Indian guy and believe me, I am absolutely disgusted with Indian women because as someone put it here, they come with too much “baggage” and I’m sorry I’m of a different make-up and can’t take it anymore.

    1. Too many headgames – Most of them are of this “you can look but you can’t touch” variety. No other race of women have so much attitude and play so many headgames. If you’re an average-looking Indian guy like me, you know what I’m trying to say here.

    2. They all hate sex – it’s a sign of male “privilege” granted to me only when I succeeded in pampering her a lot. The present attitudes toward sex are very archaic (although we are the land of Kama Sutra). They don’t give oral sex. They don’t like new experiments and that hairy bush – yuck!

    3. They think the world revolves around them – so much attention-seeking yuck!

    In contrast, White women or for that matter, any women in the world are a refreshing change. It’s a relief to get what you expect. If a White woman is not interested in you, she’ll say it upfront and not play those mind-boggling games that we Indian men are so used to. One of the reasons why Indian men successfully date all other races is because we have become quite used to, to the put-downs and mental games. That is one reason why some White women are attracted to us.

    I did have a great time with White women in my company – they were so friendly and beautiful. One French girl who wrote earlier, well I somewhat agree with you – most of you (except the fat and freckle ones) are beautiful to look at and French girl, I would honestly worship you as my Goddess if you paid me attention (lol).

    As for Indian women, if more of our eligible bachelors dump these attitude ones for other women, maybe they shall fall in line.

    (I love White Women)

  65. sandeep says:

    Digusted guy, your comments are ridiculous and childish to say the least. The way you talk just shows that you have no self dignity(worshiping..praising). White women dont play games lol are you kidding me? women differ a little by their culture but you are just making generalizations and putting them at extremes. Indian men succesfully date? haha look at the statistics..i think indians date white women then they dump her cause they dont have the balls to tell their parents..I am sure you will end up that way too.. i am not so familiar with situation in Europe but what you say is not the case in US. You say you are bored with indian women,,praise the white girl because she has good the end you say not the fat and freckled ones..shows you are a hypocrite and shallow. You say qualities and then also talk about physical appearance..Lol they are friendly because you are an A** licker. I have seen good and bad indian and white women too. The problem is because we tend to judge people easily. And the cultural difference is seen as a negative thing whereas its just a difference due to upbringing. Seems the only thing you see is the bush..hairy or not:you made a mockery of yourself showing your shallowness. Dump these attitude ones for other women: you are talking as if you have all girls waiting in line for you.

    Rebecca: your anger is understandable. If they keep praising their culture and demeaning others for no reason they should stay in their country. Why the heck would they want to come to the west? they should be thrown out if they dont respect the culture of the land they live in. I have to say this:the culture in some western countries is really worrying due to its shift away from family. People dont want to compromise or adjust…thats the reason for is again a case of their upbringing , they are used to an easier life(comparatively) and dont want to tackle the problems so they just leave..If you really want to know who is most fed up with american/western girls look at this site
    Seems like the same story lol..Indian guys dont like their girls and americans hate their own. I really think people are under the delusion that women from culture other than their own are full of goodies..wont be long before they find out its the same…
    I remember a famous story:
    A student asked his teacher: what is love. The teacher replied go into the forest and cut the best tree you find. But you cannot go back to a previous tree, you only have to move ahead. The student returned back with a tree and the teacher asked is it the best tree, he replied no. Because i left the best tree in hopes of finding a better one.
    Then the student asked what is marriage? The teacher said do the same thing(in a different direction) i said before. The student went and brought another tree. The teacher asked is this the best tree? to which the student replied : i dont know if its the best , but i thought it is good enough and i was not sure if i would find a better one. Marriage is compromise and you have to settle and be happy(try to improve) what youve got…love is something whose value you didnt knew when you had it..

  66. baba says:

    just a message of correction for Rebecca ….The comments that you have made are for “proud indian woman” and not for “spicy”. She has written completely different story my friend.

  67. Russian Girl dating an Indian Man says:

    I can believe what You guys are saying. You fell in love with the person, not with his ethnicity. I absolutelly love my Indian boyfriend, but what I know for sure is that I am not his fetish, or anything like that. Same goes for me… Shame on you people

  68. Rebecca says:

    thank you for correcting me, Baba, my eyes must have played a trick on me 🙂

  69. sense and sensibility says:

    I just happened to come across this blog and would like to put my opinions across. I am an Indian girl and I’m absolutely proud of being one. But that certainly doesn’t mean that I dont respect other cultures. I feel that every culture is beautiful and enriching in its own way. I would like to respond in particular to few posts – those who claim that Indian women are ugly and arrogant. Do you mean to say that women from other cultures are all godesses or have no attitude what so ever? Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If you think you are beautiful, well and fine, so be it. But you have no right what so ever to say that any one else is ugly.. Isn’t that single statement proof enough of how arrogant you actually are. Indian women are beautiful in their own way. So I would certainly apreciate if you dont go about commenting about looks of anyone else bot yourself. And to ‘Disgusted with Indian wome’ , I have only two words for you – You are an ‘arrogant snob’. Too much baggage? attention-seeking yuck? hairy bush? Just because the girls u r interested in dont return them, dont you dare go generalising. Are you tellin me that only Indian women seek attention? Are all other women at your feet? Its really a pity that you are too weak and dumb, that you cannot appreciate a strong spirited women, let alone handle one.. Pity indeed..

  70. Mika says:

    Why must everything and everyone be defined by the colour of their skin? Is being colour blind that difficult? Must we define everyone as black, white, or brown? Clearly, no.

    Skin colour makes very little difference in who we are attracted to. Attraction has a science behind it and our preference and standards disintegrate when biological factors play their role.

    Interracial couples face prejudice within society in general, but why? Why do people feel the need to raise an eyebrow? Simply because these types of people are conditioned to believe or think a certain way. However, science has proven that we are all descendants of Africans. So does anyone really have a right or privilege to raise an eyebrow or give a dirty look at an interracial couple? Of course not. We all came from a single organism.

    What right do we have as individuals and citizens to make others feel uncomfortable or segregated because of their choices or lifestyles?

    I believe that people should be free to decide whoever they want to share their lives with and no one should judge them for that. Who are we to judge any way? I think we should appreciate that such couples are willing to be together and show affection towards each other, while facing prejudices from ignorant and close-minded individuals. Everyone deserves to be happy and everyone decides their own fate and level of happiness.

    White women, brown women.. Who cares? What we share in common is that we are women. We all have different beliefs, experiences, strengths, and backgrounds that shape us to be who we are. Generalizing women or men by their skin colour is just another way of imprisoning ourselves in our own ignorance and misery.

    I see many beautiful women out there, from all sorts of ethnicities and backgrounds, both inside and out. And it’s unfortunate for all ignorant people, but love/attraction doesn’t see a colour and neither does beauty.

  71. sandeep says:

    Kashif, its better to go to hell if heaven is filled with people like you. If you didnt like it, you shouldn’t comment.

  72. Mika says:

    Well if people always stayed silent whenever they saw something they didn’t like, the world wouldn’t get anywhere.

  73. MountainGordon says:

    The percentage of good looking females is much higher among the female population. They have such perfect figures…However, somewhere if they start ballooning they take it to incredible proportions…

    As such, some Indian women have great desirable shapes…very curvy…voluptous…i dont think any other race can match them…the complexion is so uniform and wonderful…compared this to how some white dames almost scare you with their pale, lifeless skin color…not to mention the plain chests…

    But this is just the physical part…The main thing is attitude….

    The “modern” Indian girl needs special mention…These are the real sh*t in the pie …the “away from home” schooled types…taking their freedom to the extremes…always trying to prove…as someone said they try all sorts of mind games…but crave for someone to worship them…caught between tradition and …(oh, dont we often see the way they keep checking and pulling down their skimpy “modern” dresses….to cover their midriff…have you seen that guys??? hehe…)

    keep away from these sort of women…they are a short cut to quick divorce….and most important…since they are dishonest with themselves….and putting on a show all their lives….they’ll never be and can never allow their men to be happy.

  74. sandeep says:

    Mika, this forum is about relationships..some people always throw mud on each other. Kashif could have stayed away or put his views in a respectful manner..why the BS of hell?

  75. sandeep says:

    Besides Mika, do you see the world changing just because he said that? you need to walk the talk, not just talk (as they say in America) words dont change anything.

  76. Mika says:

    I can’t speak for Kashif, but I suppose he feels that the way he put forth his opinion is a reflection of his beliefs and passion. I, however, feel that it could have been more respectful, but essentially he is only embarrassing himself by insulting the rest of the forum.

    I never said I see the world changing just because he said that. What I am saying is if one person puts forth an opinion and another individual dislikes it, it leads to a discussion. Isn’t that what we should try to achieve in the world? A discussion with opinions, ideas, facts, and experiences.

    Words can change a lot, but only if they are used within the right context.

  77. amar says:

    I am an indian male. I just spent the last i don’t know hour or so reading this. I was born in india raised in the US. I am in my mid 30s not married. I guess you can say I am like the guy in the forest — thinking there is something better. I guess i’ve found what i had been looking for .. but never committed to it – it was a white girl. And then i tried to commit to an indian girl and she just didn’t find me the same way. My other issue is .. if i had been raised in India i might find the average indian girl more attractive — but being raised in the US — i dare to say — its Playboy’s fault — but nice smooth skin — Indian women have smooth skin — and i think for the most part some of them actually become more attractive after being in a relationship.. sex is healthy and i have met some indian women who have become better looking from normal sexual activity — but that’s a discussion for another thread… my point – yes, every culture has their issues/concerns .. and ideally it would be great if we can detach ourselves from our wants –detach ourselves from our carnal needs — even in the gita they talk about how too much spices is bad for you — anything in extreme is bad — i agree … maybe this rambling shows that i am utterly confused about everything… but i know i’m not.. it comes down to making a decision and making something work ..plain and simple… you want something .. you have to be dedicated and be willing to make sacrifices .. plain and simple .. figure out what you want .. yes “want” — i said it. .. i am still in human form..unfortunately … and we live in a very shallow world — need i say the name Paris Hilton ….

  78. anonymous says:

    ok guys this is damn hilarious. i am just a 20 yr old guy visiting france for three months for an internship as i am doing my bachelors in engineering from IIT in new delhi, india. so u can make out i am an indian. i was reading this forum and its the most interesting i have found yet.
    ok, i ll like to contribute by giving my own honest view about all this:
    the french girls are absolutely hot and i crave to date any one of them. now it is important to say that i am a reasonably good looking person with a good personality and get occasionally quite some attention in my country with the girls and very open-minded with new ideas. but i am very shy. i would even compare these girls to those barbie dolls. they are so damn beautiful.
    but to think in the long term, i would like to marry a girl from my country as i think the french girls are not the kind of supporters in life you would look for in your life. in my country, once when u marry a girl, she takes a vow to support you in every difficulty and every happiness. and many of the french girls dont look pretty when they become a little old. i guess that is because they drink and smoke so much. and second thing is, they have like this unconscious oath that will not eat food and try and remain as skinny as they possible can. it sure makes them look beautiful but god knows what kind of hell that means- i mean avoiding food. i love food though i am not fat or anything.
    ok, so basically the third thing i ve noticed is their openness. in india, girls are rather reserved and very very arrogant if u give even the slightest indication of interest in them until they are not interested in you. so i try and keep off to avoid any embarrassment in india. only those who show interest are safe to approach, and that too its difficult to anticipate their reaction. here, i guess they are very open. and that is why i am so frustrated that i am not able to talk to them despite they being so open. i think its because of my shyness.
    i may be naive to all this stuff and you guys look experienced people who have reached to a point where u can discuss whether the asian guys love the white women. but someone, any tips on how i can talk to a french girl?????

  79. anonymous says:

    and yes, i seriously we as indians need to open up. as in, it was strange for me to see a couple kissing in almost any possible place. i used to keep admiring their courage and the fact that no one else seemed to care. this is in paris, the rest of france i dont know.

  80. Andromeda says:

    Hi people, I am an Indian girl. When I am in love with someone, I am in love with him and not his race, history, money or status. I believe the same must be true the otherway round too. We all are looking for everlasting love, you never know where you will find it!

    I really appreciate Indian Royalty’s love for Indian women. 🙂

  81. Raj says:

    Love, happiness, look are all a state of mind. Even though its human nature to think in terms of looks and material things just know that the only thing real is your soul and god. This life is not about being “happy”. It’s about doing good for humanity and not thinking just about yourself and family. Thats all fine but they won’t help much in cleansing your soul. No nationality is perfect…even the indians thses days are lost even thought the hindu philosophy leads to the right path. I agree with everything Sandeep says…We humans are a disease to this world and know of nothing but war and stepping over everyone. God knows I’ve commited sins. I accept them but I’,m trying really hard to do right. So lets put aside this petty meaningless squander over nothing and do something for the less fortuante.

    Hare Krishna

  82. Rumba says:

    My reply to Spicy who wrote “Generally to judge a man is not that difficult, men in general (white/non white)are fairly simple creatures, simple needs, simple wants, easy to please, displease, they mean what they say, there is nothing complicated about them.”

    And then you continued later;

    “Talking about English men: as much as i have noticed here( i may be wrong) are actually quite a gentlemen. Mind you the men i have come across so far have been really nice to me. They have treated me with respect with always a smile on their face, they do like me as they find me pleasant or i tick them personality wise…..”

    Seems like you are running into lot of well oiled con men.

    And then you wrote:

    “I have also noticed English men checking me out from head to toe and approaching me even though they know i am already taken. One of our mutual friend admires me purely on the facts that i am a woman with strong willpower, radiant , helping others and also as i always dress decently but still attractive (mind you saree has always been a hit). English men can’t take eyes from a woman”

    Seems like you liked being ogled at. Nothing wrong about it. At least you are honest, unlike who enjoy being ogled and then scream harassment.

    Anyway coming to my point, you seem like having simple needs and nothing complicated about you exactly like your stereotyped idea of a man.

    Care for an intellectually complicated man who does not con or ogle?

  83. Brandin says:

    Well Im an indian, and we dont like all white women thats just stupid. I think what happens it the indian women here are so stuck up that we give up on them because we dont get to know them. I like American women who are non religion, beautiful, independent, athletic, have a mind of thier own etc I think you get it. This is hard to find from the mallus and gujjus here both of whom I despise. They are too close minded and too traditional. In india or the indians who are from other countries I would have no problem finding someone great. But here (TX) most of these indian women are so wierd and stuck up and ignorant about things other that thier formal education/work. Let me know what you think

  84. notacurrypuff says:

    haha indian people have funny accents and smell like curry…. theres nothing worse than having an indian on the same carriage of a train as u at 530 in the morning… curry should only be eaten for lunch or dinner,,and not to the point where it seeps from your pores…. and to say indian men only went for white women is ridiculous.. not many white women would consider dating a ghandu… and to the guy with the degree… dude its a bachelor of arts… thats what ppl study when theyre too stupid to study anything else.. so off you go and man your call centre

  85. Vikas Gupta says:

    White women are defintely prettier than Indian women, even an average white girl is prettier than the best of bollywood.

    • Unknown says:

      SHUT UP! I’m sick of your nonsense!
      Don’t label women of different races with these dumb stereotypes of yours? Are you still in highschool? Because that’s where these dumb stereotypes apply to. Each woman is completely different, after all diversity exists in the whole world population! Women are not freaking soup cans that you can label them like this. And in the end, inner beauty matters the most. Any woman who is beautiful can be a malicious witch inside, whereas a average-looking woman can be a pure angel. We’re all going to end up wrinkly and old. And beauty doesn’t last forever. So, don’t even talk stupid person.

    • whitedoctor says:

      really? i mean i find certain indian women more attractive than white.

      • Derek says:

        Fuck you white doctor indian women have gross dirty buttholes you have no idea what ur saying ewwwwwwww

  86. Tammi says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am about to marry a nice indian guy- iv dated black(rude-ignorant) white and chinese(small package). I must say no one compares to my indian guy. Hes smart and an awsome student (medical school). Hes also an awsome lover he really moves like like kamasutra tales! we have often talked about this I think its in the indian genes. He treats me royally and with respect. I love the way hes strong and ravaging in bed yet soft comforting and protective outside the bedroom. I love the way he touches my body and runs his fingers in my blond hair- there is something diferent about the touch of a indian guy. I also like the respect he has for elders its something white guys and black guys lack big time. As for “package size” All i have to say is he is always ready standing proud and tall : ) his package seems to have an extra stiffness that just lifts me with ease- its pure xtacy!. he also has incredible flexability due to he yoga training from childhood (his great grand father was a yoga instructor he learned many neat poses and still practices- hes so lucky to have such great history)….

    Any girl would be lucky to find a indian guy that likes her they are keepers-

  87. guy says:

    Tammi, your just an Indian pretending to be a white girl..Not hard to figure it out.

  88. walker...johnnie walker says:

    indian guys like white women because it “elevates their social standing”. Social standing and casting systems are still very much alive in india.

  89. sandeep says:

    Mr Walker :what caste do the whites belong to? I read a story where they discriminated against whites in a temple. Dont be so closed minded Not everyone marries for social standing and not everyone in India treats the whites well

  90. Kealey says:

    I just want to start by saying i have read all comments on here and i feel i understand most Indian and English points of view. I came on here for peace of mind I guess, but in the end i realised the only thing that is important is what you and your partner think, and that you both have the same values in life and on your relationship, this is the advice i would like to leave on this website, As long as both of your hearts are in the relationship thats all that matters.

    I feel some people on here have made quite alot of judgements on both races, i feel that there is good and bad in every race, i do not feel one race is more clever, beautiful, or more respected than any other.

    I met my boyfriend two months ago he is Indian and I am white, i don’t care about the colour of his skin, i do not feel that makes him different from me, Yes we are from different backgrounds as he is religious and i am not, but as long as you have mutual respect for each other and your values it will work.

    So I guess to end my reply i would just like to say, Please do not research about what people think about you and your relationship, just follow your heart, as thats the best reassurance and advice you will ever have.

  91. Raj says:

    “Mr Walker :what caste do the whites belong to? I read a story where they discriminated against whites in a temple. Dont be so closed minded Not everyone marries for social standing and not everyone in India treats the whites well.”

    Unless you are religious no one cares what happens at the temple. Look and hear how Amitabh Bacchan is worshipping the white women in Kabhi Alvida Nahin Kehna…

    Pretty brazen I must say. And we Indians do worship white skin…

  92. sachin says:

    First of all, I have gone through all the posts and it was wonderful to see people from different cultures agreeing upon something (pretty rare phenomenon lol) and Sandeep certainly deserves a mention.

    To all the white ladies wanting to make their Indian man their own, I am a 20 year old Indian guy and according to me, one fear that MOST SINCERE Indian men will always have about marrying a white girl is: 1) Will she stick with me for the rest my life or will she leave me for someone better. As no one is perfect and everyone is bound to have a few negative aspects of their lives which will be known only when you live with someone 24*7. 2) Will the white girls accept them with their positive as well as negative aspects, like MOST TRADITIONALLY raised Indian girls do. (thats the best thing about MOST TRADITIONALLY raised Indian girls that they will not leave their husbands just because the other guy is better, can’t say the same about MOST white girls though) 3) And do they REALLY love these men as much as they love these white girls.

    In western countries, people USUALLY get physically attracted to each other and marry and when they find out that they were not really in love, they go for divorce and hence we see high divorce rates in western countries. White people are very open to sexuality and MOST girls lose their virginity at a young age so the Indian parents also fear the possibility of their child getting an STD from a white person. And in india, this is the general perception of Indian parents about white people but I know for a fact that not all whites are like that and some of them are as conservative as Indians when it comes to marriages (I have a few friends in U.S. and U.K.)

    I’ll provide you with an incident in our family. One of my cousin brother was in love with a white girl while he studied in U.S. and he wanted to marry her so did she but his parents objected to it and one question (which will be asked by every Indian parent to their child marrying white people) that his parents asked him was that whether that white girl will be able to stick with him forever and after that he decided to marry an Indian girl. I don’t know what he said to that white girl, may be he gave the usual reason that his parents won’t accept her or something like that but I guess somewhere in his mind, he must doubted the fact that white women can stay with one man forever and hence settled for an Indian girl.

    So the point of all this rambling is that if you (white girls) can make your Indian man realise that you REALLY love him and will always be with him no matter what, in good times as well as in bad times and accepting his virtues as well shortcomings then that will certainly put you ahead in the game when it comes to marrying your Indian man rather than putting up some phony show in front of his parents, not that it doesn’t matter. Of course, creating a good impression on the parents by studying the Indian culture will certainly help you a bit but don’t try to be what you are not and concentrate more on your man. If you can make your man realise that you are his “one and only” special person then believe me, he will find a way to convince the same to his parents.

    When interracial marriages take place, people often talk about dealing with the differences in cultures, values, lifestyles and what not but I think its more about knowing that your BF/GF loves you as much you love him/her and he/she is the one who you want to be with is what decides the outcome, a sour breakup or a “colourful” wedding.

    Personally, I feel blessed to have parents who are very open-minded and I don’t think they would have a problem whether I marry an Indian girl, white girl, black girl, chinese, muslim or a girl from any other race as long as I am happy. Good luck to all of you great people. Cheers.

  93. Take my Advise And no one elses Please...Im a Fiji Indian guy says:

    Everybody, well I’m only 19 but i think I am the wisest here. I have dated alot of girls, Black, White, Yellow, Brown. I dated them all. And frankly I love girls whatever race whatever religion, I don’t care as long as she is good to me. I actually feel sick after reading some of these comments left by Indian men about White women. Its’s just ARGHH….RACIST! The so called “Indian Royalty” who goes to such extant to discreminate White women is just appalling, when he has never even dated one. He has never been with a White woman then how can he even make such a comment…ASSHOLE. I know and every wise person in this world knows that every race has women who are a little fat, who are High-maintenence, who are on a louder side of the world, etc etc. But please nice women don’t come in categories: WHITE, BLACK, BROWN, that you can just pick them up from a Supermarket shelf. Oh…Pepsi! Yea put that in the Cart, chuck the Cola cola. As if you can just say all white women are great, or all Indians are great, or all of our Black women are great. NO! There are good, strong, sensible, understanding, compasionate women in all races, No matter what the RACISTS’ claim. You just have to find them and treat them right.

  94. rajesh says:

    I’m an Indian guy and let me get the record straight. If you find a typical attitude-waali Indian gal, I would say go for her and you won’t be looking elsewhere.


    (This was a message to all those “I’m disgusted with Indian girls” types. Once I used to think like you losers but guess what I was so wrong. You dunces should know that an Indian girl can give the following things which a White or no other girl can – these are mostly stereotypes but most stereotypes are TRUE:

    1. Self-sacrificing: She’ll sacrifice her work schedules, career plans whatever for your happiness. Don’t bring your liberal bullshit – 99% of Indian boys growing up in upper-middle class homes are real washrags and mama’s boys – I don’t think a White girl brought up in more liberal atmosphere is going to tolerate your needless whining. And when you need someone to wash up your dirty socks and underwear, you know that you can take your Indian girl for granted – so that YOU can watch TV.

    2. She’s been around with far less men (possibly NONE) before meeting you: Just imagine such a beautiful woman who hasn’t had sex with anyone before – all for yours. I can’t name one Western girl who hasn’t had sex with at least 2-3 different men in one year. So a typical Western girl age 37 years (single and looking) has actually gone down on average 2 X 24 (most Western girls have first sex around age 13) ~ 50 men (and possibly a few women) before meeting you. Best of luck with the STD’s.

    3. She’s mostly younger than Western women: This is my personal observation that those White women who’re attracted to Indian men are usually older and uglier as they have aged. Their only attraction is the “gori chamdi” which non-White men desire. Why would you want to go for someone who’s been with 70-80 men when you can get a silky-smooth, fresh and far younger Indian lady?

    4. Unlikelihood of divorce: You know how expensive divorces are today – even in India. A Western White woman wouldn’t think twice before leaving you. The moment she gets bored of your Indian wussy behaviour, all she needs is an EXCUSE which will come naturally thanks to your indisciplined behaviour. Indian women still believe in “marriage unto death” and except for a minority of manipulative bitches, most Indian women want the marriage to succeed. The only reasons Indian women would file for divorce is for dowry harassment which is a huge social problem in India (I hope at least you “Westernized” Indians are doing your bit to end this practice).

    5. It’s not all about sex baby: Many Indian men would be attracted to White women because of exposure to pornography at an early age (your mother should have watched your moves). As a result, you want to live those fantasies which you know cannot be fulfilled with Indian women (like one said about the hairiness part). But trust me, the very first time you reached your orgasm with a White woman you’d get over it. Unless you wish to end up becoming a sex-lapdog to her, there’s NOTHING that’s gonna hold up the relationship. A White woman can’t treat you like a baby that most of you want. She can’t be unstubborn when there’s a disagreement. She won’t let you walk on her when you absolutely need it. In short, she’s more concerned about herself then you.

    So face it my Desi guys, India and Indian girls can never be challenged. They are the most attractive, decent, sweet and humble women on Earth. It may take awhile to win her over (she doesn’t come easy as “can I take you for a date”) but once you’re able to make your presence in her heart, that’s it. You don’t need to anything else. Your life is settled.

    Thank goodness we still have arranged marriage system in our country.

    And for those of you who wish to make a LIFE in the West, and consider a White woman your passport to success, let me redefine success for you: consider this chart prepared by Goldman Sachs one of the most brilliant financial investments company-

    India’s GDP in 2050 would rival that of the USA, approximate the WHOLE of the EU and just fall short of China. Guys, our destiny is in great shape. India’s rising today so this is the worst period of your life when you want to disconnect yourself from your Indian roots. Your future half-breed, half-White Indian sons and daughters will absolutely hate you for not smelling the coffee.

    As they say, samajhdar ke liye ishaara hi kaafi hai.

    Jai Hind.

  95. rajesh says:

    All being said, I would have still considered a White woman with Indian-like qualities mentioned in previous comment if I hadn’t met my current, Indian princess with pearly eyes. But that’s an impossibility really – like finding a needle in the haystack.

    This is to those Indian guys who come up with something like “NO – my White gal is like that only you’re so wrong and jealous”.

    Like I said, even I dislike stereotyping but not all stereotypes are untrue.

    And for those “I’m disgusted with Indian-types” losers, I would recommend Chinese/Japanese/Korean girls for you. Most of them are attracted to brown Indian men and are a more family-oriented culture than the Westernized Whites. I think they’re the second best after Indian women. But so many of you are racist when it comes to looking East where there’s so much action (I used to frequently visit nightclubs in Bangkok and Hong Kong in my youth prime) – anyways, it’s just a suggestion. Not ALL Asians eat cats and dogs – most of them are as decent as Indian girls and make excellent life partners. And there are more approachable and friendlier than Indian girls.

  96. supercheapcamera2 says:

    To the asshole who wrote the related lines! ( I am indian)
    Russia from Rusi … (where is word RUSI in sanskrit?)
    France from Prance(And what does it mean in other languages? BTW france is a new word, it used to be called GAULE).
    Australia from Astralaya(Australia is from Australis, meaning “of the South”)
    Deutch from Dait (DAIT? from sanskrit again? maybe relaed to DUET? DUTO? …)
    Ire from arya (So Irish are ARYANS?, get fugged!)
    Christ from greek kristo which is from sanskrit Krista(GOD) (Not sure of it but Christ was son of God)


  97. Davan S. Mani says:

    I’m an Asian-American Indian male. I was born in 1971 in Chicago, Illinois. My parents split when I was 5 years old. I could just see some Indians (Americans) gasping “Oh my God, an Indian whose parents are divorced” (I wonder if your name is Mike).

    In the small Indian circle (Atlanta, Ga), they didn’t seem to care. Though some Indian parents mentioned this in whisper. As for me, I didn’t understand why Indians in America (women and men) would want to be educated in America with Western values and still be married to an Indian. It is too burdensome, stressful, and not to mention painful (deal with the in-laws).

    Before you get on for being anti-Indian. I know from my experience that this community will not invest financially, spiritually, and educationally in themselves as a whole to be a powerful voice in the community. Most Indians in America do not like other Indians who are not in there cirlce, caste, and religion.

    Then the cruelest thing is to bring Indian children to a white world of America and reinforce values to kids that you will always be second class citizens no matter what you do because you are Indians. Likewise, you will probably be discriminated by other Indians for who you are and where you come from. My view is that the next generation will be of desolation of differences that Indians of all diaspora are unwilling to accept.

    My solution is to blend in with the dominant community. I mean all Indians know that there will never be a U.S. Open tennis champion who is Indian and from America.

  98. guy with peace says:

    I am an indian guy. I think all the women and men are same all over. Differents are the cultures and religions. In my opinion, go with your heart. Forget about what other people think . It’s you and your life. You can talk about good and bad all your life. Wish you all the best and God bless you all

  99. Josh says:

    Wow… amazing inputs from all the corners of the world. Before I write anything I would like to mention I have both indian guys and girls as good friends.

    And following is my summary of why “Indian guys like white girls”
    1. Easy to get laid (in comparison to sleeping with an indian girl)
    2. Attraction towards someone different
    3. Usually smooth relationships and Easy break-ups
    4. Better sex
    5. Better social status (only among other indian dudes without white girl friends)
    6. Satisfies the desire to be a part of white culture / western society
    7. Make more sense to date a white girl in western world then an indian girl – a good opportunity to learn other cutlure, wider friends circle and easy daily life with more fun

    I also picked up one more thing that if there are 50% indian guys want to date white girls then other half likes indian girls.

    Surprisingly equation is not the same in case of indian girls; i personally believe more indian girls like to date/marry white dudes than indian guys. I have not seen a single indian girl dating an asian guy. why?

  100. Josh says:

    Also I have never seen any indian guy dating a black girl.

  101. sandeep says:

    Supercheap camera i dont see a reason for personal attack. Just because you interpret the origin of words differently doesnt mean others are idiots or assholes. Did i personally attack you? I seriously doubt you are an indian but i am pretty sure you are a sick bastard. I havent put my own words there: read from a book by stephen knapp.
    Rusi i think means saint (rushi in hindi).
    I never said france was a old name.. it may have many linguistic roots but makes sense to believe words have sanskrit origin because its supposed to be the oldest. Why does it matter if its old name was gaule?
    Astralis and astralaya are two possibilities. I chose one( author not exactly me) , you choose the other. Me choosing a different interpretation makes me asshole? what a stubborn dickhead you are. seriously do you have a brain or a di** in your head. Someone must have shoved it so far up ur ass , ur brain popped out.
    Ireland and even Iran are supposed to be named after word arya, meaning noble. Just because their country is named so ,doesnt mean they are aryans. Did i ever say they were aryans? dont put your words in my mouth. you seem desperate to make personal attacks. Your surely not an indian.
    You are not sure but you still refer to word Christ.
    Christ was Son of God and you are son of a bitch.
    If you want to argue : argue with the author. I am capable of being wrong but that doesnt make me an asshole nor does it give you the right to attack me personally. So if you cant say anything meaningful go Suck di** that will keep ur mouth shut. Very easy to make attacks hiding behind the computer. Besides there are innumerable examples showing links between sanskrit and other languages.

  102. Malcolm A says:

    India and Sri Lanka have the lowest divorce rates in the world ( 2006 figs ) .

    Most couples tend to stick it through to the very end …So if you are thinking of marriage , go fora south Aisan woman..

    But if you are out for fun … well…. everyhting is up for grabs..

    • whitedoctor says:

      my question is how many indian marriages happen to still be happy years later. from what i hear many of them are really unhappy, especially the women

  103. distressed says:

    i am a white girl who fell for an indian guy almost a year ago. we’d hang out every nite, the usual relationship couples have. he had said he loved me and cared about me to the highest extent but his culture would not allow it.. and i understand sometimes people cant help who they fall in love with.. but nonetheless he made me feel like i wasn’t “qualified” or good enough in his family’s and culture’s eye.. once again something that should be mentioned before becoming attached.. anyway,we continued to hang out as “friends” and our attachment never faded. i found out he was dating and indian women that his parents introduced to him, but he still continued to call and see me because she did not live in the same state and was not allowed to move unitl they married. a month ago i found out he is getting married in november. i had no idea.. i never asked about her and he never brought it up.

    the problem is i found out im 2 months pregnant.. and im not proud by any means about this but he used to tell me how much he wanted kids and how he could not wait to have them. apparently his fiance knows alot about me as i was only described to her as his best friend and nothing else. he left out that we dated for some time.. i had told him about the pregnancy and he immediately said you know how i feel about that, get rid of it… i dont believe in abortion and i dont think i could do that.. my back is completely thrown against the wall. from what i now know he treats his fiance well, buys her things, flys her down, talks to her whole family. did i mention i didnt get even a bday card? im not saying im not an asshole, but i know i’ll be doing this on my own.. because she is the only one who knows about me and knowing a white girl, let alone dating one is for lack of better words, forsaken.. i just don’t kno what to do

    • whitedoctor says:

      tell him your having the baby. he simply doesnt want to get caught. it wont screw his life over but honestly its as much his doing as it is yours.

  104. sandeep says:

    Distressed, i really feel sorry about your situation. You should contact his family and the girl ( and also her family)and tell them that you are pregnant. He will probably be disowned and i dont think any other Indian would marry him. Theres a slight chance that since he put you in trouble, the family might feel for you and accept you. Dont let him get away with it. All i can say is: before anyone gets involved with someone make sure his family knows and that they are openminded..ortherwise he’s just using you.. In my case it was the opposite. I dated a white girl and she was lying , manipulating all the time,even tried to double cross. Life is hard and world is strange have to move on. I think having the baby will create trouble for you and the baby can never be brought up with love of both parents it deserves.

  105. Malcolm A says:

    White girls and boys tend to have a totally different attitude towrads marriage, in general.

    They are mostly material minded and goal oriented and tend to leave the partner when faced with hard times. The “… in poverty and sickness, etc ., etc..” clause of the marriage vows do not appear to apply too much in western society. Most divorces in the west are attributed to financial problems. Infidelity is also a major factor.

    In South Asian democracies such as India and Sri lanka, the partners are used to a cultural system that is family oriented, and therefore, do not tend to desert eachother when troubles come along. This is most evident in the tendency of western children to leave their aging parents in Old Age homes and the tendency of western parents to pressure their children to leave home as soon as they reach adulthood.

    Such rather ‘self-interest based’ attitudes of western societies, can be seen as the major cause for the reluctance of Indian men to marry a western gal and their preference of a South Aisan gal when it comes to marriage. Most South Asian understand this difference and prefer to play safe as marriage is serious business.

    As for looks , most South Aisan women arent bad looking either. I believe that Indian girls have won many major beauty contests in the recent past.

    So the choice , of a mariage partner, boils down to reliability and loyalty.


  106. Alicia says:

    I find Indian women to be every bit as sweet and beautiful as white women. Why? Because Mexican girls like me come in all colors, so it’s easy to see that beauty everywhere we turn. And stuck up? Did it ever occur to some of you that Indian women have not had the same experiences as most white women? White women can calmly dismiss a man who is not interested in her because of that fact; not because of the color of his skin. However, with Indian women, that is not the case. Most Indian men will not even bother trying to approach a hot young Indian woman on the street, but if they see a hot blonde, they’ll say much more than hello! Given these options, how are Indian women even supposed to feel confident about their appearance when their own men won’t even pay attention to them? And hairy? The razor is still a relatively new invention, but meanwhile your Indian ancestors were fucking hairy female ancestors, and enjoying it; thats how they had you!
    Many of these women come from very traditional, old fashioned families that do not generally encourage interracial affairs or relationships. Indian men seem to be building their own society of interracial lovemaking, but thats beside the point. Another thing; did it ever occur to some of you guys that those “stuck up” Indian women you’re describing like to be chased? Everytime I turn on the TV and watch an Indian music video, the man is always happily chasing the woman, and she keeps dissappearing. But in the end, they always KISS. Its a long game, but Indian women want to know that you’re really interested in them and that you’re not just in it for the sex. Then again, that goes back to their traditional upbringing. But it’s a factor that’s inherently lost in our culture. Indian men used to seek white women for sex, but now its becoming a much more emotional thing; they seem to be searching for excuses as to why they chose Courtney over Sumakshi. Bottom line is, they’re fucking immature bastards who want nothing more than to get their dick sucked. Real Indian men will have no problem marrying Indian women because they have respect for women; they’re not just in it for the sex.

  107. living La Vida Loca in India... says:

    Hola, im a proud latina …. i dont speak very good spanish. i want very much to take a class and learn how to speak Hindi..(my mom dosent approve) she thinks i should learn to speak my own cultures language first… and she is right! But i cant help it i have the desire inside to know alot about indian culture.. i see alot of simularities in my culture and in indian culture.. The good and the bad.. beautiful women, handsome men. spicy food, beautiful traditional dances sooooo colorful!! and ofcourse Familia i just love the richness in culture in both.. and a funny thing is i look like a white girl im very very fair and have natural redhair and im in a relationship with a indian guy..he reminds me alot of my dad who was born in the states but grew up in mexico. when i was little i used to have to set the table for dinner (my brothers did not) ( i use to get soo mad) then when we were done eating ide have to pick up their plates (they did not) you should have seen my face ” why do i have to do this and they dont” ???somewhere these old fasioned “ways” were installed in me and of course at the same time “Being an independent women” and not taking any crap (caca in spanish) (huggie in marthi) was also installed in me… whew!!! lol anyways… ive not ever dated a mexican guy just dident find one i liked..and frankly dident totally want a mexican guy..and i dident feel lucky to look like a white girl (nothing bad) just wanted to look like my own race.. and im not adopted i do have simular features of my family just coloring is all different.. I recently met my boyfriends parents thay stayed with us.. wow his mom blew me away with her beautiful sarees and ohhhh my gosh the food!!!! She soooo reminded me of my Grandma (how i loved her) just with her mannerisms and cooking and the way she talked with her hand gestures, my grandma was same… ok soo there was still the fact that i was not indian and wow get ahold of yourselfs..but older and divorced with 2 kids and were living together not married..not even my familia approved .. i was a nervous wreck i know how the older generation thinks.. but well were “in love” so im praying to all.. baba…every mexicans fav “The Virgin Mary” etc… so my boyfriend tells me in spanish Cale-ma-teh which means ‘calmdown’ the funny thing he makes it sound like a hindi word.. in spanish its more like cal-ma-theh (ohh good times) lols.. I am truelly thankful for having a “indian guy” who loves me and has the “Big Fruit Bowl” to say so, to his family. Im sure it was’nt easy..and im also thankful to his Family for being sooo sweet to me and accepting, for the love of their son.. i know its not easy.. And of course to my Familia for embracing a cituation that was also different for them .. ( we have snaps of his parents and mine together) And also for the Love he gives my boys..(hugs and kisses ohh but wait PDA..)lols.. And i also want to thank my few Indian friends that are girls for being so supportive.. (Heena, Neetha, and Aneet) you are beautiful Indian women.. ok its 3:00 in the morn and ive read everyones comments plus typed this ..(sorry for the misspelled words) my boyfriend and i lauphed,shook our heads (did that indian head bobble) lol.. and well.. Life is wierd!!! Good luck everyone!

  108. boyee says:

    I am a white canadian woman inlove with an Indian man. We have been in a relationship for over 4 years and I am older than he is. 😀
    I have been to India and I must say that Indian women are very beautiful and hard working. I dont think anyone can say that one race is more attractive than another. Beauty comes in all colors and shapes and you can have the most gorgeous face and a truely rotten heart, what good is your looks then? What drew me to my Indian fiancee was not his handsome looks or his color but rather his compassionate heart and his commitment to his family and how he loves me. We share important similarities in our thoughts about family since we are both the oldest in our families. We are both christian and so our religious views are the same. He is a very modern man but in some ways is very traditional which I love. We both love to cook and he has taught me many indian dishes. I have been learning hindi/marathi. We dont find right now that our differences are getting in the way of anything. It all depends on the person. In every relationship there has to be bending and I dont think that it matters what culture you are from. There has to be give and take. We have had fights, but we sort them out. Sometimes it takes a couple of days since we both seem to share a huge stubborn streak, but we do get past it. I love how he treats me and respects me. He is very sentimental and emotional man and that is very apealing to me. I dont believe for one moment that white women are better looking than any other color. Every nationality has fat people, skinny people, homely people and those that are attractive and others who are gorgeous. so there should really be no arguement or debate on looks. I think every woman finds it hard to feel confident about her looks, thats why so many tummy tucks and implants and face lifts. Perfect clothes and makeup. Its crazy. Every woman feels she has to compete with other women. I dont think it has to do with men of a specific race going after white women. Its no different then women going after men of another race. If you want to marry in your race that is wonderful but if not than that should be equally as wonderful. In my experience jerks can come in any color and gender and are not restricted to one race. I hope I didnt offend anyone this is just my two cents worth. 🙂

  109. Bianca says:

    yall need to shutup and go on with ur lives seriosuly … Its 2007 …. y arent we talkin about Bush?

  110. Ansari says:

    Ha ha ha I read almost all the comments..every body was talking some sensible words but I found the comment of French girl(11 comment) to be very very funny. I agree that white women are beautiful in the world….but she is so much ignorant about history..I don’t know what should I say . She know nothing about history man…..I wonder she says that most of the religions were born in Europe..ha ha ha ha ha…so funny take care bye cheers

  111. IndiaRulz says:

    India Rulz!!! Yeah baby, and we’re world Twenty20 champions!!! God bless Yuvraj Singh!!!! How can indian guys even consider a serious relationship with a girl who knows nothing about cricket?!!! Huh? Jeetega bhai jeetaga Hindustan jeetgaye!!!!!

  112. Suzanna says:

    I am a white, european female. Unlike the statistics (at age 13) say, I lost my virginity at being almost 24.
    I am not ugly and believe me, I had opportunities.
    But also, my parents gave me some moral, pride, etc. I do not smoke, do not drink, and I go to disco max. 1 time a year.
    I, as I believe a lot westernes actually do, had this idea in my head that one day my prince will come along, the person who makes me feel loved and who I love. And I waited so long until I was sure about him.
    In western world sex is no taboo and you can see it everywhere (movies, advertisement, no dresscode) but that doesn’t mean that we are jumping each other’s bones all the time just because we live here. It is always a very individual, personal decision of how far one wants to go.
    In India people also have sex before marriage but it is taboo so nobody talks about it and no numbers are available.
    And someone said India and Sri Lanka have the world’s lowest divorce rates…ok but are these marriages all happy marriages? they simply cannot get a divorce because of the effects that would cause. If they could, the divorce rates would be much higher.
    No western people really wants a divorce. We all (some exceptions) have the dream to marry one person and to stay with that person till the end. Of course. That is what every woman dreams of since she was a little girl. Because that’s what the fairytales tell us. But what is reality? Unfideltiy husbands/wives, coldness, spousal violence, alcoholsism. The reasons for divorce vary and are but it is never a decision that comes easy. I think Indian people have totally wrong idea about that and the westerners. If you are married but the love is gone, that you shouldn’t be married. That is what we owe to ourselves (ya ya individualistic society versus collectivism).
    After long time and fighting, women have finally gotten the right to escape from marriages that are just a nightmare. Unfortunately there are no statistics about indian marriages and the happiness. And least the few marriages people whose people stay married can believed as happy ones.

    We had a lot of the things and believes from the indian system here in Europe too, some decades ago. So our cultures are actually not so different

  113. Suzanna says:

    sorry I have to correct my one sentence:
    Here in western world, at least the few marriages in which people stay married, can be believed as happy marriages. Basically because we have the right to say “enough”, if it is enough. And that is a good thing. It is a human right.

  114. pawankumar says:

    i m 25,indian male,engineer in india.
    i didnt have much luck wth indian women n m too busy wth my masters studies as dnt chase gals much.

    i thought abt talkin to some whits gals on net.
    i had good experience at first..but later it jst wanished in thin air.

    the biggest problem with white women is that!


    yes man thts the truth..they will all say how much they love the culture n the people n blah blah blah…n say how much they r impressed wth my intelligence n all n inspired from my background n family valus n how u guys change ur lives for better after gettin good education but later on they just seem to be on different level.

    u know….its like they just want to soak up every good thing from me like a leech n then move on to a greener pasture…hehehe!

    they are absolutely not for committment n long run..thats wat all people tell me in india…why what i think why wud i leave my folks who have been wth u for the past 25 years for women i know barely for the past 25 weeks?

    i mean i m not even sure that she ll there for me all my life…?

    • IndianFriend says:

      LOL! Sorry.
      Yeah, well. I’m not sure if all white women are how you described them to be. Because, I know for a fact that all of those who I know don’t really fit your definition.
      And, I wouldn’t be surprised about the ones you find online. If you are looking for a real relationship, maybe you need to meet one in person.

  115. Suzanna says:

    first of all you are generalizing.
    Second of all. My boyfriend is Asien (Nepali) and we do want to get married. If people (women) get impressed by others and bored fastly then it has something to do with the women. And it has something to do with age. As I am getting older I realize what is important to me in live. to have a stable life, a family and a home. I don’t want to end up being 30 or 40 and looking around in chatrooms to find a partner. Therefore, when I make the decesion now to marry my bf, it is a definite decesion and I will stick to it. Western women do get divorced more frequently but you have to see each individual case. And you cannot talk about western women and genaralize. Of couse here are a lot of bitchen like Paris Hilton who just want to have fun instead of committing. But that Is one kind of people.
    And after all, what is up with the Indian girls and boys who live outside India? Look at these girls! They dress up like cheap and plain, show off and their eyes lay on every guy that comes accross.
    In western world we don’t have so hard destrictions, anybody is free to do what they want. But each person, each indivdual has their own rules and moral to live by. My Nepali bf is so obsessed with the idea that I might leave him, even after marriage and so. How can I help him? What did I do? He as apparently most asian, has a wrong idea in his head, and that may be the reason that could endanger our relationship.

  116. Malcolm A says:

    Hi Suzanna

    You have addresssed some issues raised by me, I believe, ( ie lower divorce rates in Inda etc ).

    You seeem to assume that people in South Aisa are forced to stay on in unhappy maraiges , which then is the reason for the low divorce rates. NOT TRUE.

    I lived in South Aisa until I was fifteen ,and I can assure you that especially in Sri lanka etc women are very liberated and can divorce their husbands any time they like. Women there are very empowered and they have had women prime ministers, presidents, professionals, university dons, judges etc etc and women are also in the armed forces and police. So your argument cannot prevail. They have the same western democratic system there with a western based justice system, where a woman can divorce her husband for the same reasons as here in the west, and also ask for spousal support or find her own job.

    As I said earlier the real reason is that men and women in the west are very ego centric and tend to leave the spouse , the moment things go bad or are not going their way. I agree with pawan Kumar.

    I stated some good examples where,

    1. children in the west almost always leave their parents in Senior homes when they outlive their usefulness and start getting old and sick. A very rare concept in South Asia where old parents live with children until they die and are taken care of etc

    2. Western parents tend to force children to become independent and find their own way as soon as they reach adulthood ( 18 -21 years ). There is hardly any ‘extended family’ concept in the west.

    3. Most western teenagers tend to have free sex from highschool stage onwards. Dating is not necessarily geared towards finding a marriage partner as it is in Soutb Asia;

    So the loyalty and reliability factor ( ie marriage vow of ” share in sickness and poverty “” clause) is totally overlooked due to selfish tendencies towards individual comfort.

    This is the major reason for the difference in divorce rates, which are as high as >50 % in western countries.

  117. elaine says:


    I stated some good examples where,

    1. children in the west almost always leave their parents in Senior homes when they outlive their usefulness and start getting old and sick. A very rare concept in South Asia where old parents live with children until they die and are taken care of etc

    ^Okay. this isn’t true. never say ALMOST ALWAYS unless the figures are close to 100%. you know why a lot of people put their parents in senior homes? because they are DYING. and it is impossible for them to have proper care unless it is provided by medical professionals. so often times, mr. expert in not only statistics but in american family relations, children put their parents in senior homes because they want them to live the final years of their life with as much dignity as possible.

    my grandmother was cared for in a home when she had a stroke, because she could not speak or take care of herself. it does not mean that my parents did not love her.

    so rethink your words before you start attacking white people. and check your facts.

  118. Malcolm A says:

    Hi Elaine

    Well , first you’d better get your facts straight beofre you start getting antsy. I am white, though born in South Asia. So it’s not a racist issue at all.

    2. I am talking trends and NOT individual cases. Maybe your parents loved your precious grandma, but if they realy really loved her they could take care of her at home instead of handing her over to strangers, couldn’t they now ? BUT if as you say it was a medical condition and she died in a hospital, I understand completely.

    So ‘almost always’ mean “MORE OFTEN THAN NOT ” It’s a statistical term .

    Your argument that people put parents in nursing homes becuase they are “DYING” is just an excuse . The term, DYING could mean anything and take years. its just the inconvenience of looking after them that is the real motive…

    So lets stop with the copouts and get real here shall we ?

    CHEERS …

  119. Suzanna says:

    ya you are right. We put elders in nursing homes because we simply do not have time to take care of them. We have to work to feed our families. Western cultures are more individualistc cultures (in contrast to Asia which is more collectivistic), therefore we do not have that big family bond where we support and take care of each other. If I take care of my old parents, then who gives me money do afford a living? I have to work because we don’t get money from our relatives (brothers, cousins, uncles etc). The other point is, that western families are not so big so usually all the burden lasts on one person. Many westernes do not have brothers or sisters so they could not get any help from family members, simply because there are no members.
    The family system in Asia is so different and so are the expectations. Our partents do not expect us to take care of them. They know that we do not have the money or time because we have to take care of our own family (own children/husband). My cousin would not take care of my mother because it is not her mother. Meaning family unions are not so strong in western world.

    I do like the Asian way of taking care ot one’s parents once they are old. However, we do not have that concept, it is not part of our culture, it is not common here. And also our parents do not expect us to take care. They (!) would feel like a burden if we’d offer to take care of them, and they’d suggest us, to go in a home.
    So this idea is implemented in both the parents and the children.
    Therefore it is not such a big issue for us and we are not seen as cruel by anone of our society if we do it.
    We get born and grow up and we learn that idea at a very young age, that there are homes for older people.

    I am not saying that either way is wrong. But it most be seen from each cultural viewpoint and background.

  120. Suzanna says:

    Also think of this way:
    There is one women (has no brothers or sisters) who stays unmarried, living in the US. Life in the U.S. is expensive. How is she supposed to take care of her parents? I am talking about old people, who need help for eating, washing, dressing etc. (because only at that time we start putting our parents in nursery homes). How can that women take care of her parents, who basically need help 24/7, and how can she have a job at the same time then? It’s not possible. Ok. So then how does she can afford a living? How can she have any income? …
    My boyfriend is from Asia and has 3 sisters and 2 brothers..well that means plenty of people to either help with the parents or sponsor some money.

    Since that women does not have any brothers or sisters, her only option is to send her parents to a home and she works in a job, sending money to the parents to pay the nursing home.
    Also note, our parents usually only go to a home once they are not able to take care of themselves anymore. Before that, they might live with us in our house or live in their own house. but once they require intense care, they are taken in a nursing if there’s noone to take care of.

    Think of the new generations of Asians, growing up with western ideas or standards, also thanks to the internet. Or Asians migrating to western countries. They will not be able to maintain that caring of their parents, if there is a lack of income. The new generatios will not have as many children as in the past, families will become smaller and the problems of taking care of parents and being able to affford a living/pay the rent etc. will become bigger.

    Noone should say we western people don’t care about our parents and send them to strangers. It is not that simple!

  121. Malcolm A says:

    Hi Suzanna

    I am not blaming the west for anything , but simply trying to state the factors that, I feel, may affect divorce rates here in the west. The reason I compared the west with India and South Asia, rather than some other part of the world, is that they have the lowest divorce rates and we have the highest. I am sure South Asia isn’t even close to the West if some other aspects are compared. ( eg standard of living ) .

    You said ;
    “Western cultures are more INDIVIDUALISTIC cultures (in contrast to Asia which is more collectivistic),..”…

    I AGREE TOTALLY. But there is also the factor of religious belief, where Asian religions emphasize the gathering of merit for future births, and looking after the elderly is supposed to be very meritorius. I am sure there is a christian equivalent of this somewhere, but somehow the emotional distance between individuals in the west seem to have suppressed it.

    But coming back to divorce, what you said about being INDIVIDUALISTIC is key. South Asians are exposed to more hardships than westerners and develop a high degree TOLERANCE for adversity ( financial, health, alcoholism etc ) . So both spouses tend to stay married through rough times more often than westerners.

    South Asians have come to expect this tolerance ( I am sure there are exceptions ) from their marriage partners as a given, and generally fear that a western partner wouldn’t be as tolerant .


    • IndianIntellect says:

      Malcolm A,

      “The reason I compared the west with India and South Asia, rather than some other part of the world, is that they have the lowest divorce rates and we have the highest.”

      And this is a good thing how ?This is like saying that children who are abused end up imbibing a tough personality and this makes them successful in their carriers.Therefore, children should be abused.

      Divorce statistics in India don’t mean much as the woman doesn’t have a choice , not really if she divorces her husband her family will be pitted against her in fact the whole society will be against her and not to mention being brainwashed to think that once they are married that is the end, they must stick with it no what matter.Even if the guy is a Calligula and a sadomasochist.This is the reason for so many maladies in Indian society.We abuse our children, physically, emotionally and psychologically.This alone is sufficient reason to discount any divorce statistics from India.

  122. bheja says:

    To all Indian guys!
    Just stay away from the so called white supremists and “white goddess.” Mix with the ones who have good education (I mean who didn’t spend their school life learning racially offensive jokes). For relationship, go for our own kind and bolster Indian values. Anyway I don’t know why some Indian losers chase for those white bitches whose pussy can give the smell of tonns of men she rubbed with!

    • IndianIntellect says:

      This is the pinnacle of Indian arrogance.In reality its hard for Indian men to get a white girl.This guy just proved hes an ignoramus.Look up the interracial dating/marriage statistics.Indian men/white women combination is extremely rare.By the way Indian men love white women our dating websites and newspapers are filled with marriage requests for white skinned girls.Anyway this guys a looser.

  123. shalki says:

    im really hurt by some of these comments, its just really upsetting, i didn t realise tht there was so much division between different cultures and skin colour etc, until I came across this forum. i think it was sandeep who said somewhere tht white girls r better looking, im guessing u meant to say tht they re better looking thn indian girls. By the look of wat u ve written u seem highly educated so y wud u say something like tht? yeah its an opinon and everyone’s entitled but didn t u think how an indian girl wud feel reading tht, and tht goes for all the other guys, the one’s who said white girls r better lookng thn indian girls its just plain offensive no race is superior to another i myself like being indian i like the culture i also like english culture as i was born in england and stll live here and i dnt know if most of the ppl who hav typed messages in here are from the US where quite a few indian ppl i know frm there date white ppl, but in england from wat i ve seen in my high school i ve only seen indians dating indians and most of wat i know frm outside of school is tht i ve only been to two indan weddings where a white guy is marrying an indian girl and btw im open to all cultures i take all the good things from a culture leaving all the bad things behind the only ppl i hate, though i dnt want to but my feelings r too strong the only ppl i hate r those who r racist prejudice or homophobic. btw im only 16 this is just one perspective, i think i hav much more of the world to see yet. And abt the women who say tht english women r this english women r tht etc they drink they smoke they re characterless tht is just so narrowminded most my friends r english and they re so decent more decent thn some of the asian girls i know i only hav 1 real asian friend and tht is nothing to do with culture difference i hav few friends anyway it just happens to be so tht they re the only ppl i clicked with. i hate all this trying to figure out y certain men r attracted to certain women it just sounds all so very vulgar and sickens me, now i feel tht if i ever was going to marry som1 frm india wen im much older tht i ll have 1 more quality because i hav fair skin and ppl in india r obssessed with fair skin and i dnt like tht i dnt like the idea tht fair skin is beauty plus some of the comment certain ppl put up abt white women being better looking which is im guessing because they re white. and saying indian girls r hairy? no dnt ask me if im offended dnt apologise either cos it wont take bck wat u ve said but dnt think for one second now tht im not hurt im not hairy my mums not hairy other female cousins i hav dnt look hairy to me. wat if i turned round and said well u know white guys r so much better in bed i dnt like indian men im sick of thm white guys r so much cuter they re not hairy, sweaty or ugly and brown like indian men r. how wud u feel? well u certainly wudn t like me or anyone else saying anything like that wud u? and someone said tht the average looking white girl is better looking thn the best in bollywood so an average looking white girl is better looking thn say aishwariya rai? or bipasha basu? or preity zinta? basically wat im trying is overall tht indian women and better looking thn white women but english women aren t better looking thn indian women theres beautiful ppl in all different races and not so beautiful ppl too but some of these comments were just sickening dnt u understand tht its just a matter of chance of wat race u cud be born into? if u believe in reincarnation just by a matter of chance u cud b one race in this life and b racist against another race but cud b reborn into the race which u hate in ur next life, the irony of it all!!!! oh and french girl ur comment shocked me the most i think i almost physically vomited well i wudnt like to meet though u i know tht u must hav a heart somewhere inside u just at least try to give it some emotion, as u r no offense emotionally insensitive, and wat u said abt only indian girls being pretty on tv maybe cos they re models or actresses, my mum is pretty she looks like madhuri dixit, not tht i’m boasting but its true and tht doesn t sound so ugly to me and my mum isnt one of those ppl who come on tv i hav lots of cousins and young aunts who r very pretty and sophisticated ( and they re not hairy either) and not just a few abt over a dozen i can think of and they all dress well and not all of thm are light either non of thm com on tv so who r u to say or anyone in here tht indian women r ugly??? or they dnt dress well or they re hairy educate yourselves not just at a college or a university but understand wat ur trying to say and think abt how it may affect other ppl i was hurt by reading a lot of these comments i can only imagine how some other perhaps over sensitive ppl like me wud feel. and sandeep u seem biased to one side more thn the other u said french girls and russian girls r hot thn u said tht white girls r better looking. no offense to anyone i approve of all races and cultures all ppl who r nice and kind i dissaprove of prejudice and racism, homophobia and insensitive ppl who r mean and dnt think of anyone s feelings. and i just want to say to sandeep tht i feel like personally attacking french girl cos she s a bitch and fight for wats right and wats wrong wat she said was racist in simple terms she was being a racist bitch and i dnt care wat anyone says i hate her i cnt put my feelings aside french girl thinking tht u ve been brought up in a prejudice society or watever wat u said was awful it was disgusting and ignorant ppl like u shud be sent to factories and cut up into tiny pieces and be processed into dogfood. tht sounds sick but ur polluting the world with ur goddamn narrow-minded thinking and besides i wud say most ppl in the world in general are nt tht pretty most ppl just look good cos of good make up and clothes theres still gud looking ppl but less most ppl r average looking. and did i mention bipasha basu and deepika padukone they dnt look ugly to me and they hav dark complexions.

  124. shalki says:

    french girl is a bitch if i met u i d like to strangle u now dnt anyone contradict me she s a bitch lots of french models starve themselves i ve seen thm on tv they look unhealthy and hav ghost like complexions thts not beautiful and their bones r sticking out. there r beautiful french women but theres beutiful women in every religion. if its anything tht annoying me now its men in general who always look at someone externally as well as internally. i hate u french girl i dnt know u personally but u cnt be so attractive urself tht u feel insecure enough to call another race ugly, and sandeep u said french women r better looking thn indian women indirectly so basically screw u ur a shallow jerk who contradicts every1 and dont go on abt me personally attacking u and dnt question if im educated either cos iam.

    • IndianFriend says:

      “there r beautiful french women but theres beutiful women in every religion”
      – when did french turn into a religion? – or a race as a matter of fact!? Some education you’ve got right there!

  125. shalki says:

    shut up undecided name im not hairy neither r a lot of indian women i know ur a jerk i d like to personally bash u in the face and gouge ur eyes out with a screwdriver.

  126. exit13 says:

    Sup everyone?White girl,indian girl..who gives a flying f**k about the color of a woman?A “woman” is a woman innit?There’s 3 things vital to every,love and respect..As long as a man and woman share those values color dont account for s**t.


  127. exit13 says:

    And for you,french woman..You could be the prettiest goddamn woman on the face of this planet but by the time you’re’re gonna need a personality..Think about it..


  128. Alison says:

    What an interesting mixture of self-righteousness, racism and poor grammar.

    Do Indian Men really like White Girls?

    As the saying goes – opposites attract. People are often attracted to something which is unusual or different but then the attraction may be fleeting as most people tend to prefer what they have been brought up with.

    Indian men especially those brought up in India probably are
    attracted to white girls or girls from other races as they are unusual or special to them. So they may date them and fall in love with them. Until the relationship moves from the infatuation stage of love to an attachment stage when a commitment can be made. Then they probably decide with or
    without family pressure to conform that they would prefer someone with whom they have similar values and expectations, someone from the same background or religion or language, with whom any children would be brought up in the same culture.

    Because people everywhere think that their culture is superior. This is only natural and makes sense. The culture of one country works for the inhabitants of that country. It may have its problems but it has evolved over many years to ensure the survival of the population.

    The culture of India is vastly different from that of Britain for example – because India is vastly different from Britain. Even despite the control that Britain held over India, what works for British people does not work for Indian people and vice versa. The people of these two countries or any two countries may be keen to experience a different way of life and may even integrate part of what they experience into their own way of life. But they will always seek to maintain, live and form relationships within their own culture as perhaps on a subconscious level, they know that this will protect them and increase the chance of survival of their descendants.

    I think where this is not the case is where there is love. For love, real love that is more than infatuation, that is mutual effort made by a person for the benefit of another person, is the strongest thing there is. This will transcend all differences.

  129. exit13 says:

    I’m a 26 year old male from India and my wife,Natasha,is a Serbian.All i can say is that for me it wasn’t about her color cuz i can tell you this is one big country and if you looked around you could easily find a whole lotta women that are fair to the point of being mistaken for caucasians.That said,color is only skin deep and you could get the whitest white woman for a partner but it’s darn hard to live with just a face.


  130. Claudius says:

    I think that your editor misses the point of why ‘White female’ misses the point. Her relationship works and she wants to know why people are jealous of it and her. I don’t think you get to the heart of the matter at all and dear editor makes the mistake of using his response as a way of showing just how politically correct he is!!! The mini lecture on history is way off beam and patronising.

    OK here’s what’s really happening

    1. The guys who say ‘white girls are easy!’ will say that anyway because that’s what most guys say in this new open market for sexual contact that is part of ‘keep up appearences’ my friend and Indians are not the only ones that do that. But the white female in this case is in a reslationship she is NOT on the net every night ‘looking for fun’ or ‘a relationship’ becuase she has one – and it seems she is happy ! Why on earth would you want to play relationship poper.

    2. The reason why she has said (if she is real and not made up by the editor) what she or let us say – someone like her has said – what was written, is that OTHER people have a problem with her relationship and she simply wants them to be happy for her and there is nothing worng with that. Liking Indian people and India she appears to hold no grudges so why begruge her happiness!!

    3. As to why this type of interracial relationship works has in most cases a lot to do with a lifting of the fear we have about others and the normal fears we have about life of course. It depends on age But I think but by the time most mature people reach that age (say 35-50) they want something different than casual contact . I know a srilankan who was a very handsome guy when young. And being an ex-boxer he got may offers and being rich he ‘toured’ Europe. Far from liking submissive females he became stongly attracted to powerful and domanint white working class women. For the simple reason he sees himself in them. He gave up palying field a long time ago and has long term relationships with dominant Irish working class women. He at the age of 61 managed to find someone and was very happy. But his stepson deliberatly played havoc with the relationship. I was very moved by the time and effort and hard cash this man had spent on the stepson. In addition to paying for his stepson to go to private school this man spent a lot of time pleading with the schools to take the stepson back after he had been expelled -many times. 9 times out of ten he was successful.

    In the end the stepson won – he moved into his mothers house with HIS grilfriend and they both livied off the house keeping money my Sri Lankan friend was giving the Mother.

    So if your going to tell the story – tell both sides OK

    People who are stongly attracted to those who are differnt (generically) form themselves are simply looking ‘to be themselves’ through that difference. When you meet someone who has the same in this short life we have who has that aim and you like them for that then you have really got something good and admirable. Those who don’t like those who are happy and become envious jealous and hateful need help themselves and are best avioded but as I said sometimes they can’t be avioded and they succeed in destroying something beautiful.

  131. Shar says:

    Jesus. I didn’t take the time to read through the above comments, but, would like to note–this email message has been cut and pasted from one about black women, and black was changed to Indian. The person who forwarded it was so lazy that they didn’t take the time to give examples of famous Indians (except one in the response)–all of them were still black. Anyway. I’m sick of this “real woman” bullshit. There is no prototypical, deep, soulful woman that exists on the basis of race. I understand a bitterness toward the white ideal. But no need to be so antediluvian. I think there are earnest, well-meaning people from all ethnicities. Embrace your own culture, but not by shitting on other people. It takes a strong, insightful person to acknowledge that yes, every group of people is flawed and ignorant–just as much everyone else. Understand that everyone is prejudiced, and that is largely the fault of society. It is our responsibility to recognize our own prejudices, and work to dispel them. I don’t give a shit about cultural differences, because they will either overwhelm you or they’ll be surmountable. Either way, it was still worth it. It is ignorance and fear that makes us restrict ourselves to our own ethnicities. Be the stronger, more powerful person who recognizes the humanity–the SAME humanity–in e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. Quite literally one should judge people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Free yourself of this burden. Have insight into people that are different from you and question your beliefs and change. Connect with people everywhere. See people as people, and you will see how rewarding it is. Open yourself up and grow.

  132. Shar says:

    And PS, to reveal my identity — if I walk into another Indian restaurant with my white self and my subcontinental boyfriend and another Indian person looks at me like I’m trash — I will shoot up the place. Just kidding. It happens so often I’ve started to like it. I feel a little lonely if not everyone is staring at me. But then I eat with my hands and I earn a couple fraction points of respect. Har har. Not to downplay how much prejudice Indians in my native US endure. Buuut – I am starting to losing sensitivity to that. I’ll become less bitter, eventually. I’m surprised I wasn’t too acerbic in the above post. And PS – to reveal one of my own prejudices – usually Indian men dating white women are much more attractive than their girlfriends. It will be some fine looking brown man with a dog-looking white woman. For my own personal pride? I’m a fine ass bitch. Bucking the trends…

  133. Shar says:

    To clarify – in case people were offended by that – I mean that indeed sometimes an Indian man will settle for a less attractive white woman. Normally, this would be empowering for women — “hey, the woman’s usually more attractive, nice to see it the other way around for a change!” But the implications this has when race is taken into account are a little startling. I just went through and read some of the comments. Think it’s important to note that people from incredibly different cultures marry and fall in love all the time. Native to the Indian culture may be this clash over commitment, yaada yaada. But an Indian dating an Arab would be a clash over different things. If you sing the singular praises of your culture, that’s one of the most exclusive possible attitudes you could have. Man, I just can’t get over how ridiculous some of these responses are! When will we evolve?? And Sandeep – did you post this to play devil’s advocate? After reading some of your corrective posts I’m starting to wonder that. And, to the person who was going on and on about it taking forever for a gori to learn the music and language etc… I am an Indian cultural junkie. Like a hobby almost. It’s like crack! I’m picking up Hindi like a fiend–from pop music! yesss, and now I’ve moved on to Tamil, which lord help me is much harder. Not that there’s anything superior about Indian culture, though I love many aspects of it. And, I’m multifaceted. Like everyone else, Ms. High Horse (whatever your post name was). I’m simultaneously obsessed with Stevie Wonder and Mehdi Hassan. If they collaborated together, say, twenty years ago, it would have been a blissful match in my musical heaven. I think we should all stop being so exclusive. It really is a defense mechanism. No reason to keep people out, mon. The more the merrier, eh? I am glad I found this though, it’s helped me kind of think through some personal issues. And to think I found this website on a google search for Indian man + white woman porn. I put that on here to piss people off. Though, it is true. Good day.

  134. Shar says:

    And one more post-script (crap, I ended so self-righteously!) — you all fail to mention the intense diversity of India. Referring to all Indians as Hindus, for instance. There is no singular Indian culture, you head-up-your-asses posters. You undo your own argument by acting like all Indians — or even the general “Desi” — are monolithic! Goodness gravy. Man. I can at least say this really made me think. There is a positive relationship between level of education and openmindedness. Well, ok, not necessarily. But there certainly is not an inverse one. Whoo. My skin is burning. This was quite angering. I don’t know why ign’ant (he he) folk find it necessary to share their opinions. Once again, just kidding. Sandeep, you should come back and lend your wisdom. I think you should all thank me for injecting some humor into my posts. Refreshing, right? I also would like to point out, because I’m on a full of myself streak (and I’m anonymous on the internet!) that I had the courage to be myself on this forum instead of bending to the norms a lot of you are demanding — by defending that white women don’t meet these stereotypes all the time; by leaving my posts clean; by swearing up and down that I cook good parathas for my boyfriend. I, in a happy relationship, am not here to prove that white women aren’t all porn stars and Indian men aren’t all mama’s boys–instead, I am in a committed relationship based on compatible personalities who happen to want to have insight into each other. So on this forum, I’m just being myself and letting you judge me against all the stereotypes about white women. I think that’s pretty cool. I also think I’m being really full of myself right now. That’s OK. Once again, yooou don’t know who I am ! 😀 Wooh, the liberating power of the internet. I’m enjoying this honesty.

  135. Shar says:

    Ok, so no one can devalue my argument – there is an “overarching” subcontinental culture, yes. But don’t be downplayin’ that immense diversity, y’all. I can’t leave this website, it’s so cathartic to leave these posts.

  136. Claudius says:

    Well I was half right our editor has edited you.

  137. watdoIdo? says:

    what you have written hit bulls eye bro!!! but at the same time,what you have said is not 100% correct too, I wasnt rejected by an Indian girl, but i walked away from an engagement because I was worried I have a terrible attraction towards the ‘white’ woman, but lately i have noticed that my attraction is towards any non-white woman!!!
    jokes aside, I am dating a white woman for an year, and things are going fine, and because i am not getting any younger and this terrible need to have a family(I think I am really getting old! :(..) I am thinking of proposing to my girl, she already talks about it more than me.. you know us Indian guys, we can make the woman feel like she is a princess when we want and ignore her like a fly when we are busy watching Chelsea play or Yuvi beating the crap out of English bowlers :)!! so anyways, coming back to your comment, you are bang on! and you have actually made me think!!! ‘should I take the chance?’ damn, I am as spoilt as they come, lazy at daily chores, absolutely clueless actually!! maybe coz I have always been pampered, now is it my fault? if i take things for granted? like my socks being clean, and clothes readily ironed..breakfast ready..
    God man… you have put me in such a dilemma!!! I do feel that i should ‘change’ myself and ‘do’ stuff blah blah blah… BUT there could be a day when i would say..’enough!!!” I can see that happening ;)!!!
    maybe I should just go back to my philandering ways? coz, I definitely think I excel in THAT game…
    what do you think when my ‘other’ mind says..’come on dude, there are all kinds of guys in this world, you were made for this?’

  138. brigesh says:

    There is a lot of confused hostility here, which I find to be appropriate for the topic at hand. As a half Irish, half Indian woman, I am constantly bombarded with queries on my race, and at this point, I hardly see the relevance. All of this arguing about origin and proof, people chatter on as if they single-handedly enacted these events of this past. Our DNA does not allow us to receive praise for actions we have simply read of, and decided to linK with our ethnicity. Petty inanities based on pain, that is what I read here. Obviously we have all been hurt by someone of any race. Prejudice is, in fact, they very linKing of pain with an irrelevance. Let’s say a white woman laughs at an Indian man, or an Indian man scoffs at a white woman’s expression of interest….so….these terms are simply adjectives. Once we begin to treat each other well, these jealousies based on race will be seen as they are: an inadequate explanation of pain.



  139. brandin says:

    Who knew this shit woulg go on for ages. Check the oldest post and the latest one. Ive moved on and now I feel this post is a huge waste of time. Talking about something that is irrelevant and useless. Go and get what you think is best for you. It is now a globalized world.


  140. happyinindiana says:

    Im a white girl who is dating an indian guy. He was born in India and came over to the states in 3rd grade he is now 23 and im 19 his father doent have a problem with us being together. I have only met his father once but see him everytime i come over because he is always drunk and passed out on the couch which doesnt bother me because im use to my dad being the same way thats one reason i have not had him come meet my family even though he wants to his mother doesnt like the fact that we are together because she thinks i will be like his ex white girlfriend and put him in debt but now she has finally realized aftter us being together for over 9 months that i am tryin to help him get out of debt and better himself just like he is helping me better myself i think she can accept it more now knowing that i am learning about punjabi and trying to learn the language so i can communicate with her some white people would say she is being racist but she isnt that is just the way she was brought up plus no woman will be good enough for either one of her sons in her eyes just like in my dads eyes no guy will be good enough for me even though i found the perfect guy yeah we might have our fights but that only makes us stronger i was reading above about white girls saying that they are tired of indian girls giving them dirty looks ive never had that problem with and indian i have had it with white people and black people but never an indian girl or guy they just smile and walk by but it doesnt matter to us who gives us dirty looks as long as we are happy together thats what matters and for all couples you should be proud that you found someone that loves you and treats you right even if they arent the same race or culture as you but that is just my thoughts

  141. jassie says:

    yo I LOVE WHITE CHICKKS. i love white girls they are just right and i love white chicks. i cant even expain in writing how much i love white chicks. I LOVE WHITE CHICKKKKKKS.

  142. Margo says:

    I would like to respond as a white woman who pretty much solely dates indian men. In addition to dating them, I also have many Indian friends, and I would have to disagree with Indian Royalty. Most of them say that they choose to date indian women because they are looking to be more americanized, and marrying an indian woman is not the way to go about that. While many date white women, and then settle down with an indian women, some just find that white women are more attractive to them, just like some white women are more attracted to indian men than white men. It all has to do with preference. Many white women date indian men because they tend to be focused on success and family, and many that have come to the united states recently are working their way up from nothing. Just because I am white does not mean that I feel I am entitled, but it is true that indian girls will give a white girl a dirty look sometimes if she is with an indian man, just like I am sure some white girls give white guys dirty looks if he is with an indian girl. Just ignore them, because no matter what race they are, they are not worth your time.

  143. browngirl says:

    Hi people, whats up han han whats

    first off, huh that was a lot of reading, Second of all. I dont think that Indian guys like white girls at all at all at all. I can bet you a trillion dollars that all Indian guys like light skin girls. The beauty criteria for Indian girls is the “light skin”. the Lighter you are the prettier you are(to Indian guys). which brings us to the concern of Indian girls liking white girls. well White girls have the lightest skin (so that proves one point).
    All the Indians go far the lightest skinned indian girls first and obviously the lightest skinned indian girls know that they are in demand so their demands are high too. They just dont go for any indian guy. Its hard infact very hard to get a lightest skin Indian girl so Indian guys take the easy way out “get a white girl” which are just out there waiting to get laid out by soem one(ops if I sound like a hater) All the white girls that are now with Indian guys as they walk by some lightest skin Indian girl I can bet you they get insecure and get jealous. All you indian guys who are dating or are with white girls . please accept you are only with them because of their skin colour. Thats the only thing that most of the Indian girls dont have. Other than that they are caring, they respect their husbands so much more than white girls, they cook for their husbands, and blablabla the only thing that they dont have is the skin colour and thats what bloody indian guys want. I dont blame white girls at all . Trust me I dont. Its just these Indian guys, they are pathetic. you white girls rule. If someone is attracted to you oh well its not your problem right? I am a Canadian born south Asian girl. I am light skin but not white. my husband is attracted to white girls. I dont give my whtie girls dirty looks I give my husband ugly looks when he looks at white girls. LOL. and then he does not leave me and go for some white girl either coz he knows how loving caring I am. I can live my life happily and successfully with anyone. so double minded my husband is!

  144. browngirl says:

    hey guys one more thing? whats with the stereotype that Indian women are hairy???lol? I was watching this porn the other day of this white girl… she had damn hairy pussy

  145. browngirl says:

    and she was a blonde white girl with blonde hairy pussy. yukkkk

  146. Qyxcgkzt says:

    Lm8Jfa comment1 ,

  147. JaTT says:

    Listen Ya all, White Girls R the BEST because they r the SEXIEST in the whole world.(no offence brown Girls), i like White Girls cause of their figure and their nature, not saying that all white girls are of gud nature tho, So IN LOOKS, NOONE IS COMPARE 2 U white BiTcHe$.
    Luv Ya!!!!

  148. says:

    At first when I(male 25) came to Eu, I dont like white grils then got attracted to them. I thought easy to fuck them and true that some olds give me gestures.
    But after sometime I seriously want to have white girls as friends as I was seeing them and not talking for about year. I had opportunity to met different kind of grils. I found there are good bad drunken overtalking, slut, lesbos, all kind of womens and intensions.

    There are many bad womens in India too…but it is bit clear here.

    There are few white women who love Indian spritual path and simple life and enjoying the material life of the western world(best of both world) …searching for that kind of women, I know many Indian women who started to relates to western culture and lost all there good values.

  149. rudi says:

    i love my girl she is white but why would we both care ? colour is not even skin deep .. you all should start respecting people black,white ,brown or yellow or whatever ..even an alien lol;-) if you have too, what makes a couple special interracial or not ? is bewteen them . race ? i believe we staretd out as some apes did not we? if we didnt i guess we all are racist who can make kids from eachother ooops!!!!

  150. rudi says:

    between* pardon my typo ppl

  151. rudi says:

    @ snadeep man you are over it! believe me religion is not the true key to world peace 🙂 its humanity

  152. rudi says:

    sandeep * 😛

  153. Sachin says:

    This is for Jassie and JaTT you two are idiots and fake Indians…not a single Indian we have ever met would ever sound so what is the word, dumb?

    and brownskin, tell your husband about and and priya rai…and no, Indian men do not go for white women, they are educated and know that 1/4 has some form of herpes virus and that their whole culture is nothing but being nude for wifebeaters, pedos, drug addicts, cheaters for $20, they know their own Indian women were raised with 100x more class……if you’re with an Indian guy today, it’s because he was born to a fucked up family or some other mental problems, the ones who have two parents stay away from white women.

    white women and indian women are complete opposites. India does not have a porn industry and that is all your culture is. 1/5 white kids is growing up with one parent today by 18, your teenage pregnancy like someone said above: 1/6 teens are pregnant, over 80% of you have had sex by 15, and when Madonna the world’s biggest skank ever, who even made a book called Sex for teenagers featuring her in her orgies, back to point when she kissed the other skank of the planet Christina aguilera, also a monkey, all of you did your fake lesbian bullshit, every fucking radio in the world talked about all the loose teens doing the fake lesbians. over 70% of you have drunk alcohol by 15. you have nothing on indian women.

    indian women would never be so pathetic and disgusting to make their whole culture in every college town nudys getting paid for $10 for girls gone wild, you are raised like wild monkeys and that is all you are, all in your desperation to be “hot”…and you age 5x faster than indian women,

    see celebrities without makeup, or in google twenty celebrities that have aged miserably, women have thinner skin and you have no skin protecting melanin, while indian women are still gorgeous past 50 minimum wrinkles you have 100’s by 40 even……

    go for your own men, and victorias secret says for their underwear in maga. ads, “pink is prestigious and priveleged” but in indian guys opinions, and their sisters, it is nowhere near that…it is classless whorish desperate monkey-ish.

  154. Sachin says:

    We’re not Indian.

    We’re Hindu. You are Catholic, Protestant, Christian…and your whole culture is being nude for all men.

    India never in its thousands of years history (during after befre British robbing India for100 years) had strip clubs nude women doing dances for all men.

    we are not the same cultures. Your own failures, high divorce rates, step parents in every other family, sending your parents off to nursing homes

    does not excuse the fact that you are so pathetic in your quest for “techie career” guy who was possibly “raised well”,
























  155. Prem says:

    We’re not Indian.


    India never in its thousands of years history (during after befre British robbing India for100 years) had strip clubs nude women doing dances for all men.

    we are not the same cultures. Your own failures, high divorce rates, step parents in every other family, sending your parents off to nursing homes

    does not excuse the fact that you are so pathetic in your quest for “techie career” guy who was possibly “raised well”,
























    and Indian women would never be so classless and disgusting!

    type celebrity nipples into Google! find first popcrunch link!

  156. Prem says:



  157. swapnil says:

    these guys sachin and prem are just absolute hippocrates

  158. Prem says:

    50% divorce rate for “American families” 80% divorce rate after. Indian guys marrying foreign women, one thing is certain, your kids will be raised nothing how your own HIndu mother raised you.

  159. Prem says:

    80% divorce rate after 7 years…ths is for the “atheist women your kids will be raised by” or converts to Hinduism. Even still your Hindu mother raised you with a hundred traditions. & we’re such a pathetic race that even after UK robbed India of all its wealth rubies gold every diamond world’s largest Hope and Kohinoor we are brainwashed by fair & lovely lighteners. Indian women, could just never be as beautiful right?

  160. Radha says:

    What’s funny if you go through the posts – the Indian names bashing on Indian girls are actually white women posing as Indian guys…it is common knowledge now that Indians are educated here in the US &raised well (not the bad reputation ARabs have or their own men who were raised by “their kind of upbringing”(hmmmmm how did they get successful? Hindu Indian mothers with their Hindu fathers busted their a** off working every single day in this country &still cooking fresh Indian food daily! & with kids!&with prayer room in home) soooo guess whose whole culture is shoving porn down every teen & human’s throat….and for what? $10! they are very conniving I know that much, they will always prey on Indian men’s misgivings…its weird you don’t see them going after Mexican or Jewish or African men with a vengeance do you? Nope just Indians because we were raised “by two very dedicated religious Hindu mom and Dad” they as a majority come from divorced families, stepparents, God only knows…(50%withinn 7yrs 80%afer) all of their failings in not being “Orthodox” as we are nor actual Christians or Catholics and they go begging for Hindu Indian men & will talk soooo much bs about Indian HIndu women. it’s filthy. They are very competitive & aggressive &I think if it was legal they would have all the HIndu women killed so they can get their $ and a man who won’t divorce them since their divorce rates are exxxtremely high. What keeps marriages in our country together? Community life (Hinduism) thousands of our families r still married, our relatives, our Hindu prayer rooms, our Hindu mothers cooking frsh Vegetarian Indian food daily. How was she rasied? they dress like nudy prostitutes everywhere, what do you think?? all their breasts &legs r seen even at schools &public! Our Hindu mothers daily offered prasad, and wore the most beautiful Indian outfits!!&never vulgar!always modest! &no we don’t send our Hindu parents to nursing homes1 go back to your beef turkey chicken pig lamb liver feast cave….see celebrities without makeup
    see twenty celebrities that have aged miserably in Google (see popcrunch) see how 35 movies in a row my Hindu mom screamed in horror over their force feeding porn (white girls ttititess r best yaar!) while Bollywood not one porn scene! they are the best marketers & exploiters. read last 6 comments! &if they smell an educated guy raised with values, they are suddenly very hungry!! y they do their nude dances for all races obviously for $5 in every city & rural area even across churches, so coveted yaaar! India in thousands of years we never made prostitution popular, but these vulgars have nothin else….& you can’t blame them, they are aged beyond belief by 35. & trust me Indian men, every one of your kids will come out with your skin tone but raised like a stupid monkey! Indian Hindu mothers & white atheist mothers are noooowheeear in the same ballpark even in how they raised kids! what’s wrong with her own men that she is begging for HIndu cock while shitting on your Indian women! We have lived here 20 yrs and the amount of racism, & arrogance & dirty looks I &others have gotten for even being with wht. guy friend in public is sick..and HIndu girls that look Latina…&a friend who works for school system knows for a fact these two stay away from each other! the level of jealousy & aggressiveness is there! &not the same race! *and history101, it was not Native or latina women who murdered 100 million “europeans” by their Christopher Columbus! the natives in S. America look white because the Euros murdered the men &impregnated the women! & there is no shame in that!! they piss on mexicans, yet they beg for $5 from Hindu men! oh she so horny now! &give HIndu men their cheap &easy sex &shameless titties in public &a**hole shows in public even! no shame that UK gave 1/3 of our land to their Abrahamic friends (Muslims)& for those 100 yrs UK came in India, India’s GDP was 25% of world’s share b4 Uk came and by 1950 when UK left- 3%. go to your white girlfriend, make tan babies (7 families we have seen of inter- racial marrages -in every single one the kids look more like Dad in skin tone! white on Indian & Indian on white!) & atleast ask the barbaric atheist (if she wasn’t raised Catholic or Christian & the men usually have some pride &marry their own!)to do eveerything your Hindu mother did & don’t freak out when she looks horrible by 40! melanin + skin damage in Google. Walk into Hindu temple & look at the Indian women in their 50’s, 60’s stil beautiful and not completely wrinkled by 40! stars without makeup & 20 celebrities that have aged miserably! (see Popcrunch link) is it just me or the indian guys who have laughed with me on this, that they are always nude everywhere? lol

  161. Radha says:

    Really read thru these comments frm top: so many fakes you’d have to be 7th grade iq to not notice. hmmm, yes, french&swedish women: millions of families here(we r only 1 milion in US)&abroad, the Indian men “think white women” r more beautiful!

    They look at their moms &sisters & cousins& nieces &think EW! they look at themselves in the mirror &think totally disgusting! justlike you do right? lol every race has pride in their beauty, not just you! you just use your “pretty til 25 looks” “though ugly &wrinkled&obese by 35” to exploit others insecurities! In India, we come in 5 shades of tan. Fair doesn’t mean “white”for us, tht is Uk propaganda in same wy school books still teach in US tht “aryans frm euro” civilized “India” right &uk tried dividing India light north dark south&

    this is y we’re all 95%a beautiful tan if you ever went to India day in life&all over &as our families did &were raised!&no the ones tht r a beautiful tan do not think they’re ugly &”I need a white person to validate my existence or beauty inner or outer!”

    for whatever reason, you r not begging& manipulating 4 mexic,chinese,or afric, jewish,or even your own anglo men (though there r millions of their own who only marry their own Chris. orCatholic Anglo wives!)…but u see great catch in these “hindu men” who come frm very traditional homes, very extremely traditional strict Hindu mother &Hindu father who raise their kids on opposite of everything u were raised by! in either case,only 6 literally out of thousands&thousands in our community married foreign! it wsn’t because they weren’t forced to marry their own! it ws because the thousands that married their own chose to! just like millions of ur “white husbands” choose to marry their “catholic or protestant”wives! not becuz they were rejected by &begging 4 mexican or chinese women tht your white christian husbands settled for you!!

  162. Radha says:

    Shalki above.

    please read my comments!! Don’t be offended!!these pathetic girls come on forums &pretend to be Indian guys so they can bash on Indian women!! &reading this, these aggressive skanks will probably start kissing HIndu girls asses! they’re beggars 4 $5! &atheist monkeys who hop from tree to tree (dick to dick) literally! & always in their conquering state! spreading their filthy crab infested, chlyamidia infested &herpes infested pussies for all men (& most Indian men are smart enough to know they are filthy skanks! only thse pathetic women don’t know it),please go to the links I provided! they have to be extrememly aggressive because they are completely wrinkled even by 30’s. they are begging for HIndu men to be stay at home wives &moms! &fat on their Hindu men’s $40k yr career!

    Shalki like oh my God my bleach & ammonia hair looks like so hot today & like my Proactive chemical treatment got rid of my all my filthy zits and like oh my God I put on all my war paint & 5 lbs of makeup & like wow my nipples r looking as boring & dull as ever so like let’s get a hotel room &like tape us making out so we can get Hindu boys hard ons!! likkkeee ohhhhh myyyy god!! I’m so hot I can’t stand it! let’s take our brother &Dad to nudy club & do titty dances for them!like so hot. India has never had 1 nudy club for the atheist monkey pop. go figure cuz like oh my God we’re just not hot enough!!

  163. Proud says:

    Do me one favour, STOP MIGRATING and STAY IN INDIA

  164. Ravi says:

    Please do us a favor as well_tell the women insulting Indian women get a spine INSTEAD OF POSING as Indian men Indian men never insult their own sisters or mothers &&^%$#@#@#$%^&& SO LAME &&&& SO PATHETIC #@@#%%%^$@@

  165. Proud says:

    You get what you deserve. Stay in India. PERIOD

  166. Proud says:

    You do not fit in our world. PERIOD

  167. Proud says:

    We can solve this problem together. It is very simple. GO BACK TO INDIA. We should encourage more Australian racist to stay active and keep doing their job well. Go Australians, deal with those immigrants!

  168. Proud says:

    Indian/Western culture
    First, lets clear one thing. All those Indians already understand this important part of their “BEAUTIFUL” culture, however many Westeners do not. Western people usually have small families. Why? Because we do not produce our kids just to save our own ass. We do not produce them like in factories as Indians do. We love our own children more then anything and using our kids for our own needs is just absurdity. Indian people are practical people, they plan everything ahead. They think only about money, their future, how to save their own ass because they are always afraid of powerty, we all know where those people come from. Indian couple prepares a perfect plan ahead. First, they should have a son who will bring money into family. Then, they should also have one daughter who will look after their old parents and the rest should be more sons so that the family can save as much money as possoble. Dowry is just expensive, isnt it? So where is all this love for your kids? You dont know what love really is. You are using your own children for your needs only. You dont have children because you love them, you only have them to feel secure and make sure you will be save when you get old. And then you want to find a perfect partners for your children again just to save your ass. That is so sad. Money, money, money, this is the only thing that you really care for. There is no true love, no real happiness, just pretending. The only one reason for your “BIG HAPPY” families is POWERTY. Why do you migrate so much? Why dont you just stay in India and leave us alone? Why do you bring all your relatives after you? We also deserve some peace on this Earth. We are so sick of you, believe me, most of the people are so sick of Indians. YOU ARE JUST too MANY. Cant you just stop reproducing like fungi after the rain? Or at least, do that in your own country and leave us alone. We dont want to look at all 179 members of your f***n royal family. Please, do as a favour, GO BACK where you belong, go back to your roots. And we both will be happy and then will be no problems between two parts. Remember, you are the ones who are making problems, you are the ones who want to use white women for sex and then leave them for your “PERFECT” Indian mates,and you are the ones who call us BITCHES but you are actually the ones who have no responsabilities at all if you can just replace someone after night because your f***n parents want so. JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR WORLD. If I see an Indian man in my country I swear he will have hard time.

  169. John Smith says:

    ‘Proud’, by your reasoning, all the ‘white’ people in Australia, US (just an example) will have to go ‘back’ too. All of you are just descendants of the white immigrants from a few centuries back when you started searching for new lands to find resources in.

    (not being racist here, I’m only using an example, sorry if ‘white’ hurts you)

    Immigration, migration, etc., are OLD phenomenona. You don’t know where your ancestors have been, who they’ve mixed with. You probably don’t want to know either. Heck, maybe (and actually, very probably), your family line traces back to Africa.

  170. Proud says:

    Dear John Smith, you d better use your Indian name. Why do Indian people want to colonize all world?

  171. Proud says:

    Those religious Indians are supposed to follow too many rules about this and that which enable them to make their own decisions, to do as they think is right, experience world as it is and so on. They are brain washed from the very beginning. Woman has to keep her virginity for her husband but this doesnt mean she realy stays a virgin till she gets married. I have been in India and saw the real picture of those pretentious people who are trying to show off how good they are and bla bla bla, but then you see young couples hiding from their parents, having sex, getting drunk in clubs, women dancing in mini skirts in goan clubs…but lying to everyone, o I am such a good traditional girl,o I go to the temple, o I made samosas yesterday, o I love you Mummy and Daddy, can you give me 1000 IRs… . There is one big difference between our and their lifestyle, we dont need to pretend that we are “perfect” people without sins. One of my male friends had sex with an Indian girl who was just about to get married in about 1 month, she used to play silly games with that white guy and then finally took him to the forest and f****d him straight away. Then, that girl would act she didnt even know him and went to marry her prince. I stayed in India long enough to learn about those people and their culture. At the beginning, I was completely fascinated about it and thought wow, this culture is something special, something really good…No. Everything is just about pretending. You might be fascinated about those big “happy families”, of course, who wouldnt be, but the truth is that those families are fake, it is just about how to show off O we are so happy, o we have been married for 40 years, o my daughter is getting married to that rich rich rich man from Mumbay, o thank God he has light skin, o we have paid 60.000Irs for her saree, o my husband will spend $$$$$$$$, o her prince has graduated at the one of the tops universities in UK, o our Priya is such a cute girl, o she can always adjust, o she will make him happy, o I god pls bless us with a son, OMG WE ARE SO HAPPY oooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Ooo maybe you have a cousin who will be suitable hubby for our Sneha, she is studying in Australia and need a husband asap, she is already 23 and still unmarried.

    No doubt, all of this is PURE LOVE.?????
    Someone can even make you believe that you are not a human being but a snake and if he keeps washing your brain long enough you will really start believing in this b*****t. Everything is in our head, you can force yourself to start believing in anything you want. It is exactly the same with your fake love. Even though this is not love at all, you simply believe cos you are brain washed.

    Clever people dont need religion because they dont need anything or anyone to follow, they can make their own decisions, know what is good and what is bad because they learn from their own experiences. You are not strong enough to follow your own life but always need God or who knows what else to follow.
    The whole idea of your big “happy families” comes from poverty. You need to feel financially secure that is why you produce kids like in the factories. Those kids will then soon become brain washed (thank for your culture) and will entertain you for life, bring money into the family, take care of you when you get old….
    We feel secure and dont need to use our kids to do all those terrible duties.

    Big “happy families” are just an excuse for your insecurity.

  172. Proud says:

    Asian people (including Indians) are the most pretencious and dishonest back stabby people I have ever seen in my life. They have a big FAKE smile on their ugly faces, beware of it, it can be more dangerous then a knife. Asian people are those “quiet” racists who kills you slowly but still keep smiling at you. Their only priority is money. Forget about love, it does not exist in their world. That is why you can see many Indian men running to white women, cos those pretentious money hungry Indian manipulators are not able to give PURE love. Forget about this kind of brain washed love you Indian s**ts, learn about real love and then your men wont run away from you.

  173. Proud says:

    Ravi, Radha,Prem and Sachin you are just the same person. You must be really stupid to think you can bully us. The same words, the same bulls**t over and over again, if you are an angry Indian women who is just sick of racism in UK and so low confident comparing yourself to all good-looking white women there,then I can give you a good advice: Go back to your mother land. If you are an engry Indian man, I dont know what to say, maybe the same:Go back to India. If you are an angry Paki…

  174. Proud says:

    I would say arranged marriage is just legal prostitution. You can choose your future wife from advertisment posted in newspaper (matrimonial purposes), internet, aunties…

  175. John Smith says:

    Notice how your posts do not contain anything about the point I mentioned. A great way to run away from counterevidence.

    (‘John Smith’ is an obvious anonymous name, and I’m also guessing that ‘Proud’ isn’t your name, so why should I use mine?)

    If your next post does the same usual, ‘Indians do this, Indians do that, and you suck because you don’t use your name’ without any proper logical reasoning against my points, then you lose. I’m guessing you’re gonna completely ignore this post, make use of some other imperfection in my person, shout out at that, and then start attacking Indians again.

    Stop with the ad hominem. I didn’t make any personal attacks. You lose credibility. The fact that your posts are pure ad hominem only strengthen my argument against you.

    What’s with the ‘go back, go back’? You’re an immigrant too. Or a descendant of one. I can bet on that. ‘People should stay in their native place’ is by far the stupidest reasoning I’ve ever heard.

  176. Proud says:

    John, you are making fun of yourself. First, did I say my post was a response to yours??? My response to you was only the first one I made yestarday. Second, I am definately not an immigrant and dont even think of calling me like that. Third, I am not using my name and anyway “Proud” has nothing to do with any particular race or country but funny,John Smith is definately not an Indian name but you are an Indian. I have never met anywone who would support migration of all those Indians. I havent heard anyone saying “We want more Indians to come and f**k our countries. I am sory, you are just too many and too different (thank your superior religion) to fit in our world,thats all.
    Is a forum competition lol? You know, everything is in your head. If you believe you are a winner and keep telling this to yourself then you can actually become a winner,it is just the same as brain washing thing=religion.

  177. Proud says:

    John, “go back to your country” might be the most stupid comment but I am sure it is not the first and not even the last time you have heard it. I would say, it is very common and you must be used to it by now.

  178. Proud says:

    John, if you are asying my comment is the most stupid ever, then you need to explain why. I am waiting for your arguments. Why do you think the whole world need Indians? I am sure you will come up with O we are the most educated people, o we are the most hard working people, o o o o…
    No, you are just TOO MANY and you are simply reproducing like fungi after the rain. Your country is too small for all this enormous number of people living there. Your whole population is a huge brainwashed sect.

  179. John Smith says:

    I’ve already mentioned my reasons in the my comment before my last. As I said, migration is an old phenomenon, it’s been happening for years. You might think you’re not an immigrant, but chances are that you are. I’ve read articles saying that the human species originates from Africa (yes, I know, it’s a very slippery topic, but I’m just saying). Even the ‘whites’ in America came from Europe (not saying you’re one, I don’t know where you’re from 🙂 ). A few centuries ago, whites left Europe for America for a ‘better future’, mostly to exploit the areas vast land and mineral resources. At that point, the native Americans too said, ‘Go back! We don’t need you here!’.

    I hope at least now you read my point, and don’t miss it again.

  180. John Smith says:

    And also, we don’t care whether the world needs us. People aren’t here because YOU need them. The world doesn’t revolve around YOU. So whether you like it or not, they’ll immigrate. YOU can do nothing about it. LIVE with it.

  181. Proud says:

    Dear Jodn,
    you are so clever LOL. But yes, I know I have to live with that, but I still hope you are able to understand the reason for racism and stop complaining about it.

  182. Proud says:

    we dont care the world needs us
    So true. You just desperately need to get out of your f***n country. Once you live in poverty you probably dont care about anything else then how to ESCAPE from it. Well, at least something I agree with you.

  183. John Smith says:

    Good to see we’ve reached an agreement. It’s not only to escape for poverty. Some might think they have better education opportunities, some might think they have better job opportunities, it could be anything. Each person has is own reasons.

    And do not think that one ‘desperately wants to get out of his country’, people love India for their own reasons. Seriously, it’s not that bad a place. Whatever you’re saying about it is what I see generally people think. I don’t know whether it’s media crap, or whatever, but it’s not always like that. It’s a great place to be, but yes, it also has its shortcomings, just like every other place in the world.

    I’m Indian, and don’t live in India, but I do go to India every year to meet my relatives and I love it. I don’t like you talking that way about my country, same as you wouldn’t if I said that about yours. 🙂

    Anyway, so I hope we’re friends now.

    And about the fake name, ‘John Smith’ is a usual anonymous name, check this out:

  184. John Smith says:

    One last thing: Not everyone in India is poor. Some of them are extremely rich in fact, and some of the worlds richest people happen to be Indians. It’s a mix, like everywhere. People work hard for what they have.

  185. John Smith says:

    Ok, one more: Not everyone in India thinks about his children like what you wrote in your earlier comment. Don’t generalise, please. My relatives are NOTHING like that (most of them, at least the ones I know), and I truly love them. I wouldn’t like people talking about them like that.

    And elsewhere in the world too, there are people like what you said. People are different. Everyone thinks differently. That’s what makes them different from machines. An effort to bring people of a community together in the same view is bound to suppress many voices within that community.

  186. Proud says:

    I have been there, I dont get this info from media. I liked the place but I hated it too mainly coz of people. I know there are many rich people there but also the poorest ones.

  187. Miwsi says:


    Proud sure dumbed-down this thread. I think I lost a couple IQ points from just reading his tripe.

  188. Chuna says:

    I am not White but I have lived in India. Here is my rant.
    Only about 0.5% of Indian women are truly attractive. The rest look like monkeys. Among their men only about 0.1% are truly attractive. They are even uglier than their women. Over that they have some of the worst physical structures among all the races of mankind. Ugly misshapen bodies. Do not be fooled by White looking Bollywood, they do not represent India. It is only in the extreme north like in Kashmir, Punjab etc… that you get a larger number of good looking people.
    Indians basically look like a Mulato race. You can see Caucasian and Australoid mixed features in nearly all Indians. Besides that you also have a lot of Mongoloid and Negroid features spread throughout the country.
    As far as sex is concerned, most Indian women have ugly hairy bodies and are cold fish. But they have tight pussies.
    Indian people are weird, annoying, cheat and swindle all the time, are untrustworthy. Indian women are little bitches who believe they are all beauty queens (but are ugly as sin).
    As far as Indian morality is concerned, pre marital sex is very common in Indian cities and villages. It is only small towns that are truly conservative. In India everything is more hidden. Everything happens here, girls from good families work as call-girls. So much for Indian morality.

  189. John Smith says:

    And 98% of all statistics are wrong. 😉

  190. Proud says:

    LOL so you should tell your traditional parents to forget about that divorce rate statistics in western countries haha

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  192. katy says:

    i have recently been asked out by an indian man and i am white christian,he seems lovely and wants to treat me like a princess i have a daughter from previous relationship wich he is very kind and caring about.we have only been speaking for 2days yet he is abit over the top saying how much he likes me,are all indian men so forward and like this?or should i stay away from him???iv had bad luck in past and never dated any1 out of my race before not that i have any problem with it tho.would his family even accept me im abit rusty on the indian religion etc,could it work??he seems to think so after few days.any advice would be great katy x

  193. gunner says:

    jesus…one simple thread lead to all this? hahaha

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  195. Surya says:

    All the statistic are available from women and the economy, stats from Census re: 80% divorce rate & that for the subsequent marriages as well.
    hindu Indian have 1% divorce rate; also see the high stay at home rates for white women after kids while Indian Hindu mothers worked everyday after kids even; the concern for the Hindu community, relatives, children their success is 10 fold with homogenous upbringing; different cultures different religions..different lifestyle. where white women marry anyone who has a career so she can be at home forever then collect alimony Indian hindu women are concerned with passing a religion of 5000 years; this orthoox ness is only present in your baptist or Christian communities. everthing else as we’ve seen,t he kids from these foreign marriages re no different than mexican kids or total mutts; just raised on her upbringing (nothing) men can’t do everything.

    see hpv statistics in US see Herpes statistics (1/3 and 1/4 women each respectively). and how is that so many indian families know of white women who solicit married indian men for sex in states but u don’t hear of this in India or indian mothers cheating? &y is that as radha said in bollywood they don’t show clitoris or nipples in every single movie that even teens are watching while hollywood does. americans market her as sex symbol (nude) so someone always pays..fact

  196. kamal says:

    Its not that only a few of us are beautiful; in usa as exm we are only 1% of population, before making such bigoted statements over ur very short lived beauty where (while u r required to not leave the house in order to remain youthful looking since you really do age 3x faster due to lack of melanin on top of women having thinner skin see links above anvari org (stars without makeup) and twenty celebrities that have aged miserably (find popcrunch link)by 40 you look completely aged and Indian women still look about 30 at age 60 (melanin has been protecting them) and the men— go to all the India sites there r plenty of beautiful Indian girls and oh my God if you go to India hundreds of millions of perfectly featurd India women; when they do the makeup they look gorgeous.

    fact is we are not the same race. Bigot above is the same bigots kids of inter racial& cultural marriages run across. If the kids don’t look white which they don’t when it is Indian male with foreign woman, imagine the hell the kid will go thru their whole life. Our families and friends have run into plenty of racists whether it’s teen white girls calling an Indian girl chicken on the street or giving dirty looks since she was with white guy friend, or just general or subtle or not, racism, whites in more numbers convey a baseless arrogance that Indians don’t have; or hearing Indians r just typing from the Americns by very white college professor. There are many situations we know out of..having a white mom, looking Indian and dealing with racists from all corners I think would be a cruel curse!

  197. kamal says:

    if you don’t believe about the kid looking Indian see for refernce Arun Nayar (he is born of german mom and dark punjabi dad) all the families we have seen the kids look lke Dad his tone, except one..she was pure albino. see video origin of north europeans it explains it and user caramelcreammm on youtube; he explains the science for their excessive pre mature aging.

    also we dont know of Indian families where there are more than 3 or 4 kids most have only 2. to bigot above: we have 1% divorce rate while you have 80% divorce rates and for each marriage; arab communties especially in countries like Yemen (see in wikipedia) tend to have 7-10 kids to pass your bibilical idea of spreading ur abrahamic faith. have some maturity and don;t make up lies. Indian families r concerned with success of kids &passing down 5000 years of their religion and all the customs and taking care of parents (why our parents live with us instead of sending to nursing home as you do for majority) in the home..

  198. kamal says:

    India was a very wealthy nation before british came, and hope diamond they took even largest is in usa today. they will always collaborate; see the video in tube India the nation of great hindu warriors how much we have had to fight; if he had not fought off alexander we would have had same fate as south americans, killed all their recources taken by co conspiring portugal spain and britain, see daniel paul christopher columbus genocide in google. South americans had an amazing culture; they had their own language before spanish came; mayan astronomy; religion; irrigation; there wer town centers- and sanskrit tablets in brazil dating to 3000bc were found (whites try to take credit for sanskrit too) and all of India’s history and how our religion predated theirs by thousands of years and buddhism centuries before christianity; by creating aryan dravidian divide, arya means noble and virtuous; not aryan race. if they were aryan race would their women look so wretched and gross by 35 for just goiong out in sun? i think not 🙂 10x risk of skin cancer doesn’t sound to me like superior race, there is no such thing. partition they had to leave everything behind. Sindhis and Sikhs lost generatoions of houses temples and businesses; our family as well; had to start over with nothing because british gave our land to their muslim friends.

  199. kamal says:

    and y don’t they make all the bollywood stars flash nipples in every movie? but u’d find it vulgar wouldn’t u if every single bollywood movie had bipasha’s or deepika’s or kareena’s or aishwary’s or madhuri’s nipples and vagina? is nothing sacred? and do teens with their fathers at home have to see this for every film?…as a woman you get shocked by daily nudity in public life how even mothers let their teen daughters in rich neighborhood prance around in underwear on front lawn, how teen daughters we’ve seen so many r in undewear (bikinis) in front of father (picnic we saw and the kids along with her were calling him dad) or women college professors displaying all their cleavage for students which our friends have seen; point is we’re raised on something ver different; not just pride of our skin color as u r. indian hindu mothers r very strict; and what they wore at home even the most beautiful indian dresses daily even that is enough to show kids what the real beauty of a woman is whether punjabi kurthis sulvars dresses or saris.

    so to shalki above, dn’t get offended about the fakes pretending to be indian hindus while bashing their own women; you’ll never see that in ur life unless it is a midget or disabled guy since everyone in Indian subcontient is south asian and indian no matter what religion; foreign women will always insult ur women whether they say only few of us r beautiful or whatever insults they can think of; they are always desperate to get rich guys or even medium rich guys so they can be lazy stay at homes forever; and they marry any1 who has a thick wallet see as examples – tiger woods, antonio banderas, rich dad poor dad author (chinese)…Indian women don’t make it a goal to get richest guys, their concern is many other things; and in case of jewish they couldn’t marry em so they killed em all- jewish owned many banks. please be careful, please protect your indian families. they are big time predators who claim to be greatest after killing and stealing from so many foreign nations.

  200. proud says:

    Sury, kamal,sachin…is the same person who is fucked up in the head. You keep insulting white women on every forum. You are a very jealous, aggressive and dissapointed person. You must have a very sad life

  201. kamal says:

    proud bit** if you can read look at all the comments and read all of them idiot; ur pathetic gold digger friends who want to be stay at homes forever with highest statistics for it while Indian hindu moms worked every day of life til 60 once kids got to be age 4…..ur pathetic friends created fake accounts with indian guy names bashing indian girls so go to hell low brain cell iq! this is the exact reason we see kids of foreign marraiages with gold diggers like u as wives who pretend to love india but for the kids’ whole life they hear insults only and not only about Indian hindu women but India &they grow up with ur lack of religion and your 1/3 stepparents statistics, get a life and go read a book instead of insulting indian women &do something worthwhile!

  202. kamal says:

    every single kid we have seen from foreign marriage hates india especially with foreign mom, they’re as indian as lets say proud is: a beggar who is stalking indian men for a payout

  203. Proud says:

    kamal, your life must be hell. It is not good for your health to be so angry and so negative. You might get a heart attack or cancer. As a Hindu you should know about bad karma. What goes arround comes arround. You are spreading hate and will only receive hate.
    Almost every Indian family has a house keeper and a nanny who do all the work (cleaning, cooking…)and look after kids, it is bloody cheap to hire them, probably not more than 1000 IRS per month. So dont bully me, I am sure those women dont need to lift a finger! White women work very hard, we dont have nannies and house keepers because they cost a lot in our countries. White woman WORKS (EARNS HER OWN MONEY), do all house work and look after kids. Things cost more here you bloody idiot, no one wants to clean our houses for 10 pounds! It is common in India that men work hard so that they can support their wives and kids, so who is lazy now? Bloody ass!!! And yes, we send our old parents to nursing homes because we cannot hire a house keeper for 10 pounds a month (they dont exist in our places!!) who would take care of them. Not like in India where men work so that their queens can look after old parents. IDIOT

  204. Proud says:

    WHITE WOMEN CAN EARN THEIR OWN MONEY, THEY DONT USE THEIR HUSBANDS FOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT AND WEALTH. GET A LIFE IDIOTS. You are trying to put down white women but you are only making fun of yourself. We all know who is lazy and materialistic!!!!! Indian women are extremely jealous at us because we are strong, independent, financially secure and love our men for what they are and not because of their money. That is the difference you bloody asses.

  205. Proud says:

    Kamal, go back to India and spread your philosophy among your own people. We dont need your bloody morals. If your philosophy is really so good, than why is India such a shithole and everyone wants to run away from it? You can only bully yourself, not us!

  206. Proud says:

    White women work at least 5 days a week, about 8 hours a day or more. White women EARN MONEY FOR THEIR KIDS.White women cannot be lazy and stay at home, so they cannot look after their old parents. Old disabled people need nursery, they need someone who looks after them 24 hours a day. How can a white woman look after her old parents if she works 5 days a week? Looking after an old disabled person includes nursery (changing diapers few times a day, feeding, bathing….) How can we afford to do it? How can a white woman look after her old parents if she is away from home for about 9 hours a day? Can you be so smart and aswer my question?

  207. meh says:

    this is the dumbest shit ever! People bashing people over nothing. (and no I did not actually read all of this). I (yes I’m a white girl) absolutely love my Indian husband and he me. We don’t fight over money or *culture* and we certainly don’t stereotype like a lot of the posts on here.

  208. sam says:

    Bitch or PROSTITUTE will be approaced by any1 Can u understand my dear ”Disgusted White Girl, Somewhere in VA”.

  209. luckybunny says:

    I’ve read through most of the comments on here just out of couriousity. I am honestly a white girl from a prodominantly white state in the USA. I have dated men from differnet cultures and have found that men with darker skin tone tend to like the contrast of their skin agianst mine. And I can truethfully say the reason these relationships ended was because I did not feel good enough for them. Each of them treated me like a princess and thought that my curves were gorgous where as most often white men do not. I do have to say that I am very pale and would never change that but i do wish i had the courage to be so proud of my beauty and rich with culture as indian woman are.

  210. rol says:

    I am a 22 year old Indian girl living in Canada and can honestly say I have come across all kinds of guys (and gals) from various races. So basically there are some really decent Indian guys, just like there are some good white guys… The only reason I might prefer an Indian guy over a white guy in the long term is because of family considerations as a white guy would find it hard to fit into many of our family activities without knowledge of the language, etc… That being said, I had been in love with a white guy for almost a year, but the relationship ended (I wouldn’t have sex before marriage). After this incident I am more wary of dating non-Indians, and if I do, I make it a point to let them know up-front about my conservativeness when it comes to premarital sex… and it’s up to them to take it or leave it. I don’t understand why a relationship cannot proceed without sex… it’s not like I’m going to be celibate for life, but I don’t want to have sex before committing to a guy in marriage.

    Anyone else have this experience?

    PS: what’s this crap about Indian girls being hairy? My girl friends are from various races (including white) and they are just as hairy or more hairy than me. Indian girls generally have longer hair, but that doesn’t mean we’re hairy!!! LOL

    • sunny says:

      hi people,m sunny n i ws readng all the views bt m nt gettng wy u guys think 2 much abt these things,u cn b wid anybdy u like,doesnt matter indian r else,m indian guy liv n toronto n i must sy white girls r good wid indian guys wen we interact wid thm ,even i like both white r indian girls bt i hav same views abt relationship as rol …….. n realy realy like her views rol ……plz shot me an email t,,,,,,,,only f u want.take cre dear…….

  211. LadyLinda says:

    Wow. You know, I am a successful, well educated, attractive American woman who is seriously involved with a wonderful man who was born in India.

    I stumbled across this site because I was curious about the general attraction. Many of my friends who are from India find me beautiful and my love is off the charts about it. I was curious as to why. They cannot articulate it. But they are all happy that I am with my love.

    It is really sad to read so much ugliness about this. White girls are easy. Indian women are hairy. When I read this, the thought that comes to my mind is some people are very low – no matter where you are from.

    Before my love came into my life, I was on two dating websites. One was a standard website and I received a few hundred e-mails within the first few weeks. A few of my friends from work are from India, so out of curiousity I joined an Indian site too. I recieved even more e-mails from there.

    There does seem to be some merrit to the idea that Indian men are attracted to fair skinned blonds from my own experience. And for myself, I cannot explain why I am so dangerously attracted to my love. He is so very beautiful to me, both inside and out.

    My love is kind and caring. Educated and thoughtful. Analytical. He is very loving, adventerous, with a deep sense of integrity. A real family man. He has an addictive smile and deep eyes a lady can drown in.

    He loves me for my beauty and my beautiful heart. I am strong, intelligent, virtuous, funny, adventerous, loving, caring, devoted, sexy. Also for being so humble – hahahha.

    This is the stuff love is supposed to be based on.

    Blah blah blah why the attraction.

    Well, I think it’s simple. Social influences. India is still feeling pain after English rule. The white man held power. Disgusting, but a truth nonetheless. I believe there are still some aroma of being white as being elite. But that stench is fading as India continues the healing process.

    In America, no matter how bad it is for you, that California tan is still the end goal for many. People bake themselves on beaches, tanning beds and spray themselves wih chemicals to achieve it. Yes?

    Why? Social influences and media.

    Now I am sure many have tuned me out by now. For those still holidng on here..thank you.

    In the end, what difference does it really make? My love could be purple with yellow poka dots. His looks attracted me initally. But it is his heart, who he is as a person who has won me over and blinded me stupid. Hahahahahahaha.

    Don’t we want the loves of our lives to find us mind numbingly attractive? Don’t we want to love someone we desire with a firey passion?

    Why as why. Just enjoy. Love really does conquer all. I guess that is the answer.

  212. Amit Desai says:

    Dear LadyLinda,

    I think you are truly influenced by your so called Indian love and I really like your confidence about your relationship and the way you describe the word “love” (I have seen that crap in Bollywood movies for years).

    I have briefly dated a few white women. Not that I wanted to have sex with them, yet the fact that white women are easy can not be rejected easily as well (blame it on media). They had everything — sweetness, smartness, looks, open mindedness, sensitivity — yet they lacked something we all value so much — stability and commitment (blame it on my perception).

    I am not a big fan of Indian women at the same time, yet I must admit that you will find many hot Indian women who are so called virgins. This is the same reason all men (black, white, purple) fall for beautiful Indian women (again, blame it on media and society).

    I am also a family man and this is the only reason I don’t sleep around quickly (mind too, I came to U.S at the age of 19 leaving behind a potential modeling career in Bombay and I look better than an average white American man). So I would really doubt the intentions of your family man if he is good-looking, smart and cultured (unless you both are on the same boat).

    Secondly, I have a few white male friends who have got high moral values I have never found in any independent white women (other than true Christians). Your man (or you) may realize this gap, if there is any,sooner or later.

    Thirdly, Indian women may prefer white men as their marriage partner because of stronger feminism (I still doubt it though) in U.S or a desire to have white kids. But when it comes to Indian men, feminism may have opposite effects. Many Indian families may not approve American/western feminism as they recognize the underlying idea of “sexual freedom”.

    BTW, Western culture never conquered anything by love (neither did any other), it was the smartness of so called superiors and manipulation of the so called inferiors. Who are the superiors today?

    Nevertheless, I wish you Good Luck and success in your endeavor.

    PS: As my grandfather used to say ” you always get what you deserve “. Same thing goes for everyone and everything.

  213. Substantially, the post is actually the sweetest on this laudable issue. I agree together with your conclusions and will eagerly watch for your next updates. Saying thank you is not going to just be sufficient, for your phenomenal clarity in your writing. I will right away get your rss to keep abreast of every posts. Good work and much success in your business efforts!

  214. nocliche says:

    I am a 26 indian man and i like a 40+ blonde american woman because she is beautiful, cool, confident, funny, likes to workout and down to earth at the same time. She likes to direct my eyes to 20+ girls around us, but fails miserably because I am still admiring her gestures.

  215. kate says:

    hi! i am from ukraine,kiev.if my message is accepted i wanna u hear me-Peace to all!i just wanna say that i hate rasist so much!and i knew it also no nice to be hater like mad women,but i just can not take it easy.why people should dont like others?we all humans and should accept that we not diferente exept the place of living.i am so happy i have this opportunity to travel around the world and even if i am not get a chance to travel i never growing in my mind to hate other human bean.and no matter what other peoples around me would think i always have my good mind to listen to.i always been care,lovely,trustful and easy going person,but what i realise is that sometimes people just may use u without respect of my goodness and that times i become realy bad mood and angry for it.but i just can not go for pretending-rather u love me or rather u hate my expierence i can say that many peoples fall for money so badly that they even dont have time to go out with friends and enjoy a botle of wine,bear,coffe or juice together.i meet so many jalouse,anger in peoples eyes and things they did,but i am proud of myself not to broke into peaces,but staing strong,cose no matter that time by time i meet the anger i belive in myself and for good fututre to our world.i always worry about the future,cose the future is our children.
    and while i am here after reading all this post i wanna say something from my expierence about the India.i been traveling to centre of india.i stayed in very nice hotel and have there very nice indian food.everything is wonderful,exept that car going on the maint street without the back and side mirrows,sometimes with open doors or crashed bampers and drivers make a big noise like crazy.other thing is before i went to india i read all possible turist articles,post about this country and beside of my knowlegde about their famouse bollywood i can say that i been prepare and ready to compare the thing wich are peoples talking and wich are things for real.and i can say is real-little this,little that,all together become a picture and rite picture as for me.i wanna say that i like india as country and there is some fantastic air but about Asia i love Thailand number one,after ukraine india is very dangerouse to walk by streets and i never had a chance to walk exept by car.why?cose every morning when i woke up in hotel i read the newspaper and there always have a rape post or murder,every day!so how can go anywhere?…later i found out why so many rapers in india?belive or not,but one woman told me is becouse indian man eat so much i guess is carry(forgive me if it not),but maybe is tru also.i am not doctor but maybe some human body just can not take a spicy at all.
    other things is about that i see the pictures how dirty the street can be.and i been shok,cose i hate dirtys.also so many beggers.
    now i can understand why india is atractive to the is offcourse interesting to see in real pictures and feel the air,but as for live there or stay for long time is quate dificult cose i like more peieseful and clean plays where i can have a nice,lovely view and can go worever my feet would like to step without to be afraid of it.
    and i wanna say about relanship about indian gay and western girl that as for me is just wonderful and nice if they love each other by natural human way(fillings,care,understanding,compromise) and the most important if they real love each other without listening anybodys advances and hates,cose in this world have many type of peoples who jelause so much.and what is real important as to me is to be happy with my soulmate and growing smart,nice children.i am gonna teach them what is real love and uctually i belive they will lern from parens by naturally.and about the indian culture when it coming to introduce the western girl to the indian boy parens i find it dificult .only becouse their indian cultures.what about both culture?i realy dont get it,but while western parens can accept the indian gay why should be problem with the indian parens accept the western girl?this what really suks and some kind of shity surpise between two part sad would be those parents who been ignored so rudely without explained.
    so,here is solution-if it like this then just live that gay and let him be with his parens and then they will make him happier.
    living is not only the show up how much money people have ,living is to be happy and be loved and loving and care and enjoy ours life and bring in this world nice,buatiful sunshine is find the soulmates,make friends around the world,love,peace,caryng,help and other many good things wich should come from the heart healthy,smart human bean.
    and the last one-i read in this post that one women talk not nice about madonna.
    i think that women really hates madonna becouse she can not understand her life and i am sure she never listen all her songs and never ever watch even show,but maybe hear the nonsense wich are her friends talk about.that how hates may arise!
    as for me i been listen madonna from small age and i very like her perfomance and all kind show wich are very virtuos and full of good energy.she always sing about the love.madonna been my number one artist for long time and now.and i am happy to listen her songs and watch the reality she is very buaty women,smart and inteligence.i also like mike jakson,doors,metallica,ac/dc and many others.and i guess it is nothing to do with my personality.i just like music and i am amazing to listen the soul of talent peoples.i am who i am and i always looking for to be more and more better person.i knew that i may be older one day and maybe weak,i may be get older faster then other peoples,but that is natural way to be.peace and love.

  216. Rahul says:

    People, people. All women – irrespective of race, religion, skin color – are bitches. Marriage, dating, love, etc., is over-rated. I have my God, my money, my US citizenship, and my independence; I don’t need a nagging, self-centered, opinionated bitch in my life. That’s all.

  217. Elizabeth says:

    It seems to me that Indian don’t really like white women and we are not coveted by them at all- even if we are blond with light skin. People think poorly of us white women and just want one thing. So watch out girls. I am determined to find a nice Indian guy though, one who is different because you guys are the most attractive men in the world.

    • IndianIntellect says:

      Wow,thanks Elizabeth I’m blushing don’t let likes of some of Indian guys on here stop you from further coveting Indian men,there are those of us who aren’t immune to the charms of blonde haired,blue eyed godesses.Personally I’m not attracted to Indian women I find Scandinavian blondes attractive and I realize many Indian macho types have tried to account for this by saying its because its easier to sleep with them ,but ignore them its just bravado (we Indians have giant ego’s).So hang in there I’m sure you’ll find the right Indian guy

  218. Jo says:

    I am a 21 year old white female and I’ve just begun to date an Indian man I met at college. I do have blonde hair, green eyes, and very pale skin, and this is my first interracial relationship. We aren’t running into any issues w/ his family accepting me so far; he said his family is allowing him to pick his own wife. I am glad I don’t have to worry about that like so many other girls do who get involved with Indian men; it would make me sad if his family rejected me b/c I’m American.
    I have to say, all of these posts have given me many questions to ask my guy… but I don’t know if it’s a good thing. I accidentally found this forum b/c I was curious about other Indian/American relationships, but now I’ve let myself be influenced by a bunch of people who I don’t even know and most seem to be closed-minded. I should stick to learning about Indian culture from my man.

    LadyLinda, thank you! Your expression of your love for your Indian man has inspired me. You’ve expressed just the way I feel about my man. I’ve only known him for a couple of months, but he tells me everything about himself to the point that I feel like I’ve known him for years! He paints me a picture of what life could be like with him, and I’m absolutely sucked in. He treats me so much better than any of my American boyfriends have; like a princess!

    As far as things about Indian women go, I am quite intimidated by them. My first experience with Indian women has been my boyfriend’s friends. I haven’t gotten a chance to really interact with these Indian girls very much, and I am scared. I want them to like me, but sometimes I feel like maybe they don’t. One of the girls does because she will come talk to me, but the others are very stand-offish. I don’t know if this is because they don’t like me or because they are shy and don’t know me… or what. This forum has made me paranoid that these girls are thinking bad things about me b/c I’m white: like that I’m an easy golddigging slut who’s just going to use their friend. I don’t want them to think that! Now I worry that this is what they think about me!
    My personal opinion about Indian women: I think they are very beautiful and strong-willed. Another reason to be intimidated by them. I worry about living up them for my man.

    I have been very straight-forward w/ my Indian guy about my short-comings. I’m afraid they are very steriotypical: I can’t cook, I’m not a virgin (but I’m certainly not a whore and I don’t have any STDs!!!!!!!), I’ve had past relationships that ended badly, and I hate Indian food. I’ve also let him know that if I marry him I fully expect help around the house and our relationship will be 50/50. He is wonderfully understanding. He told me that he doesn’t care what I’ve done in the past; he only cares about us now. He also thinks it’s cute that I can’t cook; this doesn’t bother him, he can cook, and he encourages a 50/50 relationship. He doesn’t even mind that I don’t like Indian food. He takes it as a challenge to find something I’ll like. LOL! In fact, I kinda think my assertiveness sort of attracts him to me more.

    My advice to any girl who thinks she might date an Indian guy… or any guy: just be completely open and honest, and encourage him to be the same way. Although I found that with me and my Indian guy, he was open and honest and laying it out on the table for me, so this allowed me to be the same way.

    Sorry for rambling! Just letting my story w/ my guy be known. Any advice, I will accept. Especially I would like input from Indian girls; from what I’ve expressed here do you think horrible things about me?

  219. Jo says:

    Thanks everyone for potentially helping me out!

  220. Samosahs says:

    I miss the days when you browns and blacks were my slaves……

    • IndianIntellect says:

      Then you must also miss those days when white women were kidnapped and taken to the sultan’s harem.

  221. another whitewoman says:

    Hi All, peace to everyone.
    This is a fascinating forum, incredible how long it’s gone on which would seem to reflect that it’s a very sensitive subject.
    My experience, as another UK white woman, has been rather disappointing but a learning curve too. I agree that the simple reason for attraction between different races is the attraction of what you don’t know. It’s a given in all cultures that men can tend to be a bit shallow as far as looks are concerned, but, we don’t fall in love for life with just looks. Here’s what I’d say to the Indian gals out there – I admire your sexual self control and agree that it’s very important. One thing is true – a man might want to have sex with a woman, but it doesn’t mean his emotions are involved, and being rejected after sex because he’s got what he wanted is very hurtful. Any woman, who’s in touch with her feelings at all, will want to be reassured that the guy cares for her before she becomes intimate. This is also because women (and science supports this) are more geared towards bonding and nurturing. Perhaps that’s a stereotype of gender, and I’m not saying it’s always the case, or that human beings don’t adapt and change, but on the whole I’d say this is true for women. So to the white gals I’d say be very careful if an Indian man is attracted – he’s maybe just attracted to your ‘exoticness’ and appearance, but you’re going to be badly hurt when his religion or family pressure means he leaves you, or it turns out his feelings weren’t deep.

    My own experience was that I was wooed by a very lovely Indian guy, he spent a couple of months sweet talking me and my heart started to open little by little. Finally, we had sex though I’d been saying let’s not rush it, and what can I say? It felt like abuse quite frankly. I was actually in some state of shock, not that I’m a virgin girlie by any means,I’m an average white woman with experience, yet I was shocked at the difference in attitude during and after sex. I suppose I wanted reassurance that this wasn’t quite real, so I said how it hadn’t felt right to me, that perhaps we’d gone far too fast, and he then said he wanted to be friends. Rather hurtful to say the least.
    My understanding is that he made assumptions (even though he’s UK born and very much a part of white culture as well as Asian) that I was a typical ‘up-for-it’ white woman. He gradually realised that I was actually basically Christian, certainly took spirituality seriously, believed in living a meaningful life and helping others in my job and everyday life, and that I had been telling the truth when I’d said I wanted a long-term relationship and not something casual.

    After this, it seemed to me he wanted to do what he could to make up for his behaviour. I believe he felt guilty. But I said I doubted we could be friends because ultimately I felt disrespected. I still feel sad about this and I missed him, while also feeling angry at him, and myself. What I observed in myself was a reaction that was perhaps racist. I started to feel a hostility towards Asian men, and at the same time this was mixed with sadness at what might have been. I do believe that for various reasons our emotions will naturally affect our cultural attitudes. I find it as disgusting as other Indian women here, that in the West there is such a predominance of porn and that the sexual act has been so cheapened and commodified in the process of so called ‘liberation’. I think that cultural commentators are beginning to see the downsides of the pill. Never thought I’d be saying there’s a bad side to that! And of course I believe in a woman’s choice, yet the pill has meant that the act of sex has been made more superficial in some ways – unrelated to babies or showing love to another person.
    I can’t criticise Western society though without seeing the flaws in some aspects of Indian culture which many people here have already commented on. Namely practices that are misogynistic – early marriages and a culture that is very male dominated.
    One thing I’d point out – temples of Chandala in Khujaraho 10, 000 years ago in North India? Hinduism at one time felt that the act of sex could be an act of praise to Gods as much as praying. And I would agree with that (having said that I’m a little cynical about the extent of sexual worship at those temples!)

    The post that’s moved me most here was by that 16 year old girl who was Indian and proud of it, and so deeply hurt by these remarks about her Indian and UK sisters. What a sweet girl, and let’s hope she doesn’t get bitter or bitchy as she sees more of our harsh world. Girls/women let’s not diss each other! and guys, please stop using women for sex, or rejecting them because they don’t give it up soon enough, or shagging women just for their looks!
    I like to think that I haven’t got too bitter, I would be warier of dating an Indian man after my experience, but only because I’m aware of this shallowness of attraction to the exotic. It hurts doesn’t it? – To know that you’re being rejected as either an Indian or a UK woman because you’re not different or exotic enough? But though I still say that men may be sexually shallow, I do know that in love they’re capable of deep and committed love as women are.
    Good luck and love to everyone!

    • yog says:

      came across this blog while looking for information on how an indian can date a white girl….i am an indian living in the us for a while and i am very attracted to white girls..not the sexual bullshit that everyone thinks..but i find white women very attractive …and always wanted to date a white girl…but never been able to..i dunno how to .maybe its the color and the cultural differences thats attactive anybody has any advice for me please help

      • IndianIntellect says:

        Hmmm there aren’t many white girls who would be attracted to Indian men many reasons:
        1)Dress style
        4)bad reviews of Indian men ditching white women after sex ,this probably hurts us the most the other desi motherfuckers screw things up big time for us.Perhaps the best way is to be friends with a white woman first before you can be intimately involved with one ,this is going to take time but it might be worth it or ofcourse
        if things don’t work out you can always ask the parents to arrange a business deal with an Indian girl

  222. Eliza says:

    I have been reading these posts and I must say I find some of them rather sad. Allo of the hatered towards other races. I think there are beautiful stunning people of all races. people like what they like. It’s all just personal preference. I am a white girl 21, and I only like indian guys! I am a very pale , kind of thin redhead. The thing that bothers me is that indian guys almost never like me. I have liked them all through my teens and the white girls they chose were much diffrent then me. I have thought for a long time I am ugly. People tell me I’m crazy and I see alot of people here say looks don’t matter. But I don’t know. I somtimes wonder if my face is ok and it’s just my body. Being 5’4 and 100lbs I have only megar B cup breasts. I know indian men prefer large breasts but most thin girls like me except for some exceptions have small breasts. It’s actually really saddened me because I just don’t feel the same attraction to white guys, even “nice” white guys feel more like brothers to me. I also look very young and I wonder if people read this as being ugly. You can look at my photo if you want. I am kind, loving and artistic but none of that seems to matter.

    • sid says:

      you are crazy, there is nothing wrong with you, You just didnt find the right guy till now most indian are very shy and most of them will never approach you even if they like you, because we dont have a habit dating or had Gf, back in India though people here will claim that its not that back now and time changed but still i can guarantee people that 70% of guy who are not married yet are still virgins. so there is nothing wrong with you even i like a white girl up here in my college, but i am sure i will never approach her.

  223. Eliza says:

    Thank for the helpful information. I am a shy person as well I’m trying to get more confident. What about indian guys born in america or uk? I imagine they are influenced by culture as well. There is nothing wrong with that. If you feel that girl is someone who is worth it. go for it. All she can say is no and if she dose it’s her loss. 🙂 I don’t know why I prefer indian guys but I just do. Try to have more confidence in yourself as well.

    • sid says:

      well the Indian guys who are born in america or Uk do have some culture influence on them but then again it totally depends on what kind of family they were brought up, my cousins were born and brought up here the elder one is damn traditional and far more cultural then people who live in India but the younger one is just an like american kid, well its not about confidence i guess, normally Indian do this kind of things they encourage their friends and some how make them to approach a girl, and when he is rejected by the girl they make fun on him and they will always encourage their friends to approach a girl but when its their turn to approach they just cant do it

  224. i want marriage any girls and woman

  225. sid says:

    well the Indian guys who are born in america or Uk do have some culture influence on them but then again it totally depends on what kind of family they were brought up, my cousins were born and brought up here the elder one is damn traditional and far more cultural then people who live in India but the younger one is just an like american kid, well its not about confidence i guess, normally Indian do this kind of things they encourage their friends and some how make them to approach a girl, and when he is rejected by the girl they make fun on him and they will always encourage their friends to approach a girl but when its their turn to approach they just cant do it

  226. MAYURI says:


  227. lol says:

    sandeep dont try and act like your darn smart and all cause your actually pathetic. in my honest opinion, you just have wayyyy to much free time to be posting a 300,000 word essay here.. pls do urself a favour and go get a life

    Oh btw, keep your comments to yourself and all sad others here cause i couldnt be bothered with wasting another minute of my life on this dumb racist debate like you all do

    see you suckers!

  228. Harry says:

    so i’m asking all you gorgeous indian males out there who date white women what makes you attracted to us and how do we get to have you for keeps

    Strip yourself Naked. WE cannot help adoring naked white women.

  229. mishica says:

    Hi everybody..
    After few comments here I started panicking.
    I am white girl, from one European country. I am tall, black hair, green eyes and very pale.
    I met one Indian guy while visiting India. I have never been in a relationship with a man having a different skin colour than me. I found him very attractive, smart, intelligent, kind, and so on. Now, I will quit my (very good) job in my country, I will move to India to be with him. I will take all risks that his parents arrange his marriage, and that they don’t accept me.
    I am so curious and openminded for hindu religion and culture, and if I have to I would change my religion (orthodox)into hindu religion for his love and to be with him.
    I have no doubts concerning my relationship with him.
    The only thing which is a little bit heavy for me is will his parents accept me?
    I would like to ask question.. Does anybody knows is it always problem with indian parents to accept white girl?
    Thank you very much and try to stop fight, please!!!

    • steve says:

      hi mishica
      u should think again about moving to india ,changing religion and quiting your job.
      u can marry him or do whatever but take him to your country. india is not sooooo good to live in.
      wish u a good future.
      (an indian)

    • IndianIntellect says:

      Hi Mishica,

      Can I ask if your boy friend feels the same way about you?Its hard to see reality when you’re in love,also Indian men are known to ditch their western girl friends once they are under sufficient pressure from their parents to marry a girl from their tribe.Hindu’s are generally known to be tolerant so changing your religion isn’t a big thing but engaging in the traditions is important,but can I ask if religion is something you can throw away for a new one like a piece of cloth then why keep a religion at all?Many Indians don’t believe in any superstitious nonesense and this has been an Indian tradition

  230. White girl from TX says:

    I have many dear Indian friends both male and female. I don’t understand what race has to do with it. If you love someone and that someone loves you, that should be all that matters. We are all Beautiful and our differences make us special. I love all people and generally do not see color. So go live and love who you want and celebrate the differences for that makes you truly attractive.

  231. Anna says:

    I was reading all the comments, it was interesting, really..Well..I am european girl, from Lithuania.I have an indian boyfriend. We love each other very much..It will be two years soon. We will marry,as soon as we can, that is for sure, now arranging plans…Also, I know many other successful marriages like indian guys+white women..The main thing is that such a relationship can`t exist in other way, just both need to be very patient, respectful and very very tolerant, try to understand each other no matter what.
    And when I ask him like, if my blonde hair or white skin changes something..he answers that it don`t have a big meaning..So…this is just another option to this topic. But I guess it depends on a guy…everyone has his own likes and dislikes…;)

  232. Out of the ordinary information. Credit on behalf of the info!…

  233. Above All Steretypes says:

    I’m a 17 year old white girl who is absolutely head over heels with her Indian boyfriend! (I should also mention he’s the first boyfriend I’ve ever had. I haven’t had any problems with being in a loving relationship with this man at all, and I don’t understand what the fuss is about.

    I’m short (157 cm) and curvy, and this may surprise all of you, but white women can be hairy too! I have a condition called PCOS that causes excess body hair. This syndrome has led me to despair before with boys as I could never ever be with someone whom I didn’t think could accept me the way I am. I told my bf about 3 months into our relationship and I was really scared! I knew that I had to tell him at some point and I just felt like it was time. When I showed him, I was blown away that he actually liked it-not because of the hair in general but the fact that it was MY hair!

    I love how romantic the Indian culture is and all the different languages-my boyfriend is teaching me some Marathi and Hindi and I just love the way it sounds. In fact, my boyfriend loves to educate me on the greatness of India!

    I am going to college next year to study molecular and cellular biology then later get my master in genetic counseling-so, this whole steretype that Indian women work harder than white women is not all that true! I get good grades, I have a big and loving family, and contrary to what stereotypes people have created for white teenagers…I’m a virgin and I love being one too! How romantic is it to have your first sexual experience with your soulmate? I don’t want to waste it on someone I don’t foresee spending my entire with.

    Anyway, I could talk about this forever, but I felt the need to share my story.

    • IndianFriend says:

      “I’m beautiful in my way
      ‘Cause God makes no mistakes
      I’m on the right track baby
      I was born this way
      Don’t hide yourself in regret
      Just love yourself and you’re set
      I’m on the right track baby
      I was born this way…”

      Take it from Gaga my friend!!

  234. Above All Stereotypes says:

    Ah, excuse my typo on my name!!!

  235. IndianIntellect says:

    Good for you ,I personally shy away from virgins ,also a stereotype that all Indian guys look for virgins isn’t always true.In fact in ancient India sensuality was cherished and it was looked upon in potential suitors,after all we Indians invented Kamasutra(the art of love making).
    Best wishes for your future

  236. Samiyah-Kabullah-Bella says:

    Not all “white” women are like that.Some “white” women don’t date Indian men because they think Indian men think they are easy.Plus not all white women are easy,where i’m from (i’m Anglo-Iraqi and a bit Algerian but was born in Lavaur) if a woman lost her virgintiy before marriage her family might disown her and in some traditions wouldn’t be aloud to marry another man with her family’s consent.White non muslim woman from where i’m from sometimes wear headscarves by choice.The white race doesn’t exist,the scientific term is Caucasian,then again Southern Asians are Caucasian too.Also lots of Arab men (Arabs are Caucasian too) aren’t dating Arab women because they’re afraid that since it’s the west that the women are less controlable.Non Arab but Caucasian women around here are pretty religious (Catholic) and lots wear hijabs but are still pretty independant.

    • Samiyah-Kabullah-Bella says:

      I don’t get why marriage and love is all about race/culture/ethnicity.I’m Anglo-Arab,i’m not aloud to date (and yet i’m not muslim) but i don’t mind any race/culture/ethnicity.I’m open.Why do we talk alot about interracial marriage ? I they love each other then let them marry each other Jeez.If all you think about is race/ethnicity then you’re practically racist.

    • Samiyah-Kabullah-Bella says:

      Also concerning the hijab,i’ve seen lots of European Christian women wear some,even i wear one.As the saying goes All that’s valuble is hidden and protected.Diamonds are hidden underground and covered in rock.Hijabi women have most features hidden by a veil and are protected by it.
      If you saw a diamond in the street,un protected and could possibly be scratched or stolen what would you do,you’d cover it in velvet/silk or other materiels.And that’s what a hijab does for religious women including Jews/Christians and Muslims.

      • IndianIntellect says:

        Really ?European Christian women?And how did you deduce from seeing a vieled Eropean woman that she was christian ?
        You wrote:
        “All that’s valuble is hidden and protected.Diamonds are hidden underground and covered in rock.”
        Valuable things may be protected but they’re not necessarily hidden,diamonds are exactly the opposite of hidden they are wideley visible.
        Thats a bad comparison to compare women to comodity like diamond.This tells us quite a lot of how religions view women as some kind of a friggin material.In Islamic countries Hijab is a symbol of men’s brutality over women,in Afganisthan and Iraq women have acid thrown on their faces because they don’t cover them ,you have just betrayed and insulted millions of your sisters all over the muslim world who are forced to live in a cloth bag ,shame on you!

  237. tekguy says:

    I am an indian guy and absolutely like white women…i think its just i am naturally attracted them…so i think its person specific..maybe they are different …thats why am attracted to them….

  238. amanda says:

    to 28 yr old indian guy who first responded to Disgusted white girl..

    wow..what were you thinking when you wrote this letter?

    not all white woman are prepared to get walked over by indian guys or any other guy for that matter!!

    definately not me!! from south africa and white!!

    no guy walks over me and get away with it!!

    just for the record…im dating an indian guy…he

    loves and respect me…yeah he is married..and why

    does he turn to me?…coz his woman dont give him the

    love and respect he wants…she treats him like dirt!!

    always fighting and arguing with him..

    im stubborn,now what i want and where im going in


    there might be some easy white woman out there..

    same as any other culture…depends on where they were

    raised and where they drop your attitude and

    dont think you are Gods gift to woman!!..coz you are


  239. Milly says:

    I came across this site because I have started seeing an Indian guy.. Im from Australia. So I was googling different things about arranged marriage etc.. He says his mother, who lives in India still but is hoping to join him over here, is very western minded and wants him to marry for love… Thing is I’m the typical Aussie white girl so many of you have posted about.. 24 and a single mother of 2 young kids!!! So, I’m thinking I wouldn’t be one to take home to mumma, no matter how western minded she may be!! I see people as people and find it very frustrating that because the father of my children decided to run off with a Japanese girl, I should be punished and looked down upon 😦

    • IndianIntellect says:

      Hello Milly,

      I have to be blunt.Mostly Indian guys aren’t serious about a long term relationship with white women who already come with a family .Most of them are looking to start one their own.I say this because on average this will be frowned upon by his own community in Australia and its much worse with his family in India.He will have to choose between his family and you at this point.Its already hard as it is to marry a single white woman and have them accepted by the family this just adds oil to the burning flame.I thought you might want to consider that ,while that being said there are exceptions but he has to be very courageous to stand up for you despite his family reputation or what his family might say.I’m sorry kido but Indian are very family oriented your reputation is everything in the community and they tend to think in terms of a collective rather than as individuals , this is also why they are self sacrificing and extremely hospitable.On the other hand if he really loves you he will stand by you no matter what even if his family disapproves and as is common in such cases never make it to your wedding.I’m sorry about the father of your kids.Even if his mom is liberal minded and miraculously accepts you she will feel embarrassed to talk about you to relatives and family so this would have to be one hell of an exception.Anyway that is my two cents and good luck

  240. amanda says:

    i would like to meet a nice indian guy …in bis 30’s….financially stable,good looking….i have dated a few..but they all have some problem…either no work or no car!!.im from durban….is there anyone out there?…

    • IndianIntellect says:

      Trying to pick up Indian dudes huh ?Rock on sister..You may have come to the right place crawling with desperate Indians but I have to warn you.You’re probably not going to like what you find.I’d suggest paying the $30 a month and sign up on some dating website to get a quality guy.Also,keep your mind open for men from other races.

  241. Milly says:

    Thanks IndianIntellect, your insight has been helpful. I had a gut feeling so to speak, that what you said is what will come about.. And this guy is only 22 so very young. It’s a shame that nothing serious is likely to eventuate but I guess I will enjoy the ride while it lasts 😦 This young man is the sweetest most kind hearted guy I have ever met. And hes super cute too..

    • IndianIntellect says:

      Hi Milly,

      If you really like Indian guys look for one that is a second generation Aussie Indian preferably from a liberal family background.There are plenty of those around, this might be a better choice for you.I hate to say this but the ones that aren’t well integrated have issues ,quite a lot from psychological trauma of upbringing to social awkwardness (they do come with a lot of baggage things we take for granted in the west).So, I guess what I’m saying is it wont be the end o the world even if it doesn’t last.Another thing I’d encourage you to do is to read about literature on Indian psychology this is quite helpful in understanding the madness.I myself come from Indian culture and I sort of rediscovered myself after comming to the west and had to do a lot of self diognosis.You might be interested in looking up NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorders) quite common with us Indians(the result of psychological and emotional abuse I guess)that coupled with the inability to interact with women in general is an obstacle that faces most Indian guys (from India second generation Indians are excempt from this to a large extent ya…lucky bastards)
      So, in conclusion don’t give up learn /read about Indian psychology and this should help you find what you need and again best of luck.


  242. Joshi says:

    Hi, I am an indian female and I can tell you all a few lines about why indian guy like white woman. in india having white skin is priority check out sites like they ask you your skin color just like they ask you your financial rank. it is a rank and the indian mang want only white woman so they get prestiege. don’t buy that crap about inner beauty stuff. they just want to screw with a white body because of status symbol and they can say their screw products eg peds are whiter than their relative’s and friends. they want to rise in rank because indian man has many insecurities. one is the caste system that puts people in ranks by religion, then there is the money caste system, where the poor are the untouchables. so anything that gives the insecure indian a leg up over his jealous relatives and friends is the reason. everyone india is scrambling to find the whitest woman and with the biggest money family for dowry.

    indian mang is pretty ugly dude if you look inside his head. you thought the mother in law was the ugly b***ch. think again. the indian machaut is the real mother in law. he is greedy, jealous of the very woman he marries for her job and earning power even though that is why he married her, her job ( eg she HAS to be a doctor– check out shaadi dot com website, the doctor profiles rank highest) but he hates her for her status and money earning power, then he hates her for spreading her legs for him because that is supposed to be a whore even though she is married to him as a virgin, and she MUST be a virgin when marrying him for the first time or else she is considered damaged goods, they brag how many women white they sleep with but forget to say they are the real ho, they see white girls as pure hos because they are so easy. girlfriend is another word for ho in india because any respectable girl does not screw any guy unless she is married. fortunately, indian movies are getting more “ho” but despite that the indian jerk is still looking for a virgin to marry. so don’t buy that inner strength bullshit in indian women by that jerk talking his mouth off about how he worships the indian woman. they hate them for other reasons and they hate white girls for the reasons he mentioned. he said don’t put yourself on a pedastal for being white, which means he already has put you on a pedastal and his only aim of writing is to put that white woman down because it makes him jealous he is not white. he is probably a real dark kind so he hates the white woman again and the dark indian girl makes him less insecure. but don’t worry he will hate the indian girl for other reasons because indian jerks hate their own relatives because of money competition, skin color competion, children number competition, and any other reason anyone canthink of. Don’t think too much of the snotty indian jerk because he is snotty only because of his insecurity and hatred of anyone who looks/ earns better than him.

    These are well known traits in the indian community.

  243. IndianIntellect says:

    wow, that is a long list of accusations against all Indian men.You listed quite a lot of specific details of Indian men ,I’m sensing perhaps you’re bitter from your experience ?I’m not saying that definitely but it comes across that way.But there is some truth to what you say.Yes, Indian men are racists we prefer white women to “brown” women .And yes Indian men consider those white women to be whores but not all Indian men do, the archaic Indian culture does, even if they don’t agree with this point of view you can’t do anything because the society views her this way and this is tragic.While that being said I should also point out that Indian men are perhaps the lowest on a white woman’s list of potential mates.Most Indian men don’t even get a second look from a white woman unfortunately that is the hard reality.Even white women who are open to interracial dating/relationships generally tend to shun/avoid the East Indian looking guy and perhaps this is done rightfully so.So, as much as Indian men suck I think they also elicit your sympathy. From my own experience I can say that I’ve been avoided simply because I’ve been classified with these “Indian dudes” despite my looks, personality etc..
    Its time an Indian guy told it like it is.It sucks being an Indian dude in a multi-ethnic society with these preconceptions a lot of them justified.My only lament is since we are a multi-ethnic society(west)I wish we(white women+ asian women) could be more detailed of our analysis of Indian men.Not all are alike and besides second generation Indians in the west are quite different .

  244. Sasha says:

    True love does not see color

  245. IndianIntellect says:

    Sound bytes are just that, for a complicated issue like this you need to be smart 🙂

  246. IndianIntellect says:

    Hello fellow Indian lovers ,enthusiasts and curry lovers,

    I’ve had so many requests to write an article on what to look for in a potential Indian guy.As an aside I would like to mention to you fine folks to not underestimate the importance of curry ,U.S was discovered accidentally by Columbus on this quest to find curry.So, had it not been for curry we might not even be discussing this issue of inter-racial relationship (the us was the initial hub of a truly multi cultural society which became the model for the rest of the west and then Indians started coming to you us I’m not going to get into details).So,anyway …

    Things to look for in a potential Indian guy:

    1)Religiosity: I’ve seen many white women/Indian men relationships work out and many that haven’t but a common denominator in the relationships that did work out had the following peculiarity :
    The Indian man involved was less religious ,in fact if you can find an Indian who isn’t religious the chances of the relationship working out has just been given a boost.

    2)Ask him his views on homosexuality,what are the limits to women’s right (can they do anything?),what constitutes abuse and many others and gauge his responses to these ,these questions are just starting points you should spent time compiling a list.Often times these things are taken by white women for granted and then they reveal themselves in real life situations

    3)Try to find out how dependent he is emotionally on his parents ,ask him if he has stood up to them for something he believed was the right thing to do despite their approval

    4)Find out how important what other people think is to him

    5)other :
    This is the part where you add your own criteria

    This is what I can think of off the top of my head.Perhaps I shall compile a bigger list in the future.

    Good luck.

  247. IndianFriend says:

    This whole Indian women vs. western women and the constant stereotyping of Indian men has pretty much confused the heck out of me!! Lively debate; oh yes! However, very often on shaky grounds.

    Having lived amidst both these cultures.. I`ve figured that Indian women may not be as independent and classy (depending on personal definition!) as white women. But such a result does not pop out from nowhere!
    Moreover, it`s quite amusing to see the reasons that Indian guys list in order to explain their preference of white girls over the indian girls.
    From how I see it.. it all boils down to way the society is structured. A thoroughly patriarchal society with pure male dominance over female provides enough reasons for the existence of arranged marriages, the `kissing taboo`, the `traditional etiquette`, the preference in `virginity`, the definition of `an ideal woman`, the concept of `true love`, the reference to `divorce rates` in the Western society and above all the constant comparison between the contasting cultures.

    Like the Indian Royalty stated: “Indian women were born with two strikes against them; 1) being Indian and 2) being a woman.” By far, they are, from how I see it; the worst affected group in the society.
    The sati and the dowry may be fast disappearing, but an Indian woman’s status in the society has not changed very much.
    Every day, women are being bought and sold as objects be it in the sex market or with dowry in a marriage. She has been and is until today objectified and her dignity remains unrecognized. Women have been subjected to physical as well as emotional; stress and abuse in every walk of life. Some women still do not have a voice of their own even in their own homes.
    These are the typical troubles an Indian woman has to face. And to her, this is all she probably knows about. But, due her dependence on her husband`s and family`s interest, she seems to be self-sacrificing. There are even women amongst our midst, who are being tortured and battered every single day, but no one speaks for them.
    A western woman, is not tied down with social restrictions such as these – she has her own independence and quite often(not always) this is not the typical life she has to face, nor the one she has been taught to survive in.
    In the Indian society being a feminist is lame, battering a woman is a signature of manhood, when sexually abused-a woman is a whore and yet if she fights back she is undisciplined! If this is the way our society works, then what are we proud of??
    India contains the second largest population on the planet. And approximately, half of the population consists of women. If these women can’t have a voice of their own, can’t breathe the air of freedom, and should live their lives in the mercy of their spouses… Then what democracy we talking about?
    I personally don’t think I would want to live in a country that professes democracy but never practices it!!
    All of these challenges, that solely an INDIAN woman has to face would definitely sprout issues regarding approachability, the constant mind-games, the lack of ‘independence` (that some would say), etc.. Strange mannerisms, in the way I`d like to put it.

    All of these insecurities are a fruit of- well.. I’d say .. insecurities!!
    Like I said, no one speaks for them! And most of all, they don`t speak for themselves!!

    So, whatever may be the reason that leads an Indian guy to choose a western (i like it this way!) woman over the indian women, you are infact, indirectly a part of the reason! Unless you do not want to be a part of the Indian society, because that’s how the society has been sewed into over time.

    Thanks to globalization, this situation is fast deteriorating.. More Indian women have become aware of the unjust way their society has been woven into and are making an effort to make a change.
    However, our Indian sitcoms are infact trying to propagate this very situation in the most fanciest, sympathetic and appealing way possible. And, we all know that these sitcoms do steal a part of every woman’s time and life.

    P.S.: I’m not blaming anyone. All I’m trying to do here, is to state a personal opinion.
    And, oh yeah.. this is just in general. Exceptions always exist in every occasion!


    • IndianIntellect says:

      The key problem that needs to be hammered home here is that Indian men don’t see all of the problems you lis regarding Indian women as a problem but as strengths of an Indian woman.And they actively encourage women who exhibit these characteristic best. Another problem in Indian society is the mingling of men and women or lack thereof, one sex cannot empathize with the opposite because they are unaware of their mode of discourse.There isn’t any healthy relationship Indian men have with Indian women.Most of such encounters are considered taboo and frowned upon by other Indian men (I’m guessing jealousy is a big factor here).In my opinion the best thing that could happen to change the status of Indian women is an across the board breaking of taboo’s by the current generation.Yes,we need to have a sexual revolution in India which has to break the barriers that exist with regard to sex and men relating to women.Those are my thoughts

      • IndianFriend says:

        “Indian men don’t see all of the problems you [listed] regarding Indian women as a problem [,] but as strengths of an Indian woman.”

        Wow.. that is the one thing I never realized!
        And, I do agree with you on that!

        I am also completely FOR the “sexual revolution” idea.
        However, how would somebody bring about such a revolution without causing too much damage?(that is; where it will not cause a lot of friction between generations, religions and cultures)
        This in my opinion is what’s impossible, and if at all possible.. it is one heck of a task that even Hercules wouldn’t be able to pull off!

        There may be a gradual effect of media, those seeping in from the western culture. But western culture and etiquette are multi-dimensional! Most of it is not probably and not efficiently portrayed by media itself!

        So.. for our Indian viewers; they’ll probably only know the Western culture through movies like “Friends with Benefits”, “Hangover”, “No strings attached”, etc..
        Ideas similar to the ones portrayed in these movies are also being reflected in today’s commercial Bollywood movies as well.

        So, this would lead them to think that maybe.. they’re being more modern now..(a.k.a. western!)

        It’s pretty damn hard to tell the fine line between what people perceive to be western or modern!

        So, a “sexual revolution” would be a very tricky and stressful task. But, if possible; yeah.. it would pave the way to a more democratic India.

      • IndianIntellect says:

        The sexual revolution I allude to is happening subtly even as I’m writing, it is very possible that it will cause a lot of friction between the older generation and the younger ones.But such friction is nevertheless necessary and in fact unavoidable for our society to progress. Sexual freedoms enjoyed in the west today din’t come about without a fight.The knuckles of western sexual history is dripping with blood of such confrontations and so we should appreciate it much more .To come back to the point of sexual revolution, I think this sexual revolution’s pace can be accelerated by placing the conversation within a much borader context of rational discourse on how best to maximize the well being of the country.The way we hold our conversations in India is the problem, we use reason and modern methods in dealing with something like financial banking crisis or business.But when it comes to social issues we think the ancient traditions are right about that .We don’t use their medicine or technology today (most of us who are serious)so we think we have better understanding today in those areas courtesy of modern science and yet when it comes to human well being we think the ancient traditions got it right.We need to challenge this compartmentalization of having a rational discourse about the nature of the real world when it comes to something like health or economics and having a medievalist thinking when it comes to our morality,ethics and so on.So, I see someone like Sanal Eramaduku as someone who is having a greater cultural impact on India in terms of accelerating the sexual revolution and indeed the gender revolution which ought to come next as much as western media influences.Next time we run into our fellow countrymen who think that western women are hoares because they have sex before marriage we should explicitly challenge this claim (sex before marriage is a bad thing)and ask them for rational reasons as to why they think this is makes sense.And highlight that such a belief is in fact irrational.We need to challenge this type of traditional thinking wherever we find it whether its about sex or about rights of homosexuals in India to arranged marriages and so forth.It is going to take the onslaught of reason from many different sides to make it embarrassing to hold beliefs that are irrational.I believe we should force our fellow countrymen to face their lack of reasoning when it comes to matters of social and cultural issues head on.I see this happening all over the country in many forms.Many Indians are capable of critical thinking but its not explicitly encouraged or thought of as applicable in areas other than Math and Sciences.By exploiting this we can in fact bring about the sexual revolution sooner than we think possible.

  248. danny says:

    Wow……I am not able to go through every reply…..i just read half of the reply, its quite interesting, started with culture and various personal scenarios, sandeep’s reply is more mature and comes from deep thoughts carefully observing every aspect…….here let me add my views on this topic, hope it makes some sense and different ground to take it further……..this is something to do with evolution……..the bottom line of any living organism is reproduction, that is why men and woman(opposite living organism) always attracted to each other, as living things evolved simple reproduction had become complicated more and more, we human being added more complexity into that (social, civilization, color, religion, etc…though this all evolved when we are from animals)…..solving this complexity depends on ones mindset, knowledge and deep understanding so i leave to everyone’s imagination how this can best solved…….some values which everyone should take care in solving this complexities are no selfishness, no ego, no greed, no jealousy, honesty, wisdom, liberty , forward thinking and so on. Every living organism is dependent on each other only thing we have to relate that, you will get broader understanding of the cause and the actions. In order to evolve further we must harmonies with every living organisms, and hope the future is going to be better for everyone

    Again this is my view…….i am an indian but i prefer to say in general a human being.

    Apologies for my english i am not a native english speaker or studied in reputed institute in english speaking country and i hope i have communicated my view, we can debate further in this reply section or you can reach me by mail dhanavel at gmail dot com(mail format copied from others)

    • IndianFriend says:

      Hello Danny,

      I’m sorry, but.. did you just say:
      “sandeep’s reply is more mature and comes from deep thoughts carefully observing every aspect”??

      I could only strongly disagree with that!

      I’m not quite certain about which Sandeep you may be referring to here; but if my guess is right; I’m thinking, whatever Sandeep stated on ‘February 6, 2007 at 1:29 am’ was the only thing that made any sense!!

      The rest of your post, I would agree with.

      • danny says:

        Hey IndianFriend,

        The statement i meant is most of sandeep replies are having practical sense in current culture of India not to the fullest extent but at least to some extend

        And about “February 6, 2007 at 1:29 am” comment
        Every human mind walks through different paths and if you want to experience the real challenges of Indian you have to really experience that and i believe its same for any individual in the world, but the experience is different for each other, there is one proverb in book gitta ( this is some kind of bible in hindu religion, but for me every information which teaches good values is good)
        “What has happened so for, has happened well,
        What is happening is also going good,
        What is going to happen in future is also going to be good”

        So i don’t disagree any comments in this post some reply reflect good values of human nature, other’s reflect animal nature of human being which is part of us, and we are evolving to be more human than animal.

        Help me,
        At this moment of life i feel the biggest challenge of human kind is to share and educate the good values of human kind and how to overcome ignorance of human being, some where our whole education system/social structure/religion/civilization is failed to do this…….any ideas on how to effectively overcome this ….our digital media are really doing good but it also comes with bad values……i do accept without knowing bad you will never understand the value of good but i only concern is bad things should not bring set backs

    • IndianFriend says:

      Hello Danny,

      Yeah, you are right; everyone has the right to voice their own opinion; and there is no “right” or “wrong” in such a topic.

      Now, about your question… that was quite an very interesting question, very debatable!
      However, I must warn you.. You’re not going to be very happy about my take on it!

      Let alone, our education system; the entire view point of our Indian society only emphasizes complete failure.

      I’m just gonna focus on our Education system though. Because the issues about religion and social structure can only be eliminated if we set our foundation, that is the education system right. Even today, in India we cannot get admitted to a school without reporting our religion and/or caste; and whose fault is that??

      This is a very personal experience I’m gonna share.. (Yet another major issue we are to deal with!)

      So.. I finished my high school in India. One of those years.. there were reports that a student brought a condom to school. The school initiated an inspection and soon enough it was found that; the student passed around a condom or two. All of those in possesion of the material was suspended for about a week.

      Even today, I’m not quite certain about – that decision the school made. There was no proof the students were involved into sexual activities and also absolutely no proof as to if the event took place in school. Infact, IMHO there was no substance in the case. The student just brought it to school for a show and tell!!

      So, even the idea of possessing a condem is deemed unethical. But, For what reason??
      This is what I mean by.. “We don’t provide students with sex education; instead we keep them away from them”. If this was to be “sex education”; then the councellor had to explain the situation in a friendly manner and question him with regard to his motif and reason to bringing a contraceptive to school. But, instead he was awarded a suspension. So, in short; sex education shouldn’t just start with students, it should start with the adults!

      You see; as the pace of globalization increases; we are all becoming a part of the “global world”. In that case, it would be quite obvious to have certain western elements rubbed onto our Indian traditional system. I’m not sure if our Indian friends are aware of the situation. But, either ways we must deal with it ASAP! And there only remains one choice. That is: To get on par with the globalizing world.

      Okay.. you may say that in high school one shouldn’t get involved with sexual activites. I completely agree. But, it is not 100% avoidable. Because, sex is NOT a crime, only rape is!
      It is, in a way; every citizen’s fundamental right. How you see it; depends upon your POV and open-mindedness. I’m not sure as to how much you can control other people’s activities. But, certainly just possessing a contraceptive is NOT equal to sexually active!!

      These high school kids are in that dangerous age of curiosity. I’m not trying to say that we should encourage this kind of a behaviour, but “possessing a contraceptive is bad” kind of an idea is the one that should be changed. If there was sexual activity taking place; then there was a reason for the school to act in that manner. But, you simply can’t justify the school’s decision to “suspend” a student for possessing one.

      Digital media, in my opinion is doing a great job. I’m not sure what “bad” in this context is.. If you are referring to sexual imagery.. then the imagery itself isn’t the bad deal.. instead how we take it is what counts.. There are no “bad” values.. you see this is our failure.
      To us; Sexual imagery = bad!
      This is not taking us anywhere.

      We, Indians have a whole lot of baggage to deal with. I’m not gonna blame anyone because I too lived in this environment for a long while. However, once I moved to the West; I realized that these issues regarding sexuality are in fact hollow, and have not substance; as long as the two genders exist!

      I think it’s time we move on.. (By this, I’m not trying to say, become a slut!)
      But, we shouldn’t just be too bothered by these.
      Why? Because quite honestly, no matter how hard we try to fight it off.. this will soon be a part of our culture. Our “sacred Indian traditions” are not going to remain stagnant for long. Everything changes with time.
      For all I know; pornography has already it’s spot!
      (Just like IndianIntellect stated; we should indeed break that barrier with regard to ‘sex’!)

      Instead of all these, in reality; we should try and focus on global issues; like global warming, climate change, genetically modified foods, HIV/AIDS, Cancer (mainly Breast cancer and prostrate cancer because that’s what people don’t know about!), gay right movements, feminism, child abuse, terrorism, and so on…

      We have a lot on our plates already! And yet we make the foolish decision to fight against something that cannot be really fought off..

      • IndianFriend says:

        All I’m trying to say is.. even with all of these sexual taboos, that the society has created… today’s India.. is trying to combat a population crisis!

        So, something just isn’t working out right…

      • IndianIntellect says:

        This goes to the heart of our educational system in India.The system has failed “us” (Indians) of both genders.Our educational system does not encourage critical thinking but rather a form of rote learning devoid of any real substance.This is why someone can be a doctor or an engineer in the Indian society and still be downright primitive,practice dowry and all forms of wife abuse(verbal and physical).It also seemed to me that this obsession of getting one’s children into an engineering or medical school is an Indian middle class malady.In this process they become greedy pouring in 100s of 1000s of rupees into tuition and college to get the child into a place where he/she can vindicate the family honor in the process almost destroying the child’s individuality and well balance .India’s poor on the other hand seem to be more realistic perhaps they aren’t victims of this honor culture the Indian middle class suffers from. If the results of this were benign perhaps one could ignore it but the result is the people who would have become the next Picasso’s of India or India’s next great inventors end up being smothered into engineers.It seems to me that the purpose of education is not to validate ignorance but to overcome it.We need an educational system that engages the critical faculties of students.We ought to place more importance on valuing originality in our education, independent thinking students who exhibit these characteristics best ought to be rewarded with a perfect score.This is the only way we can survive in the 21st century considering the increasing importance science plays in the world.Another problem with India’s future is this sort of money trail thinking leads parents to force students into fields like engineering and medicine which are already saturated and not into science like physics or chemistry or biology.Very few Indians go into these fields because they aren’t financially rewarding as much as engineering or medicine .India is therefore lagging behind in science.The scientific results that issue forth from the investments that we make in science and technology are the engines of the economies of the 21st century .Nations that understand this and embrace it are going to be the leaders in the 21 century .When I look at India’s contribution in this area it is very scary.The job minded thinking might have worked for the previous generation but we need a different solution to the complex problems we face in the 21st century.This wraps back to the importance of critical thinking and encouraging it.Another problem we face is there aren’t many Indians who are critical of our system of our country ,most of them want to praise it for its strengths both real and imaginary.The one thing I find in the western countries that does not exist to the same extent in India is self criticism .This is what leads us to reflect on what we do and try to change it ,we lack this abundantly in India .Closely related to that idea is that of honesty another gem that is rare.No body wants to be honest about our problems instead we want to put a bandage on it.This must change for us to better as civilized people in the 21st century.We have a proud legacy of contributing to the world in so many fields from science to art and culture .We are the bearers of this legacy and we should rekindle the flame that once made us special .

  249. Tekguy says:

    I am an Indian and I am only attracted to white women not my problem believe it is person specific….

  250. IndianIntellect says:

    Actually its no one else’s problem but I believe it is yours

  251. Pipa says:

    I don’t understand why Indian men think white women don’t like them. I simpy love Indian men. By the way I am a Caucasian woman.

    • IndianIntellect says:

      It has to do with the experiences of Indian men in general and also I heard of a study done where white women in a random sample surveyed said Indian men are down on their list of potential dates.I would also attribute the behavior of certain Indian men(the number is substantial) to ditch the white woman when it comes to marriage even after a long and good relationship for a strange woman he hasn’t even met because his mommy wants him to ,has given a lot of white women pause when it comes to dating Indian men.That being said there are exceptions such as yourself but exceptions are just that ,not the norm.

  252. IndianIntellect says:

    There is an exception to this rule ,if the Indian guy involved is an Athiest and his family knows this or if his family are Athiests then this rule doesn’t apply to the same extent as it does to the religious in India.Ofcourse being an Athiest doesn’t innoculate you from being narrow minded but it does say something about the family/person in Indian cultural context who is an Athiest.They would be more open minded and is willing to swim against the current.This quality is an exceptional one in India.

  253. Minerva says:

    Does anybody wish their parents were divorced??

  254. IndianIntellect says:

    Yes, especially if they’re not happy together it makes sense to wish they were divorced why stay in a loveless marriage ?

    • Minerva says:

      yeah.. my thoughts exactly.
      They can’t agree on anything and keep blaming each other for everything.
      It’s because of the stupid indian “thing” they haven’t filled for divorce yet!
      All the indian families here are also f**king judgemental; and have to poke their noses into our business.
      What’s with these people? Brutal stuff.

    • Christine says:

      Omg, Minerva, don’t typecast all Indian marriages just because your parents are miserable. To be honest your last comment was a little cunty, excuse me. I also thought some of your more recent posts these past few days to Indian Intellect have been extremely misguided and a little racist. You’re just a bitch.

  255. IndianIntellect says:

    Indians are susceptible to tribalism just like any other culture.Western culture has evolved from its traditional forms which were far brutal than the Indian culture .Indian culture doesn’t have a copyright on bigotry and narrow mindedness, these traits are common to all primates.Tribalism was good for our survival millions of years ago in the savanna of Africa today it doesn’t serve us.Its going to take time for the Indian cultural evolution.

    Also, bear in mind that Indian society especially south Indian society was matriarchal ,patriarchy was introduced by the westerners which has and still does cause the sorts of social issues that you are referring to, the culprit in this debacle is the judeo-christian religions of Judiasm,Christianity and Islam.

  256. anita says:

    I’am a white girl who has been with a wonderful,loving caring Indian guy for 3 months.He treats me like a queen.

    • Derek says:

      News flash honey…the only reason he treats you like a queen is because he cant believe he baged a white woman. Hes probably so fixated on that because these indian men have some type of sick fantasy fetish involving white women. All hes interested is the sex like all creepy indian men pursueing white woman. ITS DISTGUSTING. I dont understand how you subject yourself to becoming a sexual pawn in this mans sick fantasy.

      • Kristin says:

        I hate to say this, Anita, but he’s right. I used to date an Indian man too, till the drugs wore off. It sounds to me like he’s got you under some sort of mind control or perhaps a hallucinogenic drug. We all know Indian men are obsessed with a normal looking vaginas and pink nipples. You need to get out of this relationship before things get out of hand. Get out! GET OUT NOW!

  257. IndianIntellect says:

    Hi Anita,

    I think this is the experience of a lot of white women who date Indian guys but what they claim is that this is merely superfluous.Although the initial impressions are often good they come with a bundle of psychological and cultural issues.Perhaps you could post back in a year or two as to how it is progressing ?

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  259. John says:

    Lets face the facts here people…Indian women have dirty hairy buttholes and dont even get me started on our gray week old roast beef vaginal lips…yall know us indian men want dat purebred white pussy

  260. Pooja says:

    I am an Indian woman and I’d just like to say this is disgusting. I am proud of my roast beef vagina. I think it’s pretty and quaint. I think most Indian men prefer hairy vaginas anyway so I dont see what the problem is.

    • Shivanni says:

      You go girl.. Im with you 100%

    • John says:

      Im sorry to tellyou but you must be vastly informed if you think any man would prefer a hairy wet vagina over the smooth pink ones that white women have…Some advice to the indian women keep it clean cut down there if you want us indian men wanting a piece of it

      • Derek says:

        Well actually John, speak for yourself. I think you are very ignorant to say all men prefer clean shaven white vaginas. I actually prefer Indian women over white women .

  261. Kyle says:

    Fuck you Derek

  262. Soona says:

    You guys are all disgusting!

  263. Daji says:

    I have to agree with what Indianfriend said. I think Indian women can be very controlling and look at marriage as a business proposal. I think that’s just what our culture has done to us. Not to mention their dirty buttholes.

    • IndianIntellect says:

      Yes, indeed marriages are business proposals and this is a part of our culture that is primitive and this I find is an idea proposed and enforced by cynical old elderly virgins, to punish all Indians for something they themselves couldn’t get.We need a sexual revolution in India at least among the middle class, to shake up traditional views on sex.

      • Derek says:

        I disagree with indianintellect, you are an ignorant slut who thinks they’re better than us true indian women who don’t shave heir pussy. Fuck You Whore…

    • IndianFriend says:

      Well Indianfriend never said “Indian women can be very controlling and look at marriage as a business proposal.”

      What I did say was that marriage was a business proposal because that’s what society has made itself into over time. I also said that India being a PATRIARCHAL society is the key reason to why the Indian women are treated the way they are, and act they way they do.

      Honestly buddy.. It all comes down to Indian men’s stupid ego and their preference towards virgin brides!

      P.S.:You’re analysis on “buttholes” just trashed your entire argument. That just makes no fucking sense whatsoever! Like seriously, is that what you do to tell someone’s personality? Examine buttholes??

  264. IndianIntellect says:

    Derek and some men like hairy dicks

  265. IndianIntellect says:

    Well Derek or whatever you are …
    Sounds like you don’t have any arguments against my claims, in fact you don’t even have a position other than “Indians are the best”.You are wrong on that don’t believe me ? Look around you we can hardly say we are anything other than average let alone the best.Indians rate on the lowest scale in happiness index.We are the largest nation with all the bullshit of religion in the world.Our current culture oppresses women and men by forcing them into marriages that they themselves don’t necessarily want, these are not signs of being the “best”.

    • Derek says:

      speak for yourself bitch…I am an indian women and I am happy about my arranged marraige. I was set up with a wonderful man who has no problem with my hairy body and genitials. Not to mention i am more than satisfied with his large indian dong. Just cause you are one miserable bitch doesnt mean you should lump us all in with you. when you are set up with an indian man who puts your hairy pussy on a pedistal youll be happy aswell.

      • IndianIntellect says:

        Actually you’re pretty much alone in that assertion most married Indians disagree with you polls indicate.Its gandoos like you that give us Indians a bad name.I wasn’t talking about your pussy nobody gives a damn whether your pussy is soggy or bushy. I was talking about arranged marriages.Next time pop your vikadin pills before you start typing, as for me being set up with an Indian man sorry I don’t swing that way.I’m what you would call “straight”.And as such have a certain difficulty in being attracted to dicks.The only ones I’m lumping you with are the people from Manasik Arogya Sala Agra.

  266. Sugi says:

    This is Derek’s husband and I just wanna say fuck you Indianintellect. Don’t you talk to my wife like that. We are very happy together and I think you are the one who is unhappy. I get to go to bed with that gloriously hairy vagina every night how could I not be happy?

    • sugisahomo says:

      Yeah, hi again Derek …
      Why hide a western name? It gives me the impression that you’re a hijara.Not a bad thing but if thats what you are you should say so up front and not pretend to talk about hairy vaginas

    • IndianFriend says:

      Thanks* for letting the entire world know of your bedroom stories.. you might as well be the next bedroom blogger in Cosmo!
      *Please note the tone of sarcasm.

      Some of us on here are visionaries, and we really would like to talk about issues concerning our society in a rational and civil manner. We would really appreciate if you could contribute rather than post unrelated crap on here!

      • IndianIntellect says:

        Listen gandoo, this is Indian Intellect and I just want to say fuck you. I am a also a visionary and i think derek and sugis posts are completely relavent. How can we explore the issues if were afraid to talk about what’s really going on here? I DO have a dirty butthole and I think it completely pertains to this discussion. Maybe your own ideas would be a little more credible if you weren’t so afraid of talking about vagina. So pucker up those lady lips down there cuz mama’s coming in.

      • IndianFriend says:

        Reply to IndianIntellect (March 15, 2012 at 2:23 am)

        Well IndianIntellect… if buttholes and vaginas make up your arguments, then so be it.

        What’s going on here was that there is excess racism and racial prejudice on everyone’s minds here and I do not think it is even remotely relevant to vaginas and buttholes! Anyway, I’m not up for this level of argument.

        At one point in time I actually thought some people who were on here were visionaries, but turns out – I was wrong.
        My realm of thinking isn’t down there.. so anyway thanks for letting me know that this is not worth my time.


        P.S. long as you can poop, no one’s butt holes are that pretty. Just thought I should point that out to you!

        And here’s what I found even stranger.. You’re really not IndianIntellect as in the one who posted on September 4, 2011 at 12:37 am.. because there is nothing intellectual about your posts (besides.. just look at the damn symbol on the top right end of your comment!). You’re probably some retard trying to pose as IndianIntellect – for my guess is, you’re probably derek or sugi..

        And finally.. it’s not just your butthole that’s downright dirty, you’re head’s in the gutter too.. Perhaps you live and breed there as well.. Asshole!

        Have a nice day! 🙂

      • Minerva says:

        You are just so right. People come on here to discuss real issues and offer some real insight. This is not some discussion board to post irrelevant and vulgar “crap”, excuse my language but what else could I call it? As an Indian woman, the things I read on here were laden with racism and just downright offensive. I am talking, of course, to you IndianFriend. The way you talk to Derek and Sugi is just so ignorant and misguided. Who are you to force your opinions down their throats? This is what’s wrong with society. You need to open yourself up and at least act respectful when other people offer their ideas. You disgust me. If I ever met you, I think I’d slap you, then defecate on your face, and finally spit in your mouth. You need to grow up.

      • Bystander says:

        Minerva, I think you are pointing fingers at the wrong person.
        I’ve been following these posts for a while now and I agree with Indian Friend. I don’t understand why you are thinking Indian Friend was wrong.
        You should read Indian Friend’s posts on July 17 and July 27, 2011. I think I agree with that.

      • Minerva says:

        Ummm, excuse me Bystander, but who the fuck are you? What you just said to me was so offensive. I may not agree with Derek and Sugi’s post but I agree with their right to post in general. Who are you to take that right away from them? It’s people like you that are what’s wrong with society. You disgust me more than Indian Friend. Maybe you should take the time and think about what you’re saying before you go posting this crap.

      • Bystander says:

        Minerva, I don’t think anyone’s taking away anyone else’s right to post. Because as you can see, all of them are still posting their opinions. But you’re accusing people of taking away other’s rights when actually all they said was not to post unwanted things and instead post things that help.
        A person’s right to post should be just like their freedom of speech. But, just because there is freedom of speech does not mean you should talk to others in an offensive and rude way.
        In the same way, just because you have the right to voice your opinion does not mean you should make the topic into an unrealted, unwanted argument.

        If everyone keeps disgusting you, then may be you have a problem with your ego. No offence. All I am trying to say is, it’s some else’s opinion and you can’t do much about it, but accept it the way it is.
        So, who are you to slash everyone who posts things you don’t accept? Because you’re doing just what they are doing and that’s the reason you’re not any different from them.

  267. prachi says:

    Derek…i would like to just say that not all us indian women are as lucky as you. I feel trapped in my arranged marriage and unlike you i find nothing satisfying in my husbands indain dong. I wish i had the freedom to choose whatever set of genitals i desired. Cherish what you have cause not all indian women have men who appreciate the coarse pubic hair covered vaginas us indians have…not to mention our dirty looking buttholes that most men are repulsed by

  268. Rugmuncher3000 says:

    Ugh I hear you prachi. My first husbands dong was so unsatisfying. That’s why I became a lesbian. My girlfriend now is Indian and I love her vagina! It’s different, yet mysterious. Im always worried she could unlock those vaginal lips and swallow my head whole like a python. Hands down, best sex Ive ever had. So stop hating on us Indians Indianintellect.

    • IndianIntellect says:

      Yeah, I have no problem with that at all.I obviously want a woman who satisfies me sexually to begin with which is why i dint go for an arranged marriage

      • Harsh says:

        IndianIntellect…you are quite mistaken my wife who was arranged for me at first did not know how to successfully satisfy me though she was able to learn. You must not be a good teacher if you cant instruct someone on how to yack it right. And i find it very distasful on your responses towards Derek since he/she has made some very valid points…such as the comments about the dirty buttholes. lastly id like to point out that maybe you are the one who is a hijara going around making these unsupported claims.

  269. Harsh's Wife says:

    The is Harsh’s wife and boy did he teach me how to yock it. If you’re having trouble Indianintellect, I could maybe give you some pointers. Shoot me an email at

    • IndianIntellect says:

      Namaste Cocksucker Derek, Harish, Harish’s wife or as we Indian’s love to call you mather chute.You remind me of the gay guy who loves to pay a stripper to have him piss on you.I think you’d like it very much, the only thing you’re good at yocking is your Hijra ass while a black man slaps you and calls you his bitch.Now go suck your wife’s dick you stupid cunt.

  270. says:

    I am glad to be a visitant of this consummate web site, appreciate it for this rare information!

  271. Florenc says:

    Hi people.

    We are what God made us. Lets just be happy and live as good as possible. My ex was indian man as well, we did not brake up because i as a white was bad women.We did that because we wanted to have all women. Even then when i gave him all freedom, because we are free to do what we want. We all are just a kids of the God, who just wish to be loved. Or the one who can say who is better or who is the best.
    Still i thinking good of Indian men .
    We all will find what we looking for….if we don”t let other to push us!
    Lets be happy, shall we!?

    • Derek says:

      Listen you illiterate fool, I can honestly say i have no idea what you’re talking about. Perhaps your Indian man broke up with you because you couldn’t form coherent sentences. Ironically, this still made more sense than anything IndianFriend, AAIndianIntellect, or that bitch Minerva have ever posted. Since I am an Indian woman, I think you make some fair points about white women, they’re pigs. I’m glad we agree on that. As for me, I can say it’s definitely been hard trying to find an Indian woman who appreciates me for who I am. My last girlfriend was Indian and her parents couldn’t accept that I was a white man. Who knows anymore? What’s a girl to do? I guess growing up an only child was difficult. I probably never got over it. My brother used to always say curiousity killed the cat. I guess he had a point. But you know what didn’t kill the cat? My dead beat husband that’s who. I don’t see the man for three years and then he comes one day and decides he wants to fix the sink. Could you believe it? Anyway, I guess I just found this post really offensive. As an asian woman, it was interesting to see this new perspective but I guess we’re all different right?

      Mazel Tov!

  272. Leroy Jenkins says:

    WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! Who the fuck are you derek. Does anyone else here on this blog realize what is going on. I used to think this was a place for visionaries and intellectuals not crazy transexual multicultural judgemental retards the Derek…lets be honest here who the fuck wants to listen to your retarded ass posting on here go somewhere else and post this unrelated crap. Ive had enough of this nonsense and would like to get back to the real issues that used to be discussed here…which is the reason why indian men like white women. I believe that mainly it is due to the sexual prowess white women have and their clean NOT dirty buttholes and genetal areas. Indian women are hairy and gross and do not know how to satisfy a man…honestly theyre are stuck up bitches looking for a sugar daddy who think theyre too good to toss their mans salad. GET OVER YOURSELFS and start giving that ass up. Take a trip to get waxed and clean that dirty butthole a little and maybe youll snag yourslef a man…but that neither here nor there…lets get back to the issues not dereks bullshit he is clearly a hajara who knows nothing of our great culture and high maintenance hairy women who need to shut up and suck a dick.

  273. an indian girl, unfortunately says:

    okay, so people here have gone on to a totally different path.

    i would like to answer the main question. i have seen, heard and read about this topic a lot and my very unbiased opinion is that yes, Indian men like white women. not a white woman. note the difference. to say it clearly, they like any white women because they see too much porn and English movies with white women in it, and think they are easy. indian men would ultimately marry the whitest indian virgin girl they can find.

    that said, not all indian men are like that. an easy way to find whether he’s serious about you is:

    1. if he’s born in america/ U.K (outside india, to be precise). that’s because he’s grown in the same culture as yours, even if with some indian influence from his parents he’ll probably have the same mindset as yours, and more open to interracial dating/ marriages.

    2. if he’s born in india but moves to (say)america later, he’s spent his formative years in indian culture amongst indians. he’s the kind who would have an arranged marriage. although, this catgory has exceptions too.

    3. if you’re very much in love with your indian man and he’s promised you marriage, you might still be harboring some doubts. ask him to introduce you to his parents, to take you to india with him. if he hesitates too much and do not give in, you have your answer.

    you’d want proofs, right? well, apart from searching the internet, i can tell you some personal experiences. my cousin who went to japan for college, did job there for a while, had a japanese girlfriend whom he even brought to india. but now, he’s married to an indian girl from our state and our caste. this contradicts my 3rd point, but these points are generally correct.

    now, about hairy butt holes, indian men have more hair down there compared to women, and all over their body too. do we taunt them or degrade them for that. no! why, are we some great souls? no! it’s because indian women, influenced by the society, can’t think of anymore than their would-be’s monthly salary. it’s true. until they are married and it’s the first night. horror unveiled!!! o_o

    indian guys don’t want to marry even their indian girlfriends. if they’re handsome and lucky and live in a city, they’ll get a girlfriend, enjoy with her and ultimately have an arranged marriage.

    i know many friends of friends who have been there, done that.

    the best thing i heard in recent times was about an indian girl living in bangalore(she’s my best friend’s friend). she smokes, drinks and fucks her boyfriend, and is soon going to have an arranged marriage with another guy.

    now we’re getting back at you, Indian men. fuck you bastards..

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  275. an indian guy unfortunately says: says:

    well i m an indian guy and i have a white girlfriend..and had an ex girlfriend who was indian. I am much more happier now when i m with my (white) girlfriend than i was with my ex.. i feel indian girls are too possessive about their guys where as white girls arent.. now i have my own space to hangout with guys.. sometimes my girlfriend accompanies me as well.. but my ex indian girlfriend never did..

    sorry indian girls.. no offence

    • another Indian girl - fortunate or unfortunate (??still deciding..) says:

      lol.. none taken! 🙂
      and as an Indian girl – I prefer white guys.. for pretty much the same reasons as yours!
      So we’re good right? All’s fair in love and war!


      • Minverva says:

        Um, hi, this is Minerva I honestly don’t know how to put this politely but I’ll do my best to speak with some decorum but anyway I’ve just got to say you seem like a real god damn cunt. I mean you come in here with the audacity to debase all indian girls. Like UGH where do you get off!? You know who used to speak like that? My husband, well before the cancer that is. Oh, who am I kidding, I never had a husband, not with this dirty butthole of mine. You see I’m 1/16th Native American so my genitals are quite hairy. I’m sure you can relate. Anyway, I think it’s a little unfair for you to say you prefer white men when I think it’s clear you’re a lesbian. Don’t fight it, we have ALL been there. I was there last night in fact, until my painkillers wore off and I told the bitch to leave. As you said all’s fair in love and war! But seriously, next time, you should try to speak with some respect and not be so rude when you post on here because I found it rather offensive.


      • IndianIntellect says:

        Mahalo Minverva the Indian Lesbian, of all the posts on here you found this one to be the most disturbing? How about the one that started it? Perhaps, I don’t want to be rude, don’t you have your ass backwards? (no pun intended).If you’re worried that Indian men are dating too many white women or black women or other asian women.You have nothing to be worried about newsflash: among all the interracial couples Indian men are the least wanted by any chick, especially white one.Think about it if you were a white chick why the hell do you want to bang a guy that looks like shahruk khan when you can bang the white guy who looks closer to tom cruise? think about it statistics makes sense because it represents reality.And we all know reality has a white bias.Most Indian men will admit it.So, maybe the arranged marriage thing is not a bad deal for the Indian man at all.Now, get back on your phone and call that lesbian bitch and have her dominatrix your ass while she dances on you with a strap on dildo.

    • MARRIED TO an INDIAN MAN says:

      That is just a coincidence lol. I’m married to an Indian man and he’s very much how you describe Indian woman. But I’ve dated white men the same. It’s NOT Indian woman woman lol, they are individual persons. I’m white and protective of my husband as he is with me. But it’s because we love each other. He hangs out with his Indian friends and I let them have their space. He is very old fashiones…woman w woman and men with men. I have no problem with that!

  276. echo says:

    “I will not use my precious time to slander white people.”

    And then he goes & does just that….
    The response to this letter was just troll-feeding, IMO.

    • -_- says:

      I don’t even get the point if this discussion..
      What are people trying to prove?? All a friggin’ opinions!!
      guys, guys.. TAKE IT EASY!!

  277. -_- says:

    Does anybody realize that the post was first started by someone in the region of North West Africa? (Morocco, Algeria)..
    Maybe even Iceland (Europe)..
    Well.. it’s interesting to think about it… (way better than the original topic of discussion! lol)

  278. Shree says:

     Indian men belief that white females tend to be sexually promiscuous and materialistic. And they’re not entirely wrong. So to answer the question, no, they don’t.

    • IndianIntellect says:

      Shree you’re a moron you’re still living in the old traditional caste system.Heard of the 21st century? No one cares about your traditions or archaic thinking.As for white women they will do what they want and marry who they like.Do you know what the statistic is for white women or for that any women wanting to date an Indian man let alone marry him? Lets just say the Chinese get more pussy than us Indian men.So just shut the fuck up no one cares you’re insecure that you can’t get a girl.

      • Derek says:

        IndianIntellect…who the fuck are you calling someone on this blog a moron. Look back at your previous responses and analyze the contents of what youve stated. On March 15, 2012 you responded to someone by stating, “Maybe your own ideas would be a little more credible if you weren’t so afraid of talking about vagina. So pucker up those lady lips down there cuz mama’s coming in.” ……Like seriously IndianIntellect get to the issues and bring something to the discussion thats actually intellectual not just simply cyberbullying. Youve let all us visionaries down here. Grow up.

      • IndianIntellect says:

        Derek, first have the courage to call yourself by an Indian nickname.I’m calling you a moron you motherfucker, what are you going to do about it?Fuck you.By the way have you noticed that this is a blog to paste your dirty sanchez on?Thats exactly what I’m doing giving you a dirty sanchez.Not a place for intellectual discussion .You don’t shit where you eat.The only vision you’ve had is a black man’s fingers going right up your asshole as he’s diddling your pathetic looking hijara ass.Do us all Indians a favor and jump of a bridge tonight.

        Namaste Motherfucker

  279. Shree says:

    With that said though, I think that there can be some common ground between white women and Indian men. White women should go all out to discourage their white men from dating or marrying Indian women since this would negatively affect their own prospects of securing a white male husband. It goes without saying of course, that us Indian men would gain from this as well.

    • John says:

      Shree lets face it here…White women dont have to discourage white men from dating indian women…indian womens buttholes are what discourage them. Like comon its this traditionalist gandoosm where these women refuse to landscape their genitailia. If indian women want a white man rid your vaginas of the coarse black hair and go to work.

      • Yeah right! says:

        “women refuse to landscape their genitailia” Easy for you to say…

        Honey I’ve tried it..

        Lemme guess.. you’ve never happened to try that down there.. did you? You know.. landscaping!
        Apparently it’s not such an amazing or pleasant experience to go through.
        Waxing burns like hell, especially if you have a very sensitive skin(I do.. and down there is even more sensitive.. how convenient, right?) … and often rips you’re skin right out if not done right.. it hurts to such an extent that I can’t even have my boyfriend go anywhere near it.
        And shaving… yeah.. say I pull that off..even if I do.. there’s gonna be red bumps all over due to severe irritation.. and yeah the next day you’re facing another problem… the infamous “stubble” .. gives you such an itch, it’ll take you right back to the bumps.. and you’ll end up walking like a dog on two legs..

        And of course, there’s laser removal.. if you’re willing for pay for it, I think I’ll take it!

        I’ve tried both shaving and waxing.. and seeing the agony I go through.. my boyfriend just asked me to stop doing it altogether (except for the trim of course)..

        It’s horrible to see men actually define the rules and regulations that women need to follow through with.. especially when it comes to personal hygiene in our private parts..
        I mean.. what the hell do you know about it??

        Tell me what to do when you’ve tried it.. and walked around with your shaft tucked between your thighs.. And that’s not even gonna be close to what it feels like..

        For the love of god… grow up!

  280. dancer says:


    I am currently in a long standing relationship with a Gujarati man. He is amazing and so are all of the wonder people I have met along with him. I love the culture and traditions of India , as well as, the overall views of Hinduism.
    I wish that culture and the color of my skin was not an issue. I want so badly to be apart of this culture, but cannot change were I was born or who my ancestors happen to be. I think that both male and female Indians bring something special to the table. I have many great friends that are both male and female, that are Indian, and they teach me so much about the culture and language. Everyone can tell that I am trying very hard to become one with the culture.
    We are both open to our parents about the relationship, in fact I talk to his mother a lot. I am a vegetarian, so they like that, and I also make my boyfriend meals and take care of him. I believe that who ever gets to marry an Indian man or woman is a very lucky person. Both white and Indian cultures have something special to bring to the table. We shouldn’t bash each other for aspects of our lives we cannot change.

    Wishing all the best.

    Another white girl

  281. circulatingthejapatis says:

    I am not sure where you all were educated but did you know that Irish, who are now considered “white” people were called “niggers’ by the British for 800 years of colonialism? Why do use the word “white” and “Indian” anyway? “Whiteness” is not a culture, it is a term of capitalist accommodation. Why do you racialise and ethnizie as such racist terms and reify these medieval categories? Caste matters, class matters. Whitness is meaningless if your poor. What does “Indian” when there is 1 billion people and so much diversity? I think it is a sorry thing you use these terms so uncritically and without any sense. If everyone would relax about sexuality and marriage and stop this stupid monogamy then everyone would be a lot happier. All these archaic borders people put up, for what? 40-50 years with same person in one house is a formula for madness. No man can take it honestly and neither can a women-they get old and bored of one another. Man if your unhappy with your partners body get it on with the kind of body you like and get it over with and let her too; come home on time be there when needed and have a family whatever, but for gods sake be open. Be kind and honest to one another and be open. She may also be very bored of the 2-5 minutes you give her too and may also need more. If people were more open life would be all that much more pleasant. The British laid a lot of crap on India with all their christian monogamous and archaic backward sexist crap, as elsewhere-hard to get rid of it forever and move to more sensible way of living.

  282. okie says:

    of coz indian weomen are ugly and materialistic. i happened to live for 2 months with indian roommate in a hostel. all days nights she was talking with her friends about the good deal marriage…when i went jogging on a campus i saw a lot of candoms in bushes in the camous area…my foreigner male friend told us a funny stroty that indian girls came into boys hostel,wing, fucked like monkeys in boys rooms and in the morning washed their vaginas in the bathrooms and then played virgins in glasses with a banch of books. one of my roommate’s friend stole my golden ring just in 1 min while i went to wash my hands to the bathrooms. of coz they are monkeys and very ungly inside and outside.

  283. okie says:

    of coz indian wemen are ugly and materialistic. i happened to live for 2 months with indian roommate in a hostel. all days nights she was talking with her friends about the good deal marriage…when i went jogging on a campus i saw a lot of candoms in bushes in the campus area…my foreigner male friend told us a funny stroty that indian girls came into boys hostel,wing, fucked like monkeys in boys rooms and in the morning washed their vaginas in the bathrooms and then played virgins in glasses with a banch of books. one of my roommate’s friend stole my golden ring just in 1 min while i went to wash my hands to the bathrooms. of coz they are monkeys and very ungly inside and outside. as for the men – ia m married to an indian man, we are happy but it takes a lot of efforts to reeducate him to be honest. he used to cheat his boss and even his own mother…anyways i know all these talks are hurting but i am also fed up with hrny looks outside. once i wanted to prepare a T-shirt to wear to the park for jogging saying “horny idnian bastards, do not stare at me, stare at your hairy vaginas”…;)

  284. GG says:

    Who said Indian men are unattractive?
    Shahid Kapoor’s really hot!

  285. Amazed says:

    Honestly, is this thread going on for 7 years?!

  286. MARRIED TO an INDIAN MAN says:

    SHOCKED ! I am a white American (educated) woman married for 10 years to an educated Indian man. We are both very attractive physically. I am petite with green eyes and natural blonde hair. My husband was born and raised in India. After College he came to the USA to further his education. He has always personally been attracted to white woman. Anyways, long story short: I have NEVER had any issues with Indian woman. They have always been very nice to me. Both Indian woman and men have actually praised me for accepting their culture and being one with them. They admire that I have chosen INDIA and INDIAN culture over my own! The ONLY issues we ever have are with white people. They feel I’m controlled and abused. They also dislike mixing the gene pools. To this day, we have issues ….but it’s always with white people. It got so bad that I had to stop wearing my salwar kameez because my fellow white people got so scared, haha. I still wear them but only when out of town or in India. I personally would never marry anyone but a middle eastern/Indian. Here’s why. Because I love the culture, the loyalty and the togetherness! They have something we lack, it’s called structure. I love my husband so much and our children. When I look at them I see those I love…not skin. Although, I personally love Indian beauty. They are a beautiful people, we all are. Oh wait…India has a few other things better than us too,,,FOOD !! Yuuum-O !!
    So, I guess the lady who wrote this, perhaps the Indian woman were looking at you in shock that you could follow and adapt to their culture (assuming your man is a real Indian and having his wife follow Indian culture). But, if your husband follows American culture and likes it…shame on him, To be raised with such morals and then chose darkness is just wrong.
    Indian Royalty- Perhaps you think white woman are easily controlled but you are wrong and I mean DEAD wrong. Have you forgotten where and when the woman’s rights started? I’m a History thump myself! Woman here are very liberal and independent. There are those that are not though, as myself. You can say what you want, but I personally chose to listen to my husband and respect his wishes. What’s wrong with that? I’m not some pushover who has no spine. I’m a woman who puts her husband first. Let me clarify something too. Had my husband not been the loyal, committed, loving, devoted husband and father that he is, I would NOT give him the power to “control” me. 🙂
    In the end…it all boils down to who and what we like. Leave it at that and stop judging.

  287. Emily says:

    You cant imagine all the bad cases of indian men suffering from arranged marriages with indian women that I have heard. Most of this women are so dominant, so controlling, so demanding, way too selfish,so abusive to their husbands, and way too materialistic,. Its so sad how this Indian Community claim to have values and blabla and at the same time they live a fake life. Most of this husbands have to use alcohol as a source of escape from all this stress, they are not even satisfied sexually. So its time to stop all that fake traditions that just bring pain and suffer.

  288. Shonda says:

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  290. word from a WASP says:

    Well, I am a 24 year old WASP ‘white anglo-saxon protestant’ student who is in a 3 year serious chaste relationship with an Indian young man. I really believe that personality similarities and common age have more influence on attraction than ‘race’ or culture. He is introverted, and loves to study and so do I; happy couple. I do not understand the comments on strange looks from Indian women. I have never experienced that while in public with my partner. The only strange looks we get are from elderly men and women from both cultures. We confuse grandmothers and grandfathers all over the world. On the topic of the strength of Indian women, I have observed common traits among the Indian young women in my classes compared to their colleagues from other cultures. They tend to be much more astute and focused on school than many of their colleagues from other backgrounds. I believe this is due to pressure from home to be successful, while among white American families, there is more leniency towards the idea of using college as a time to ‘find yourself’. In conclusion, a man who is looking for sex will run to whoever he believes will give it to him, but a man looking for a serious relationship will look for a partner with personality similarities and for modern young men, ‘race’ doesn’t have as much importance as it would have 40 years ago.

  291. SArules says:

    Reading all these comments was hilarious.
    There are beautiful women in all races. Some are hideous.
    white women are not all easy. Most indian women are stunning.
    I am a white girl and i am mad about my indian boyfriend. the only problem is the evil looks i get from indian women. I didn’t steal him away. I wouldn’t stare at an indian girl with a white guy. I don’t get it.

  292. Leonardo says:

    I love white women, they’re so docile and precious. I love how they not moan, but whimper during sex. Their so soft and I love them because they’re so hard to get. And because of their nice bodies they flaunt when they visit out country.

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